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Today we saved a really special dog who had run out of time. He reminds us of old Skylar from many years back. This boys got a pellet lodged in his spine, broken leg and hip. The dragging injuries are clearly old, which means this boy has been on the streets, struggling, for quite sometime. My guess his he’s been a socialized stray for sometime. Has been chased off by people shooting at him and was finally done in by a car. Long road to the shelter, but he’s going to be great. The shelter staff at KCAS loves him and echos our belief that he has a ton of potential to live a long, happy life. — It felt really good to be back at the shelter with Lucy and Shannon. I haven’t been here in a couple of months but it feels longer. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for supporting these dogs and helping give them a second chance. Thank you for welcoming me back after taking some time to be with family. ❤️💪🏻🐶 . . . . . . . . . #marleysmutts #shelterrun #rescuedogsofinstagram #disableddog #handicapable #teamwork #kerncounty #bakersfield #savinglives at Kern County Animal Services


#FBF to when Evander was a little guy. Zach was and my first dad. My OG of Dad's! The GOAT puppy dad! Once a daddy's boy always a daddy's boy!❤️🐾 . . . . . #marleysmutts #evander #fbf #healing #love #goat #omgomgomg #dogdad #rescuedog #beforeandafter


Best part of wakin' up is Chicken Soup for the Soul in your cup!🐾☕️ . . . . . #chickensouppets #marleysmutts #seniordogs #dogtreats #nomnomnom #snuggle #dogs #happydog #healthydog #cutie


Rainy day at Camp Golden Years today so Raven and Poe takeover while the ole folks take the couch. 🐶🇺🇸 . . . . . #allamerican #oorah #pets #rainyday #bigdogs #puddles #marleysmutts #campgoldenyears #explore #usa


We received $10,000 but only 10 minutes to spend it in a shopping spree challenge from Rocky Kanaka. Something very special at the end!! Swipe up in our Story to see the entire video!🙌🏼🐾🎉 . . . . . #marleysmutts #tractorsupply #rockykanaka #shoppingspreeeee #dolladollabills #nonprofit #shop #adoptdontshop #workfun #dogrescue #grateful at Tractor Supply Co.


Ashley is a 9 month German Shepard Cross. She's a shy girl who was rescued from the Shafter Shelter where she’d been picked up as a stray. Our Pawsitive Change Program is helping to boost her confidence and bringing her out if her shell. Ashley will spend the next 12 weeks at N. Kern Prison perfecting her obedience skills and making her the perfect family dog. Ashley does well with other dogs and has a non confrontational personality. At about 30lbs she’s just the right size, not to little and not too large. She’s the perfect size to keep up with an active family. Although shy she does warm up to new people and wants so desperately to please. She is crate trained and working on her house training skills. Ashley is learning a lot at prison and will graduate with her Canine Good Citizen certificate. If you are looking for a sweet little girl apply to make Ashley part of your family. . . . . . #marleysmutts #pawsitivechange #prisonprogram #germanshepard #adoptdontshop #adopteddog #shelter #traineddog #dogsofinstagram


Margo is the new Camp Golden Years alarm system!!📣 . . . . . #soundthealarm #marleysmutts #campgoldenyears #seniordog #cutie #smalldog #woofwoof #rescuelife #fierceaf #getsome


Great day today at Inspire Charter School teaching the kids about rescue and therapy dogs! . . . . . #marleysmutts #miraclemutts #kidswithdogs #dogs #inform #cutedog #learning #therapydog #kindness #school


⁉️BE AWARE⁉️My account @zachskow was hacked, guys. I’m not sure what happened but if messages come your way from me, please disregard. I’ve submitted something to @instagram but haven’t heard back. Will keep you famous. #Repost @zachskow with @get_repost ・・・ On the left, I had just been given my first shot of #Dilauded (hydromorphone)—which I would become addicted to— and was at the beginning of a 5 week hospital stay, gravely ill. I had been diagnosed with End Stage cirrhosis of the liver and given less than 90 days to live. I was told my kidneys, and just about everything else, were failing and that I would NOT receive a liver transplant. I would have blood and bile drained from my abdominal cavity regularly along with multiple frozen plasma transfusions—all to no avail. I was given shots of dope every 4 hours for 5 weeks before being accepted to the compressive transplant center at Cedars Sinai medical center. : There was no hope in guy on the left. I got sicker and sicker and sicker. It is one of only two pictures taken in the entire period between April 2008 and January 2009, when we began to beat it! What changed? Everything and dogs!! I began to live for my dogs and my entire world changed. Marley’s Mutts happened! : The guy on the right is a product of 10+ years of dedicating my life to dogs and others. To making a difference and trying to attach worth to myself. If you see pain, it’s because it’s splattered all over my consciousness. The pain of trying to be of service for that many years and not knowing how to take care of myself. That, I am working on and making progress with. : For 10 years I have worked as hard as I can and given all my life-force, energy and spirit to Marley’s Mutts. It saved my life!! YOU ALL saved my life, because you all have been a part of this. You have been on this journey with me, routing me on and giving me the platform to open up, be vulnerable and try to establish a “new masculine” energy for myself. A masculinity in which care-taking, vulnerability and emotion are encouraged and rewarded instead of oppressed. To me, the new masculine must include influence of the Devine feminine, otherwise at Bakersfield, California


Axel Rose aka Artie aka Arctic Fox?! 🥰💋🦊 He is friendly but also very loyal and protective of his family! He would do best in a home with older kids or just adults. At only 2 years old, he has a long life to live. Axel is potty trained 🏆and uses the doggy door. What a smart 🤓 cookie 🍪 swipe up in story to fill out the application❤️ . . . . . #foster #adopt #marleysmutts #rescuedog #lotsoflove #cute #pup #doggo #kerncounty #purelove


"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." —Henry Ford What our men go through in order order to even attempt to work together in prison, outside of their race and affiliation, is more risk than most of us will take in a lifetime. I applaud these men from the bottom of my heart. They rarely, if ever, hesitate to do what’s necessary for these dogs and themselves to grow. It’s beautiful to watch and we’re endlessly proud to play a role. If you’re interested in seeing this program grow, please tag a friend or person if influence so we may continue to spread this program into as many institutions as possible.


Hi everyone! We wanted to send a huge shout out and thank you to you, all of our incredible supporters for all you have donated to care for Onyx & Magic. They are both thriving because of all of your love, prayers and support! Our dream for the rescue ranch has always been to create a community center where people can come and spend time with all kinds of animals and feel a part of the rescue world. Onyx & Pal are at our house and Magic is at my trainer’s place and we would really like to get them to the rescue ranch! We are fundraising for a barn to make this possible! We need to raise around $30k to buy a mare motel/pipe panels, a round pen to exercise them in and more pipe panels to create pasture/ paddocks for them to spend their days in. We also want to bring pal the pig to the ranch too when the horses head there, so we will need to buy a hog pen for him to hang in. The horses and Pal are incredibly social and would thrive at the ranch being around so many people! This is the next step in creating our rescue community center where we can work to showcase the human/ animal bond. If you can spare some change, we would greatly appreciate it! You can click on the link in the bio to donate! Thank you so much, ❤️ Heather

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