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Attempted my first plandid today. 💁‍♀️ Apparently all it takes is @aekholloway on the 📷 and professional 💡. Cc @erinstoyo for the inspo and tips (read them in this month’s @cosmopolitan !) at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge


🆕It’s #woowoowednesday time!🆕 Picked up this amazing selenite tower this past weekend for the bday. Couldn’t wait to plop it right on my window sill! Selenite is an incredible space clearer and many suggest placing it next to windows almost like an energy filter into your home. Plus, it looks super cool! #wellnesswednesday #selenite #crystalsofig at Williamsburg, Brooklyn


💎It’s #woowoowednesday time!💎 Wanted to take a moment to shout out clear quartz. A friend received one recently and had no idea what to do with it. The clear stone is extremely programmable. That means if you hold it in your hand and infuse it with an intention, it will help amplify that energy. Scientists have been using quartz in all kinds of technology from phones to TVs to watches because of its programmable nature. Love when woowoo meets science! #crystalsofinstagram #clearquartz #valleynyc at New York, New York


When you’re too lazy to get your bf a real bday present, give him what he’s always wanted: a social media acknowledgement of his existence. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, @juliankiani ! at Coronado Beach


💗It’s #woowoowednesday time!💗 Tomorrow’s full moon supports love and enjoyment. Take advantage by opening up your heart. It’s especially powerful for us Pisces. Susan Miller says it’s the perfect time to get engaged or go out and meet people. Venus is in Pisces right now so go take advantage! 😍 at Williamsburg, Brooklyn


✈️It’s #woowoowednesday time!✈️ Any nervous fliers out there? 🙋‍♀️ To soothe my nerves I love traveling with two of my favorite crystal bracelets. Howlite (the white/grey marbled one) is known for its calming properties. And rose quartz, in addition to being the 💕 stone, helps you release stress and anxiety—key to an enjoyable flight! #wellnesswednesday #crystalsofinstagram #rosequartz #howlite #livelovelayer at The Saguaro Palm Springs


Will hike for In-N-Out. #temescalcanyon at Temescal Canyon Hiking Trail, Santa Monica


💕Throwback to this insane @cosmopolitan pink Cali sunset.💕 #nofilter #getsomecolor #palmsprings at The Saguaro Palm Springs


❤️It’s #woowoowednesday Valentine’s Day edition!❤️ Wishing you lovers out there all of the luck and trust that the Wheel of Fortune and Star cards bring you! Fun fact: Tarot cards originated in Northern Italy in the 1400s but didn’t begin being used for divination until the 18th century. #tarot #tarotcards at New York, New York


Banana piña coladas are a thing and I’m not mad about it. 🍌🍍🍹 #getsomecolor at The Saguaro Palm Springs


🌴🌈 #getsomecolor at The Saguaro Palm Springs


👻It’s #woowoowednesday time!👻 I had the pleasure of meeting @mediumthomas and witnessing his gift a couple weeks ago (one he discovered when he started talking to his dead grandfather as a child). I was truly blown away by his ability to communicate with spirits. Although I did not receive a message, many audience members did and the comfort and relief it gave them (many had lost children or siblings tragically) was so powerful to watch. Anyone who is a skeptic, I highly suggest attending one of his events. I guarantee you’ll feel otherwise. #manhattanmedium #medium at New York, New York


A peek at my #shelfie while I’m #multimasking (using two diff @beautycounter clay formulas). One of the things I love most about clean and natural products is that women are leading the charge. So many badass She-e-os here making the world safer and more beautiful for all of us. LMK if you want any reviews of my faves here! #maskmonday #beautycounter #drunkelephant #sundayriley #megababe #goop #tataharper #honestbeauty at Williamsburg, Brooklyn


🌚It’s #woowoowednesday time, super blue blood moon edition!🌚 Tonight is the perfect time to infuse your favorite crystal with an intention and then remind yourself of that intention whenever you look at it going forward. I’ll be leaving my citrine out in the moonlight with the intention that it will enhance my creativity at work 📝 and bring abundance 💰 (it’s a great crystal for both!). #wellnesswednesday #citrine #superbluebloodmoon at Hearst


Clearly not excited at all for my first 🚁 ride. Thanks #herbalessences ! at New York Helicopter Tours & Charter


24 years later, still into glasses, dark florals, short hair...and side eye. 👀 #tbt


🕯It’s #woowoowednesday time!🕯 Wanted to share two of my favorite woowoo holiday gifts that I’m obsessed with. This @houseofintuition for @drjart candle: you light it with an intention in mind and let it burn through for 3ish days and at the bottom is a crystal that will be energized with your intention (I’ve got abundance on my mind this year!!). And then this @catherinerising floral smudge stick because it’s the prettiest one I’ve ever seen! #wellnesswednesday #intentions #sage


When @drewbarrymore comes to @cosmopolitan to chat with you about the empowering role beauty plays in women’s lives, you listen (and try to act cool!). @flowerbeauty at Hearst

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