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Mama. Master Instructor & Director of Instructor Development @ SoulCycle. Seeker of Light. Hugger. #ordained. NYC. Boss. I am Now. Similar users See full size profile picture

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all three kids IN IT today. Aiden focused and determined for the SAT. Jude focused and fierce for his football game. And Emma focused and composed, digging deep to come back and win in the 5th set after being down 0 games to 2. #proudmama #stayinitbabies #youareperfect


today is a day to remember. kick off of our instructor Legend Retreat. what an honor to sit with these two incredible humans and talk about life, fitness, healing, and how to be a powerful and authentic teacher. thank you @bobharper for your honesty, your vulnerability, and your smile!!! #daddy. and always, @theobird, thank you for all you do for our instructors and our community and for bringing bob here to chat!! #lifeisgood #instructorlife #embracethefear #hotyogaguru #tellyourstory #legendretreat #allthehashtags #mamamel at SoulCycle HQ


so... SoulCycle is my team! today and everyday, I am.... grateful, inspired, alive... SoulCycle has always been so much more than the physical. #mind.body.cardio #teamSoulCycle #mamamel


time is now. speak up. doesn’t have to be curated. do you. Instagram rookie. no need to over think. #iwenttoinstagramschool #hashtag #rookie #highpotential #iamready #selfievideosarepopular at Instagram New York


there is something about the ocean. feels like freedom. happy 4th. #befree #doyou #lovewins #beachvibes #heartshapedrocks @soulcycle at SoulCycle


I walked into SoulCycle in 2006... a corporate lawyer on a permanent leave... mama to 3 vibrant little ones. there were so many reasons I got hooked. from the first song. chasing cars... I found release. I found movement. I found a community. and along the way, I found myself. I am proud to be the first rider that became an instructor. I am proud of the role I have as #mamamel to the incredible 300+ instructors across the land. I am humbled to know my role in the life story of riders. I am grateful always to SoulCycle. to everyone who works in the studios, on the podium, in HQ, at the boardroom... we always have been and always will be stronger together. happy 12th birthday!! #firstinstructorphoto #strongertogether #mamamel #12ismyluckynumber #judemmaiden #iamnow #master #snowpatrol #allthehastags


a month ago I was asked to be part of series of interviews for nbc online. for their vertical “better”. and it went live today. it’s so wild... this journey of life. in class this morning... the words that came to me at the end were about receiving love and seeking our own beauty, not our beauty marks. the challenge was to think about something you love about yourself... not always an easy practice. the noise of what’s not quite right can be loud... and it takes practice to connect to our own light. and of course, as it goes with the universe... time to walk my talk... the nbc video came out today. not easy to watch yourself on film. but I’m just talking about life and SoulCycle and authenticity and community. and I’m proud. #meanit #selflove #truth+love=freedom #authentic #mamaMel #strongertogether #thanksforhelpingmewithinstagramshelby. LINK IN BIO at SoulCycle HQ


her name is morag. born in glasgow, scotland. she was and is and forever will be my mom. her accent and her way were gentle. soft spoken. she had the quiet kind of strength. highly intelligent. my brother and i were so lucky to have a mama like her. and our kids, a granny like her. i wish she were alive to see us all continue to grow. perhaps it was the times, circumstance, or a myriad other reasons - but she was rarely in the spotlight. never embarked on a career. my father travelled the world as a concert pianist and she was a woman whose dream was to see the world. she found ways to have impact. in her community. in her family. she went back to school as a mother of two young children - community college to smith to columbia for a masters degree. she loved unconditionally. she cooked like a trained chef. she wore issay miyake clothes. she loved to laugh. and to dance. and to be near the ocean. she was curious. interested. patient. she had a way about her. we talked on the phone every day. she loved nyc. she had an adventurous spirit. it’s been 5 years since she died. and i think about her every day. ask myself what she would think, or say. sometimes it was the things unsaid. that look of love in her eyes. she had faith in life beyond the body. a higher sense of self. today i listened to the last voicemail message she left me. something i couldn’t do before. she said i could call her back if i wanted. part 2 “do you know how incredible you are”... #mama’sgirl #moragislikesarahinscotland #granny #alliswell #shewouldbeproud #imissyou


hi. this is sean. he is so many things. a soulcycle instructor extraordinaire. a friend. kind. the best listener i know. loving. efficient. authentic. i am so ready for the weekend. and as i take a deep breath. my spirit wants to acknowledge and celebrate and say thank you for being you... i have the tremendous honor of working side by side with so many insanely incredible humans.. the best of the best. and as i begin my series of “do you know how incredible you are” ... i had to start here. sean. thank you. you are one of the good ones. #sue’sfiance #myfriend #leader #human #soulpeoplearethebestpeople #gratitudecampaign2017


boast: talk with excessive pride... there is nothing that i like more than celebrating the accomplishments of others. bursting with pride for all my babies - the three i birthed and all the rest who captured my mama heart. congratulations to Group 26 of SoulCycle instructor training... to my daughter for being named to the UAA All League First Team; to Aiden for his graceful recovery from a broken collar bone and his giant heart; to Jude for digging deep to find his ground at a new high school and a stellar year on the football field.... and to the hundreds of SoulCycle instructors who show up over and over to represent our brand and to guide countless riders on their Soul journeys. #proudmama #mamaMel #doYOU #boast #inspirationiseverywhere #soulcycle #iamnow


Emma began her college volleyball career with an open heart and her natural grit and determination. Her coaches and teammates are exceptional and welcomed her in. As a team, they had a dream to make it to the NCAA tournament.... and they DID! What a season it has been! Emma’s spirit is contagious on and off the court. Congratulations, baby girl! You are spectacular! #proudmama #repeatathleteoftheweek #gomaroons #uchicago #uaa #vbmom #♥️🏐♥️


Halloween. Album covers.


my daughter. emma. in all the ways, she inspires me... she is humble, brilliant, kind, human, alive... i am the lucky one to be her mama. #iwasborntobeyourmama #contagiouslove #iwillshare #♥️


gratitude countdown... here’s what I know on a Friday... life is hard. and beautiful, unpredictable, vibrant, connected, challenging, joyful... and worth it. I am grateful to be surrounded by so many incredible people, whose stories and hearts fill me up. #grateful #tgif #8daystiliseeEMMA #soulcycleinstructor #soulcycle #daretobare #strongertogether #iamnow #mamaMel


SoulCycle Legend retreat day 1. and already I am so inspired, grateful, humble, calm, excited, proud... Thank you @soulcycle @abbywambach @alicramer @melanieanya and the spectacular instructors who are here to unwind, recharge, connect... #soullegend2017 #neverrush #neverwait #1restorativeposeaday #eyecontact #ownyourspace #dontbetemptedbytheeasybutton #truth&beauty #talkaboutthehardstuff #rituals #gratitude #getdirty #superhero2superhuman #familyphoto #emojis #☠️🔥 at SoulCycle HQ


it hurts because there is so much love... UChicago '21 🏐 #emma♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ at The University of Chicago


We're building an actual love wall. Whether you need love or have love spare, come be a part of it. Tonight. 6:30pm SoulCycle 92nd street ❤️💛💚💙💜💕🖤💘 #lovewall #soulcycle


this girl. 199 weeks. my ride or die. #melanielovesbecca

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