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Talking about my hair, my identity and the inextricable link between the two in the WH April issue, on stands now 🔥(also this is special BTS right here because my weird armpit stain didn’t make it into the magazine!) 📷 @benritterphoto


Now hoarding: beautiful soaps that smell like a rich hippie and wash...pretty much anything.


A whole lot of #tbt


😂 Gotta love a workout with a sense of humor


On Wednesdays at Pietro Nolita


Seriously, just give Joshua Henry the Tony already. Other chilling vibratos need not apply. at Carousel on Broadway


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. But swipe to see what’s inside the bag! I won’t show you what’s inside the dumpster, I promise. It’s honestly just the most interesting backdrop I could find. #welovecoco #officecleanout 📷 @jen_ator


Lip oil almost too pretty to use-almost! The sheer pink tint it leaves behind is just as gorgeous as the packaging.


Yes, it looks like we have bad sunburns, but rest assured WE ARE FINE/we are just in a weird bar, and you should check out @julievadnal’s excellent newsletter JULES 💎 to get your weekly cultural lineup. And I cannot confirm or deny if Julie did shots of gin with me in my office at ELLE in 2009.


Lucky Magazine beauty department roll call ❣️


Old and new flames


👆🏻rg: @robinberzinmd


The best city, the best sunset, the best partner in booze cruise crime #tbt


🏖 + 📚 = 😊


Vodka + more than one type of ginger at St. Augustine, Florida


My latest obsession from @kosascosmetics: the perfect all-flattering shade of blush paired with a highlighter that makes your skin look real-life luminous, not alienesque (tho that look certainly has its merits!) Take note- the pigment of the blush is potent, particularly for a clean makeup brand, so tap that blush brush to get any excess off before you apply!


Spot the awesome things about this photo. I count at least nine. at Palm Coast, Florida


But also I went to a psychic this week and she told me my dear grandmother in heaven was going to “send me birds” and I don’t know how I feel about this/would rather be sent kittens.

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