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HAMMOND! INDIANA! Come laugh with me on October 6th! I’ll be at the Horseshoe. Only 1 show! GET TIX NOW! at Hammond, Indiana


I’m missing the stage. Do you want to win in life change the people around you so you can hear God’s whispers. You can’t hear your calling with all that noise around you. Change yoiur energy, change those people, change yourself, change your life... at Atlanta, Georgia


My face when people ask me “why don’t you do more drama”? I’m theatrically trained in the dramatic arts... i just love the challenge of comedy. It’s an underrated art form. To make people cry is dope but to make them cry laughing is powerful.


Looking youthful. Tapped into a whole new happy. Feels so good to just smile. I feel like Bruce Leroy up in this bitch ... “i got that glow”... i ain’t gotta smile to be happy


Walking in to monday like.. #moodasfuck be a happy Monday person. Love what you do, love how you do it and love who you do it with 😂 @carlyabooth gettin’ it in!


Excuse all of the nostalgia but It’s been two weeks since i seen my kids... i guess i miss them. Love you son. #daddysboy


How can i not just love this little thing? Love of my life #daughter ❤️


Follow the link in my bio to subscribe to my new YouTube channel and comment below what you’d like to see.


Have you ever looked back at life and said “what was i thinking”?! Yeah... i never want to ask myself that again. Life is chess not checkers. Think of all the different variables before you make any decision. Still proud of the man i was but prouder of the man im becoming


Excited to get back on the stage next month... Comment below what city you’re from. And Hammond, IN... Chicago, IL come out and see me on October 6th at the Horseshoe in Hammond - at Hammond, Indiana


Trust the process. Nurture the process. Love the process.


Have you ever loved somebody 25 years plus? Through ups and downs, smiles and tears, joy and pain... love remains. What an incredible woman you are and i will always celebrate the day i met you. Thank you for loving’re an amazing mommy and a great friend. There’ll never be a day i don’t love you. You’re a “good”woman Angela. And that says so much. You value yourself, question your actions, try to own your reactions, you’re God fearing, lioness of a mother, you’re responsible, you have integrity, a great heat, a soulful spirit, a kind smile and such a fun demeanor. Your laugh makes me want to be funnier and your conversations want me to better. God is amazing! To place such a wonderful, consistent, patient, strong, forgiving soul in my life to watch over me and challenge me to grow everyday. I used to beat myself for failing us. But i realize that it’s all apart of the journey. Love has to be tested, love has to challenged, love is work, love is struggle love is not a feeling it’s a responsibility. Love is unconditional and love must remain. I’m glad this love has been water and taking on many shapes... but it’s always love. He loves her always... wanna beat?

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