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Best decision of 2018 so far (aside from Odie, of course): Booking a flight home for Monday instead of Sunday. 🏝 at Fort Myers Beach, Florida


my man❣️ at Fort Myers Beach, Florida


“Happy Monday!” - Odie 🐾 . . 📸: @lmdanielson aka Auntie Ninny at Spyhouse Coffee


When you get to your car on a Friday morning, headed for an appointment you’re really looking forward to, only to find you have a flat tire, you have a couple options. One: cry, swear and curse the day. Two: Make a @hausofojas matcha latte and enjoy extra puppy snuggles + getting some extra work done until AAA arrives. Today, I’m happy I chose the latter. . Happy Friday! May you take any unwelcome surprises this weekend + try to turn them into a little good... . P.S. Sometimes swearing and crying is just the option you need to take, so don’t deny yourself of that, either. 😉 at North Loop, Minneapolis


Today was one of those, “pinch me” days. One of those days that puts the best type of butterflies in your stomach and makes you feel so fulfilled. Working with a powerhouse all-female team to shoot and style the @karenmorrismillinery 2018 Spring Collection, led by the incredible @lauraraephotography was just 🤩😍 . One of my favorite things to do is connect amazing people to one another to make greatness happen. Today, I got to do that and just sit back and watch art form before my eyes. How lucky am I?! Kudos to the team that brought this all together! Can’t wait to share more. . . . #karenmorrismillinery #kmhats #thewhiteroom #spring2018fashion #mnfashionweek #mnfashion #bestofnempls #womeninspiringwomen #internationalwomensday #girlboss #ladyboss at FiskCollab


“To try to be like another is to shrivel our soul. We have come to this planet to express who we are.” - Louise Hay 💥


Today was my first day officing out of my new female-only workspace, @thecovenmpls + it was as idyllic as I imagined it would be! . What wasn’t idyllic was the comments made by trolls on the @startribune article about this workspace (link in my profile). Comments degrading the idea of smart women coming together in a space where they feel comfortable. Comments like, “Men are better off without women like those around.” Comments that insinuate this workspace should face legal action for being female-only. Are you effing kidding me?! . Reading these comments was a reality check in my otherwise sunshiney day that there are a lot of people here in our own state who really just STILL don’t get it. I am now even more invigorated to promote this space + the good happening in it. I am here to support my the women + men in my life who want to connect and build each other up in a world where there are many who get their jollies from knocking others down behind the security of a screen. . Keep hustling, keep treating each other well, keep shining. And let me know if you want to be my guest one day in this amazing space! 👊🏼🔮💥 at The Coven


Winter wonderland brought to you by Hayward, WI + some badass cross country skiiers ❄️🎿 at American Birkebeiner Trail


It’s been a few weeks since our fair city was on display for the world to see. And while I sure loved watching it shine so bright, I’m happy to have our Twin Cities back to their understatedly amazing selves. . As I’ve grown my business over the past four months, I’ve met some truly incredible Minnesota business owners + it’s made me fall in love with my home state even more. It’s filled with bold people pursuing their dreams and being aggressive towards their goals but not towards each other. . I wear my @askovfinlayson NORTH gear proudly knowing this chilly home is the perfect place for me (though I would take a winter condo in Kauai, just for a month or two... 😉) . . . #boldnorth #keepthenorthcold #askovfinlayson #north #bestofmpls #bestofmn #minnesota #onlyinmn #minnesotalove #minneapolis #stpaul #twincities at Minneapolis, Minnesota


There are few things that I enjoy more than a long, leisurely meal with my love at restaurants that surpass already high expectations. This place is constantly at the top of the list. It’s like they keep special light just for this room! Brunch today was truly a treat. 🥂☕️🍳🍰 at Spoon and Stable


My forever Valentine. ❣️✨ . 📸: @mattlien


My plans for the remainder of February. ❣️ at Minneapolis, Minnesota


Introducing Odie Ayotte, the newest and cutest member of our family. Posing on the rug he peed on just a few moments earlier. But really, who could stay mad at that face? 🐶❣️ . Thank you to @cocosheartdogrescue + all their volunteers and foster parents. If you’re looking to adopt a pup, this is the organization to work with! at Coco's Heart Dog Rescue


The afternoon light in this place today was 👌🏼 . A long, fun weekend of Northern celebrations made for a groggy Monday morning, but after a great workout with @bodiesbyburgoon to make me feel strong as hell + a lovely meeting with @karenmorrismillinery + a quiet moment in this cozy corner, I’m finally feeling ready for the week ahead and excited to help my clients accomplish amazing things! . . . #minneapolis #boldnorth #northerncoffeeworks #matchalatte #mondayinspiration #mondaze #entrepreneur #womeninbusiness #prlife at Northern Coffeeworks


I may not be cool enough for the VIP parties, but I had the most fun exploring my city in its prime. So proud to be a Northerner... can’t deny I would have loved a selfie with @justintimberlake or a slice at Young Johnny with @stoolpresidente though. ❄️ . . . #boldnorth #keepthenorthcold #minneapolis #minneapolissuperbowl2018 #icebar #martinpatrick3 #askovfinlayson at Minnesota Super Bowl 2018


As sad as I am the @vikings aren’t playing next weekend, it was fun to walk around my city today and see it in the eyes of a tourist. This beautiful, cozy corner of one of my old favorite spots, in particular, caught my eye. . . . #SBLII #minneapolis #twincities #boldnorth #thelocal #keepthenorthcold #superbowl #onlyinmn at The Local


Sister Saturdays! 🍻 at Lyn-Lake, Minneapolis


Good morning, team! Just here to give you a friendly reminder to be unapologetically YOU today . Be proud of your accomplishments instead of focusing on what you don’t get done. Support others + look at them with compassion instead of envy or judgement. One of the women I’m excited to support tonight is @minnyspoons and her Kickstarter launch @tatterstall! 🙌🏻 . If you’re running late, take a deep breath. If you’re early, enjoy a quiet moment of relaxation. Have a great day! 👏🏼 . 📸: the lovely @rachabellaphotography

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