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Morning #mountainbike adventures! Slow down and look around once in a while. #hiddentreasures #fitnessmotivation


Hey @trackdogracing THANKS!! Lol. #heynicemiata #miata


Rough day fishing still beats a good day working.... got one semi-dink on one of the last casts. Still a nice new place 👍🏼 #largemouthbass #largemouth #fishing


#HappyBirthday to my 17 yr old baby boy @j_mosch !! Love you Joe! 🤗


So true... “Here’s my phone luv, knock yourself out..” 20 minutes later she hands you the phone back... Nothing? Nothing... 😉


HAPPY FATHERS DAY FELLAS! Nice morning wake up huh?? #Goodmorningnyc #newyork #thecity #bigapple. #nyc What a view! Look at that Hazy humid day ahead


#atv #atvriding Should I take the plunge again, and buy another???? Naaaaahhh. Neighborhood kid cruising my block. Had to try again! Things a monster!!! Wish I could remember its name, it’s famous (in the ATV crowd anyway) #mudding


NAILED my first weight loss goal finally. Sub2 (yikes) but stoked!! #losingweight So far its only been diet and lots of walks with friends (and 3 dates lol). So the reward to myself is a real vacation “”with an airplane and everything”” (some will get that). Can’t wait!! Promise to eat healthy there too of course.


Proud poppa of my lil Guizep! @j_mosch From #flash and #supergirl movies. Great tune wow. #singing #solos #createyourworld kid!!


First 5k-ish in 2 or 3 years. Felt good to be out in the sun. #droppingpoundsandinches 21.5 since March 1. Now I’ve been cleared to bike ride and mild exercise, should be better. Granted the first 20 wasn’t hard, lots of egg whites and hardly any bread and pasta. (Duuuuh). Hoping bike will kickstart the next loss!


Pulled the trigger last night. Lil’ Guissepes new car !! @j_mosch Mom and Dad are very happy for you! #gradgift #birthday and maybe #weddinggfit too LOL. ❤️🚗


Spent the morning washing and #waxingthecar ... And for what? Drizzling rain and what looks like a tornado hovering one county over! No way! And now I don’t have plans ‘til 6... Bright note= #lindablair is sooooo clean n shiny!


When you gotta go you gotta go! #gtfo #instafakes #nogoodreason


A BANNER day fishing.. yanked 15 a piece, easy in less than 4 hours!! Small but plentiful Bass n pickerel.. best “first boat day” in probably 3 years; let’s hope that’s a good sign of this season!! #bass #bassfishing #lmb #largemouth


Thank you.


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