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It cost the same to dream big.... @hellyhansen @lekiusa

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Pretty soon I’ll be trading in the fly rod and camo for skis and #lifaloft insulation. I’ll take the fall weather for now but I’m sure getting the itch to be back in places like this with @hellyhansen #isitwinteryet #grandteton 📷: @_cammcleod_


It’s finally starting to feel like fall, which means days like this are getting of my favorite shots from last winter. Nice work behind the lens @_cammcleod_ @hellyhansen @lekiusa @atomicski #skiing #isitwinteryet


Not bad steamboat...not bad at all #steamboatsprings #sunset #sleepinggiant


This lady starts grad school in British Columbia tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited for her! Your going to kill it up there @adventure_alison and I can’t wait to come visit...and ski..and bike...and fish


This guy has shown me a lot more about life than just fly fishing. At 86 years young it was pretty special to see him catch this pig #flyfishing #colorado


They say that a dog is mans best friend, that doesn’t even come close to describing what this sweet girl meant to me. I don’t think it’s possible to have more love for something than I do for her. Goodbye for now my Rosie, I’ll be seeing you.


While winter is supposed to make an appearance this weekend here in CO, it’s definitely been feeling like spring more and more each day. I’ll be ready for the warm weather soon but for now I’ll be reminiscing about deep days like this... @hellyhansen @lekiusa 📷: @_cammcleod_ #skiing #wyoming #powderskiing #atomicski


Happy birthday to this mountain climbing, always smiling, bird catching woman that makes my days a lot better. Thanks for always being up for an adventure and more importantly marking those adventures the best they could be. Here’s to another year around the sun @adventure_alison


Fun 2000’ freeskiing run in the Tetons last month with @joelbettner @kaylinrichardson and @_cammcleod_ Check out @hellyhansen insta story for more clips from a week exploring some incredible terrain #skiing #feelalive #atomicskis @lekiusa


Rainy day adventures with @adventure_alison #steamboat #rainydaysinmarch


Sunny days and cold snow in the Tetons. @joelbettner getting after it a few weeks back... @hellyhansen #skiing #wyoming


The views this week did not disappoint...until next time Canada 🇨🇦 @hellyhansen @lekiusa #skiing #canada #skibanff


Fun little pow run yesterday somewhere in the middle of WY...@hellyhansen @lekiusa @atomicski #skiing #holyshift #powderskiing w/ @kaylinrichardson @joelbettner @_cammcleod_


Awesome couple days skiing old burn areas in North Routt @hellyhansen @lekiusa #skiing #powderskiing #northroutt


This lack of snow in CO has caused a severe case of soggy bases and we could really use some new snow to air them this day from a couple winters ago @hellyhansen #skiing #airitout #atomicskis


Thankful for the nice weather, family and delicious food. Now it sure would be nice for winter to come back and recreate days like this 📷: @joelbettner @hellyhansen @lekiusa #skiing #backcountryskiing #colorado


“Meats in the freezer, let’s go skiing!” #deerhunting #kansas #whittaildeer #mathewsarchery #optionarchery

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