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creative services director @stayandwander [email protected] vancouver & elsewhere IG stories for tips, food, culture & behind-the-scenes Similar users See full size profile picture

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Up a the crack of dawn to catch first light at Qingshui Cliff without distraction. #stayandwander at Hualien County


A different perspective. Do you still recognize this place when stripped of its most distinguishing features - its adoring crowds and rainbow complexion? #stayandwander #hypecourts at Choi Hung, Hong Kong


Lost in your light... #stayandwander at Tokyo, Japan


When your winter road trip rivals the best of the summer ones, even though you can’t feel your face, fingers nor toes. #stayandwander Thanks to everyone who asked questions during my last Q&A. Some of the most frequently asked questions wanted to know more about what I do for a living and @stayandwander. If you’re still curious, I had a chance to sit down with good friend @edwardkb to record an episode of his @maekan podcast “Social Effects” and we spend some time chatting about what I do when I’m not posting on Instagram and how I ended up here. We also share thoughts about social media in general and also talk about one of our not-so-secret hobbies. Check it out wherever podcasts are available and let me know what you think! at Canada


So fresh, so clean 🎵 #stayandwander at Hong Kong


Stopped in my tracks by the design of the everyday in HK. #stayandwander at Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong


Taking the road less traveled along the azure ocean waters of Taiwan’s east coast. #stayandwander at Taiwan


Happy Lunar New Year! Celebrating with a photo from Fo Guang Shan in Taiwan. Here resides the tallest sitting Buddha in the world, which dwarfs the gathered people in the plaza below. #stayandwander at Taiwan


Transported to another world on the silent shores of Thousand Island Lake, less than an hour outside of bustling Taipei, Taiwan. #stayandwander at New Taipei City


Willfully lost in Shinjuku after dark. #stayandwander at Tokyo, Japan


Gradi-density. #stayandwander at Hong Kong


Unique patterns of growth and harvest are visible from afar on this Alishan region high mountain oolong tea farm. #stayandwander at Alishan, T'Ai-Wan, Taiwan

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