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Tivoli iloviT Caz 2020

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🖤🤞🏽 at Tivoli, New York


Falalalalalalala at Nelson, New York


🐚 still don’t understand why I don’t live somewhere in a lil hut on the sand at Cazenovia, New York


A lil lil mur


Ohhhhhhhhhhh the weatha outside is frightful and Juan you is soooo delightfullll at Cazenovia, New York


I miss cotton candy skies and that luscious hair at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park


Neva eva miss a sunset 😌 at Cazenovia, New York


3 really weird people at Tivoli, New York


A throwback thanksgiving post. So thankful for everything in this world!!! ☀️


🍂 bedtime at Tivoli, New York


Happy birthday eve to my angel in a rose!!! I love you so much my pretty tonight was a good night ❣️ at Rhinebeck, New York


@angelinamaneri we’re coming for you


I cannot WAIT for the day I get back for thanksgiving break bc I know Laur will be waiting outside my house bumping her music and nothing makes my soul jump around like being ABSOLUTELY INSANE with you driving like we’re in race cars and laughing till we have to say “see you tomorrow” for the night at Bard College


My little cousin went to regionals today and I’m so proud. I love you anna!!! I feel special I got to slap your hand before the game when I probably wasn’t allowed on the court🤷🏼‍♀️ you make me so proud my lil libero ❤️🏐🖤 #2 at Endicott, New York


🍂 at Cazenovia, New York


Last years snap mems are making me want to dye my hair again 🍁🍂


Things I learned this season: be positive and excite every moment like @ehorsch be consistent and precise like @kylasmoke don’t be scared to ask dumb questions like @angela.nuzzo never give up like @kaylinvanauken get your ass off floor and try again like @grace_torino think about you’re next move before you do it like @malclark12 kill it and succeed humbly like @ali_anne22 use your voice and don’t be scared of a thing like @_allieclifford always have confidence and show it with laughter like @ollivviaaa go into anything with a clear mind and be yourself like @zanielleeeee dance- just keep dancing like Ava, dig it and be a happy cheerful player like @emmatrulock try new things and inspire others to do the same like @katherinemeehan keep your head high and your blocks higher like @huntermadisyn and be the most devoted leader who loves the game more than anything like @rachel.burbidge btw grace you got that ball right? lol cuz me and Allie clearly did not at Cazenovia College

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