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Happy Friday Friends! NPC Nationals is upon us here in Miami this weekend, And of course I had to stop and get a picture with these Cool Kats...Wait that’s me! 🤪 If your here at Nationals Please take a picture with our cut out and tag me in it! ⚡️ December 15th NPC Holiday classic in Fort Lauderdale at the Westin hotel on the beach, Don’t miss the last show of the year and of course my infamous after party on the beach strip.. We have An Olympia judging panel for our competitors and a host of the top sponsors in our expo hall, Come and show that CHRISTmas cheer with us and support the amazing athletes gracing our stage. Happy weekend everyone, GOD Bless and stay Grateful 🙏🏻 @goldenlionproductions @npcnewsonlineofficialpage @npcfloridaofficalpage @coremedhrt @bevsgym @hulkhogan #npc #nationals #miami #bikinimodel #npcbikini #npcphysique #npcnationals #miamibeach #npcmiami #bodybuilding #npcbodybuilding #competition #fitness #positivevibes #ifbb #family #grateful at Miami, Florida


Hey Guys, Happy Thursday! I want to talk about getting your blood work done & why it’s so important! At Core Medical Group we suggest getting your blood work done every 12-months (sometimes sooner)but with their robust blood testing they pull an 18-22 panel test! 🔦Evaluate every hormone in your body plus address additional biomarkers that need to be restored to balance your hormone levels. 🔋 Lots of times the way we are “feeling” is a direct result from a hormonal imbalance. Do you feel tired all the time, have little to no drive, possibly low libido, or the inability to lose weight?! Do you feel sluggish & need a coffee everyday at 3pm? ☕️😴 I felt the exact same way & knew a standard 2-4 panel blood test from my primary doc just wasn’t enough! Stop letting your hormones control your entire day, give me a call, send me a DM & we can talk about getting you started with blood work. Also guys, @coremedhrt TREAT PATIENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY, not just in Florida but every state! 📲866-641-CORE 💻 #coremedicalgrp #HRT #TRT #getresults #seeresults #hormones #hormoneimbalance #hormonetherapy #noexcuses #teamnoexcuses #thursday #wellness #getright #fitness


Hey Friends, Happy Wednesday! You maybe wondering what the GAC, right?!!🤪🤪 How can an injection help me lose weight, retain muscle, feel Energized and restore your health? Here’s how👇 👉GAC is an amino injection containing three popular aminos in the fitness industry. 💉GAC (Glutamine-Arginine-Carnitine) is a performance blend supplement that will help with muscle building (Glutamine) 💦 Fat loss (Carnitine) and 💪 muscle pump (Arginine). I also notice while using this blend a highly increase in energy⚡️ Using amino acids supplements can make a real impact to your diet and exercise program. Send me a DM if you have any questions on the injectable therapies we offer Or how to get started today with @coremedhrt ⚡️Core Medical helping you to feel great again!! 💪🏼


The struggle that comes from deep within, The battle the rages deep in the soul, Just as I arm my outward self with muscle, I arm my soul with the best protector JESUS CHRIST, The battle is 4 real friends, Do not get caught unprepared, “Whoever fights with monsters should see to it that he does not become a monster in the process, And when you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you” Happy Tuesday friends, GOD Bless🙏🏻 ⚡️Warriors @therock @hulkhogan @jaycutler @frank_sepe @bevsgym @flex_lewis @lee_haney_official @leelabrada @anthony_rumble @coremedhrt @thebranchwarren @realworld_tactical @steventroglio @guydelcorsonpc #warriors #warriorspirit #armor #abyss #monsters #fight #motivation #therock #hulkhogan #ifbb #npc at John 3:16


Alright friends, December 15th on the Sunny beach of Fort Lauderdale, The NPC Holiday classic at the Westin beach resort. The last show of 2018 and definitely the best holiday party. A complete IFBB Olympia judging panel headed by Steve Weinberger and Tyler Manion. And of course my annual after party on the strip of the beach 🏖 Come ring in CHRISTmas with our amazing athletes,staff and our special guests, You never know who’s showing up at one of my shows 😎 December 15th, Fort Lauderdale Beach 🏝 for tickets, hotel info, athlete registration go to A great way to have some fun in the sun ☀️ @goldenlionproductions @minimelly1 @bevsgym @t_manion @tgflex @joe_pishkula @natalieplanes @npcfloridaofficialpage @npcnewsonlineofficialpage at John 3:16


🇺🇸Happy Veterans Day! We honor those who have served, with a salute-worthy special. 👉Complimentary Blood and Lab Results for Free & Total Testosterone for ALL veterans & active military. 📆November 11-17th 🌎Available in all 50 states ⚡️FREE Testosterone Blood Work & Results ☎️866-641-CORE or send me a DM to sign up 🇺🇸Mention CODE: VINNYROC at Tampa, Florida


Happy Birthday in HEAVEN to a True Brother, a mans man, A true gentleman to all, Those of us that had the blessing of knowing Mike, Well he made this world a better place with his laughter, his love and his humongous heart,, Mike passed away in 2014 and truly a piece of my heart left with him, I love you Michael and have no doubt our LORD is happy to have you Home, My selfishness just wishes you were here still with me, Your legacy lives on and I still have so many great conversations with the warriors you battled with and became brothers with on that stage and in that gym, We will never forget the life you shared with us! 🙏🏻❤️ @npcnewsonlineofficialpage #matarazzo #ifbb #npc #brothers #grateful #blessing #gentleman #legend #legacy #jesus at John 3:16


Hey Friends 🙌🏼 Happy Thursday! I wanted to share this because I am so grateful for my brothers in this pic. First, I want to acknowledge my business partners @sjgcore and @erikcoleman My partner Sidney brought us all together @coremedhrt 🙏🏻 I want to wish him good luck tomorrow on the @vinnyroc @vincent.rocco.vargas podcast📲 be sure to check it out on iTunes, Secondly, I want to congratulate my brother @erikcoleman on being selected for the Man of the Year award by the King of Kings in Brooklyn, NY. So proud of you Boyz, Your both doing BIG things and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this group. ⚡️A huge shout out to a cool cat that I had a fun few days with and enjoy watching him in his role on Mayans MC Rocco. I have some special things coming up next week for Veterans Day and you will be able to finally piece together my last few posts. I can’t wait to share the final @militaryveteranproject documentary with you all, 🎬🇺🇸 ⚡️And Last but never Least a Special thanks to my brother JT @steel_knuckle_customs for your amazing hospitality, letting me sit on one bad chopper which you almost got me to ride, and that’s saying something cause I haven’t rode since 2004’ And for jarring my memory of the ole days, Oh ya and I can’t forget the amazing donuts and coffee you had on your RV, 🤪 you guys all are amazing, Much Love to you all and GOD Bless 🙏🏻 Enjoy your day all my friends!!! at Boynton Beach, Florida


Happy 7 year wedding anniversary to my heart and soul, My Anchor, The lady who holds it all down for us and allows me to be me, Let’s face it 9 years total with me is literally like a hundred 🤪 To say I’m a handful is an understatement, Set in my ways I am 4 sure, And Melissa gets it and puts it all together and runs this family with the most caring heart, She goes above and beyond to make sure everyone she comes into contact with is made to feel welcomed around us, Her inner beauty far surpasses the outward, and to me that’s everything!! The LORD truly truly Blessed me with this gift 💝 Thank you little Mel 4 the love you give us all, I love you -4- Eva Baby, Happy 7 years of marriage my love ❤️ The world is a much brighter place with your soul in it!!! 🙏🏻 @minimelly1 @deechancey13 @driversideautowerks #blessed #marriage #bestfriend #wife #family #anniversary at John 3:16


Happy Thursday, Friends and Happy 1st day of November!😱We are just 60-days away from 2019! So, if you’re like most people you started the year with some hefty goals and plans but, you have laid off the gas recently, does this sound familiar? 📉 I wanted to give you guys some advice for when you (inevitably) fail on some of your goals.1️⃣Pace yourself. Getting discouraged is easy but, how you stay focused and not get derailed is key.2️⃣Stop paying attention to the negative and focus on the positive. Pay attention to all the things you actually achieved this year.3️⃣You still have time! Its the 4th quarter so try to crush just one last goal for the year.4️⃣Set realistic goals. ・ ・ ・ ⚡️Try breaking down lofty goals into manageable, doable steps and make goals for each month instead. You’ll feel like you’ve achieved much more, and next November you won’t have to worry about how much you can get done in sixty days!⚡️ ・ COMMENT YOUR REMAINING 2018 GOALS THAT YOU NEED HELP TAKING TO THE FINISH LINE! 👇👇👇👇 #grateful #strong #newfollowers #likes #2018goals #goalgetter #goalgetter2018 #goals #family #positivevibes #ifbb #HRT #hormones #health #gym #workouts #attitude #friends at Core Medical Group


A Huge Thank you to all these amazing athletes that graced this stage, You all made the 3rd annual Mel Chancey Champion Coast Classic very special. Thank you to our amazing staff who never fall short on making the process so easy for our competitors, Surround yourself with a team that’s positive and watch how contagious it is!!! Happy Monday Friends, GOD Bless 🙏🏻 @tgflex @gardner.tortuga @minimelly1 @coremedhrt @npcnewsonlineofficialpage #npc #ifbb #family #strong #positivevibes #blessed #faith #john316 #humble #grateful at John 3:16


Happy Thursday, Friends! I wanted to share a little inspiration & helpful tip before the big weekend. I know many of you have been preparing for the 3rd Annual Mel Chancey Champion Coast Classic show for months. You have been endlessly working out, meal prepping, training & attending posing practice but, if I could give you one extra piece of advice going into the weekend it would be to smile, relax, take a deep breathe & most importantly have fun! Be sure to #tag me in ALL your pics, updates & stories! “We must suffer one of two things; the pain of discipline or the pain of regret” now let’s make it a GREAT weekend. Safe travels, GOD Bless & I will see you soon 🙏🏻✈️🚗👙💪☀️ #NPC #melchancey #melchanceypro #bikinimodel #family #npcfigure #npcphysique #npcbikinicompetitor #npcbodybuilding #physiquecompetitor #arnoldclassic #timgardnerproductions #timgardner #grateful #tampa #florida #npcshow at Tampa, Florida

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