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Dusk at the ranch is a special time. The light hits everything just right and looks so serene. Spending time with the dogs always takes the stresses of the day away 🍃 at Tehachapi Mountains


Ever since the prison dog death in Ohio, folks have been concerned for the dogs safety. Firstly, we have protocols in place to assure dogs aren’t alone in cells EVER. Secondly, it’s important for you all to understand what we see: this ⬆️. We see a lot of cuddling, belly rubs and, if anything, too much affection. Seeing the softer side of these men is priceless. Seeing these dogs unlock their inmates and vice versa is what connection and life is all about.


🚨Please share help her come home! Sweetie was just adopted by an amazing family in Tehachapi. Unfortunately, she ran away right after they got her home. Between the railroad museum and the airport last seen running east.  She still has her harness and blue leash shown in the picture attatched. She also has a dog tag with my number and is microchipped.  She is very scared and does not trust people. If seen or found please call Bethany at 661-575-5751 or take her to your nearest vet or Mojave shelter.


@rockykanaka thank you for all of the amazing help you've given Jalapeno now Rocco ❤️🙏🏼 🐶 . . . #Repost @rockykanaka ・・・ Jalapeño 🌶️has a new family and an insta to go with it 😀👏🎉 . . . via @spoiled_by_our_mommies The newest addition to the pack! World, meet Rocco (renamed because of Rocky, his awesome foster dad, and his alter ego, Jalapeño). Thanks to @rockykanaka and @marleysmutts for everything!!!


We rescue dogs.. But really, THEY are the ones Rescuing US ❤️


It’s really crazy for me to see this photo of Naaji before we started caring for him. He was rescued from Saudi Arabia after being hit by a car. He just looks so defeated in this photo. When I see Naaji now I see so much strength and determination. I’m so honored to be such a big part of this guy’s transformation. Naaji, I truly believe you will walk again and I’m here to keep encouraging you until that day happens. Thank you all for following along the wheelie dog takeover today. This was such a fun day for me and it was awesome to see how much joy these dogs bring when I have them out in public. . . . 💁‍♀️@deservingdogs


Here’s a look at our wheelie wheelie fun day out. Naaji, Stella and @turboferris had so much fun. You guys want to know a fun fact about Naaji’s wheelchair you see here in this video? Recently, a brave boxer named Echo passed away and in honor of him Echo’s wheelchair was donated to the ranch by some really awesome volunteers the day he passed away. It just happened to fit Naaji perfectly. Mark and Tricia were the ones who lost their beloved Echo and donated his chair and now Tricia is on our staff and is such an awesome bright light to our organization. Echo, you live on through Naaji! 💕💕 . . . . 💁‍♀️@deservingdogs at Tehachapi, California


It’s a bit of a rodeo taking these three out on the town. 🤠 Can anyone guess how long it takes @deservingdogs to get them all unloaded from the van and into their wheelchairs?! . . We had a Home Depot employee run all the way across the parking lot when he saw me unloading these guys just to ask if I needed help. Such a sweet moment. 👏❤️ at Tehachapi, California


The wheelie crew has a very important decision to make today! We just got a doggie DNA test donated from @dnamydog and we want to know who we should use it on. Should we chose Naaji or Stella?! . . . To leave a vote type one of their names in the comments section below. We will tally the votes and get this test sent out by the end of the week. Ready?! Let the voting begin! at Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue


But first, pupacinos from @starbucks. 🐶❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️🐶 While I was wheeling the dogs around the parking lot a girl came over to us to say hi to these three and immediately started to cry and thank me. I’m not sure why she was thanking me though. 🙈🤷‍♀️ I was just out with the homies. I don’t need to be thanked for taking the dogs for a walk. It was such a sweet moment though and when she walked away her boyfriend hugged her as she wiped her tears away. We get all sorts of reactions when we have these guys out. Now time for Naaji, Stella and @turboferris to devour these pupacinos and get their day started. Who wants to see them eating these?! Drop a comment below if you do and we’ll post to our stories. 💁‍♀️ -@deservingdogs at Starbucks


We got our little paws on a phone and we’re taking over today. It’s going to be wheelie wheelie fun! . . 🐶Naaji 🐶Stella 🐶@turboferris at Tehachapi, California


Hey guys, @deservingdogs here. 👋 Who thinks I should let these three hooligans take over our social media tomorrow?! If they can get 300 votes by tomorrow morning I’ll let them. So if you want to see @turboferris, Stella and Naaji in your news feed tomorrow leave a ❤️ emoji in the comments section. ⬇️ #wheelchairdontcare

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