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Have you ever wanted to remove defects safely and save time polishing and waxing? If so, Meguiar's MT300 Dual Action Polisher is the right tool for you. It is a professional grade machine designed for all skill levels that allows you to remove light to moderate below surface defects, apply polishes, and apply wax protection quickly and easily. No matter if you're a professional detailer or enthusiast, the MT300 will help to perfect the appearance of the car you are working on while being safe and effective. #meguiars #detailersofinstagram #detailing at California


We're excited to say that Meguiar's 3" DA Microfiber Discs are back! Meguiar's DMC3 - 3" DA Microfiber Cutting Discs are designed to cut through moderate surface defects without swirling, while the DMF3 - 3" DA Microfiber Finishing Discs are designed to further refine the surface to a high gloss finish. Both are ideal for tight, hard-to-reach areas and spot repair, and are optimized for use with DA Microfiber Correction Compound - D300 and DA Microfiber Finishing Wax - D301 to quickly deliver the best possible swirl-free results. Discs attatch perfectly to your DA Polisher with Meguiar's 3" DA Backing Plate - DBP3. Also, for a cost effective solution these discs are now available in 12 packs DMC3B (12 pack 3" DA Microfiber Cutting Disc) and DMF3B (12 Pack 3" DA Microfiber Finishing Disc). #MadeByMeguiars #dmc3 #dmf3 #Meguiars #reflectyourpassion


When there's downtime time and orange peel is an issue 👌🏼✨. Thanks @christ_foreman for the photo! #PhotoOfTheWeek #m105 #rotary #Meguiars


We attended the Hershey Region AACA Fall Meet 2017 last weekend! The 63rd annual Antique Automobile Swap Meet saw over 9,000 vendors, 1,300 display cars, and over 1,000 cars for sale. Follow our events tab on Facebook to see where we'll be next! #meguiars at Hershey, Pennsylvania


Have you ever had the need for an effective one-step to save on time but didn’t want to sacrifice the ability to properly remove paint defects? With Meguiar’s D166 Ultra Polishing Wax you can get considerable defect removal and durable protection in one easy step. Formulated with advanced SMAT (Super-Micro Abrasive Technology) to provide a cut that will quickly and consistently remove a variety of below surface defects including swirls, light to moderate oxidation, light scratches, water spots, stains and more. With a blend of synthetic polymers, silicones, and carnauba wax you'll end up with lasting durable protection that’s easy on and easy off. Meguiar’s most advanced one-step solution will ultimately save you time and money while delivering brilliant results. #Meguiars #D166 #MadeByMeguiars


1972 Dodge Dart 50/50 with the Meguiar's M100 ✨ 📷: @bethovolkmann #photooftheweek #meguiars #reflectyourpassion


With Meguiar's MT300 Dual Action Polisher, thin foam discs, and premium products you can quickly and effectively remove light to moderate defects in paint without having to rely on the aggressiveness of a Rotary Buffer. This professional grade polisher will give you the ability to remove light to moderate defects and refine it to a flawless, swirl-free finish revealing maximum depth of shine. It doesn't matter if you are a professional or enthusiast, anyone can obtain pro grade results both quickly and safely with this combination. #meguiars #detailersofinstagram at California


Meguiar's has been supporting professional body shops and detailers with premium automotive products for decades now. Whether you need a one-step product for the paint, pads for your DA Polisher, interior cleaners, or something for your wheels or tires, Meguiar's is ready with the right professional products to meet your specific needs and provide you with amazing results quickly and easily. #Meguiars #reflectyourpassion


Oldie but goodie! Our #7 Show Car Glaze is a classic but still proves to this day its worth in gloss and shine! 📷: @ecoboostnotion2.3 #Meguiars #showcarglaze #photooftheweek #reflectyourpassion


With many different types of materials and surfaces on the interior of your car, and so many different products in the market, how do you select the right interior product? Begin by identifying the surface you are working with and use a product made specifically for that surface. Then, determine how much cleaning is needed and how much shine you want. Whether you are working on carpet and upholstery, rubber, plastic and vinyl, or leather Meguiar's has a premium interior product to deliver the results you want and make your interior look and feel both fresh and clean. #meguiars at California


@hooniversejeff's Benz cleaned up pretty well with our new D166 used with the DMC5 MF cutting disc for the initial cut. And again with our DFP5 foam polishing disc to smooth out the finish. The goal was a quick easy product to use to extract the best finish with the amount of time we could spare 👍 #d166 #dmc5 #dfp5 #reflectyourpassion #Meguiars


Cleaning up the aged oxidized paint on this 70's Benz with our guest @hooniversejeff. Can't wait to see result with this German classic 👍 #Meguiars #hooniverse #hoonigan #reflectyourpassion

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