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🚒 Firefighter ⚔️ Army veteran 🏋🏻‍♀️Crossfit 🏔Outdoors 🏍Speed 🔫Guns 🏆 #1 Ultimate Firefighter 2017 🌍Tønsberg/Norway🇳🇴 🐯Cat mom @storm_and_aslan

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The fire bear Bjørnis and I wish you all a happy day! 👩🏻‍🚒🐻 Stay safe peeps! . Vil du vite mer om kollegaen min Bjørnis? . 👉 . 👉 @brannbamsen


Pump-day! 4 new rookies got their first lesson in water supply today. 4” from open water source to the Engine, then 2x2,5” further on to the Lift. . 🚒🌀💦 . Also got to test my brand new Snagger tool (with my name on it!) It has «hundreds” of uses, just check out @motisfirerescue. 👌🏼👏🏼😃


🔥Fire and Ice❄️ #fireexercise #burnandlearn


Work=Big smile! 😃 Testing out our new lift on one of the highest buildings in town today. The signal tower on Jarslø is 40 meters/131 feet high. 🚒🔝🏢 . . . Alltid nyttig å befare større bygg i by’n! Oppstillingsplass for lift, vannforsyning, ventilering, evakueringsplan, plassering av nøkkelboks og brannsentral er blant de tingene vi ser på. 🤓🔍


Well, it’s a kick-ass-kinda day😉🤙 Any goals for this week? #rockinit #haix #ervikas #fcctraining


Firefighter caught in the elements 🌬❄️🔥 #fireexercise #obviously #orapparentlynot... 😆 at Tønsberg, Norway


And with this I say HELLO weekend!😅 🔹Back squat 5x10, 152lbs. 🔹3xWalking lunges (10m+5squat+10m+5squat) 66lbs. 🔹Kettle bell swing 4x15, 70lbs. 🔹3x(2min rack hold 88lbs +15m sled drag, 530lbs. 🔹3xSuperset (hipthtrust x15, 155lbs +rollout x10) 👚Appropriate #dedication shirt from @iamblackhelmet 👊🏼😁 at SB CrossFit


⚔️Military-May wishing you all a nice Friday and reminding you to think R.E.D. 😊 #redfriday #RED #remembereveryonedeployed


☝️No special treatment, just equal rights! #internationalwomensday #march8th at Tønsberg, Norway


Blue vibes 💙🚨 VW Amarok; our quick response unit. Mostly used for first responder/medical calls (Norwegian FF are not trained EMT/Paramedics, but we respond to this type of calls when an ambulance with medical personnel are too far away or all occupied) The pickup is also used for all kinds of other 2-man missions and transportation of gear. 🚗


34 of 48hrs shift ✅ So far it’s been water water water, all day long! 😑 Pic2; We use the Amarok to transport the equipment to deal with the water leaks. #48hrsshift


Making ventilation holes for the upcoming “burn to learn” exercise. It’s a controlled house burn for training purposes where we are able to do several interior attacks and execute and experience different firefighting tactics. = Fun!!! 😃🚒💦🔥🏚

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