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beauty + wellness enthusiast editorial @truebotanicals formerly: Women’s Health, InStyle, Lucky, ELLE, TeenVogue

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How dare you.


🌊 #tbt


Waking up in the morning with jet lag face. ————————— ✨Nicolas Roeg x Bowie✨


See you never probably rg: @konnichiwagrl


Just your typical carefree and relaxed (hands in pockets!) California girl. at Pfeiffer Beach


💬 at San Francisco, California


Still in pie coma 📷: @ashleysophiaclark


These would look prettier on your shelf than in this Instagram post—everything @truebotanicals makes, 20% off today only (not an ad! I just legit work here! and all the stuff is magical! and they never have sales so this is v. cool!)


You had me at adaptogens. Alternate caption: LaCroix, but make it wellness.


#tbt minimoon hikes


A tree like a golden mylk latte


Buds from my buds @truebotanicals


If it involves taking off these boots, I’m not going.


The sun said hello at just the right moment. Our hearts are full—thank you to everyone who celebrated with us this weekend!




Most luxurious hair detox. Smells like palo santo, makes hair feel like silk, and de-gunkifies from root to tip.


When I met with @aklaird a few years ago about being the beauty director at Women’s Health, the thing we sort of both went- ding! ding! ding!- over was that wellness (it wasn’t even called that at the time!) content should address emotional health as attentively as it does physical. And that included the beauty pages- they didn’t have to be all workout hairstyles and sweaty skin solutions. Beauty isn’t a surface topic, and Amy pushed me to explore the subject in a deeper and more meaningful way. Her dedication to mental well-being (example: she bravely spoke of her own OCD in the magazine, despite the legal department’s discouragement, b/c f stigmas) has spurred @club_mental, a brilliant social platform that talks about mental health in a way that’s accessible, enjoyable, and real. The need to have these kinds of conversations has never been greater, and she is just the person to lead them. Thank you, Amy.


Facebook just reminded me with this very grainy photo that it’s been 4 years since my date on a booze cruise with @michaelbjordan. I wonder if he knows I’m about to get married? I hope he’s okay. #tbt

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