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Mary MacHugh

Tivoli iloviT Caz 2020

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karlie nicole🦋
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Bailey Lynn 💋

It was def a lot warmer last year 🌸 at Cazenovia, New York


Game day! Let’s go🏐🏐🏐


MacHugh and Gascue we rhyme, it’s kinda cool


I love where you live at Lewiston, New York


Mary, Juan, & Maria Corina 🌹 at Niagara River


I really haven’t stopped thinking about you :( you were the bestest friend to all of us


You got that look I liiike


Me every second: “Talk to me in Spanish” at Buffalo, New York


That’s my baby that’s my babyyy at Buffalo State


Mac I won’t ever forget your constant need to be around me like my constant need to be cuddling with you. I wish I was there this weekend to get you out of your bed because I know you would get up for me and I know you would eat if I threw you a piece of the crust to my toast. You never did anything but try to be the bestest and goodest boy you could be for us. I’ll miss waking up to your claws scratching the stairs and your whining for me to wake up and that’s the only thing that would get me up early! My Macky waiting for me at the steps to start our day together. I shared every meal with you, I shared every couch with you when daddy wasn’t there to yell at the both of us, we had our special places we would take rides to when you felt anxious and it always made it better. You would sit next to me on the couch and stare at me all day making noises and barks at me constantly which made me feel like we really did talk to each other. You got me up when I was down and always gave me kisses when I needed them. I wish I could see you run to the door with your new big bone in your mouth one more time. The day we got you I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy. It was a tough weekend for you but you’re in doggy heaven now with all the other dogs you probably won’t get along with. I wish I was there to give you one last goodbye and I’m sorry I wasn’t 😣💔 you’re forever my best friend at Tivoli, New York


Huntie always turning my frown upside down at Cazenovia College


You can’t tell Juan he ain’t fly. He know he supa fly at Destiny USA


Tomorrow is game day!!! 10 & 4 be there or be square. I hope RH vball still does gut check but caz got it on lock nowww #checkyagut at Cazenovia College


Meant to post the other day when I took dis but I look too unhappy for how I felt taking it uk


Saw my favorite people today and haven’t been this happy in so long❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ missing @tyler_maerkl at Nelson, New York


🖤💎 at Cazenovia, New York


Game day!!! Whoop whoop


I feel like one side of my face is extremely different than the other. One side is just looking at you, the other is observing. Or like Ashley always says “awww marryyy look at your lazy eyeee” @smashleyy_03

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