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I am very upset that I am missing the Overwatch Halloween event! I didn’t have the game this time last year, and now my internet won’t be connected until it’s almost over!😭 Please somebody, tell me every detail of how amazing it is??😍😍🎃👻❤️


I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend! I’m moving a few more things into the flat! So happy it’s all coming together!! What are you guys doing this weekend? Also, please enjoy this #throwback selfie that I forgot to post a long time ago!💋❤️


Hey everyone! So, I’m all moved into my new place, and I’ve just bought some 4G to be able to keep in touch with you guys on Instagram! However, my internet is not being connected until the end of October, so I won’t be able to game until then😭 In the mean time, please enjoy this Destiny 2 screenshot, can’t wait to get back in the action!💪🏼


Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA, I’m moving into my new flat this weekend! I have to wait until my internet is set up to get gaming again (cry) but in the mean time I will be creating my cosplay looks and posting them for you guys! But for now, please enjoy this wig test boomerang💇🏼


(SWIPE⏩) My first set of Golden guns😭😍They’re so beautiful😭❤️


Having a well earned evening of gaming to myself tonight! Can you name that game?! Clue: Basically all I play all day everyday🙃 what are you doing this evening? Comment below👇🏼


Love, D.VA😘 Casual Dva Look whilst I work on the cosplay as a whole😋


My first (not yet styled!) cosplay wig test! What do you guys think? Do I make a good brunette?😋 For those of you who guessed it, well done, I can reveal my first cosplay will be WONDER WOMAN! Who’s hyped?🙋🏼


Goodmorning! Isn’t this stormtrooper clock just the cutest😍✨ Comment what time it is where you are in the world🌎🌍🌏


Where are my batman fans at?🦇 My boyfriend and I have been having a mini Batman marathon the past few nights, and I'm loving it😎 Especially with my favourite snack, salted popcorn🍿Who's your favourite superhero?💪🏼 And what is your favourite movie snack!?🍩🍪🍿🍫🍬


So, I have officially ordered everything I need to start some cosplays (ah!) and I can't wait to show them to you guys in the coming weeks! I have two lined up to start with, so Comment below who you think they may be.. (or comment below some cosplays you'd love to see me do next!👗👙🤳🏼)


Junkertown has officially arrived on Xbox One🎉 I have been neglecting Overwatch to play Destiny 2, BUT now the new update has dropped I'm going to explore this new map, and try out the new mercy changes!👼🏼 Have you guys tried out the new update yet? What does everyone think so far?🤔 (📷Junkertown image may be subject to copyright all credits to original owner)


So, how's everyone finding Destiny 2? I'm enjoying playing a different style of game (as I've been hooked on Overwatch for so long) and although I'm not too far into the story yet, i'm loving the design of the game, it's beautiful!! I am looking forward to progressing more and participating in more competitive matches and raids💪🏼🌍 Let me know what you think in the comments below👇🏼


Lashes are curtesy of snapchats newest filter😝 Can anyone recommend any makeup products that don't test on animals, and don't contain animal products?🐰 I'm looking to do some cosplay, and makeup is beneficial, yet I don't want any poor animals suffering for beauty😭💄


So @xjamiebobamie and @pike_blue2 are the most generous people on the planet, and they gifted me Destiny 2😭😍 I could not be more thankful to you guys! Please go check out their pages😇 Now, the download wait begins, can't wait to get playing!🎮 Comment below if you have Destiny 2 also!👇🏼


I love my GameCube! So far I have Smash Bros, Turok, and Zelda! I have just bought a capture card for it to hopefully get some streaming going again! Comment your favourite retro consoles below!👇🏼


If you guys can believe it, I am only just watching my first ever anime! I studied Philosophy in college which included morality, so I am finding Death Note really interesting already!! What is your favourite anime?🤷🏼‍♀️☺️


Hello everyone! I am finally back from my holiday, and ready to jump back into the virtual world! I have missed my baby😍🎮 Comment below if you're an Xbox or a PS4 player, or if you're lucky enough to have both!😇

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