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at Copenhagen, Denmark


Attempting something new and exciting as opposed to the comfort of the ever so moody darkness. So. As previously announced, #hokkaidosoup with #mascarpone and #scallops. Decorated with #nasturtiums. Served with #ryechips. Enjoyed by all! 😘 • Hokkaidosuppe med mascarpone og kammuslinger, pebret pynt og rugchips fra #Lagkagehuset! ❤️ at Copenhagen, Denmark


Eating Autumn! 🍂 I can't wait to show you the tasty #pumpkin pleasure that is #hokkaidosoup! 😘 • Smag på årstiden og tag et græskar med hjem, for så er der snart hokkaidosuppe på bloggen! ❤️ at Copenhagen, Denmark


Appreciation for the tasty detail and perfect #naturallight... Good night, dearies! 😘 • Påskønnelse af den velsmagende detalje og perfekt naturligt lys...❤️ Godnat, venner!


The remains of the spiced #applebutter and #caramel #muffins... • Nu hvor I har bagt muffins, så har I vel også en til mig? 😘 at Copenhagen, Denmark


Yesterday I went for a walk in the woods accompanied by baby Ask. Attempting to check my social media I realised there was no reception. So there I was. Enjoying the woods. The silence, the air, the warm light of the Sun, savouring it for cold and darker times soon to come. The woods. What a wonder for beautiful baby eyes. Sometimes Ask is a little shit, refusing to sleep, but not now and as he yawned I smiled and treated myself to a #muffin. It tasted like peace of mind, spiced #applebutter and #caramel. I enjoyed that moment...❤️ • Hvis I har æbler, tid og tålmod så har jeg smagen af et nydeligt øjeblik ventende på bloggen...😘 at Copenhagen, Denmark


Ever tried #applebutter? #Fruity, #spicy and mandatory this time of year. Takes forever to make though. Time and patience is required. I don't have time. Or patience. But I love it. It's good on any and everything. Try it for yourself...❤️ • Æblesmør. Frugtig, krydret kærlighed i hermetisk emballage. Jeg elsker det! 😍 at Copenhagen, Denmark


I'm bored of box life now. Sometimes I feel like my creativity is stored somewhere in a box too along with all my shit. Shit that I miss. Shit that makes a home. Thanks to a loving mother and father my familiy and I have a place to live and for that I'm forever grateful. The construction of the house is problematic and takes time, thanks to people whose professionalism is stored who knows where... I'm currently living of the joy and anticipation of a new house soon to be a home. I can't wait. at Copenhagen, Denmark


So, it's not exactly snowing yet, but the Danish weather is in a charming mood this time of year and spice #cake with fresh #pears and a shameful amount of butter is perfect just now! ❤️ • Det charmerende, danske vejr på denne årstid skal krydres med kagekærlighed! Det er her det sner! 🌨 På bloggen altså... at Copenhagen, Denmark


Honestly, how difficult can it be to poach the perfect egg? I obviously can't show you all my shitty attemtps. #Instagram you're killing me. • At pochere det perfekte æg. Selv når æggene er økologiske, frie fugleæg direkte fra hønserøven, er det som om, at det aldrig bliver så #IG venligt...😓 at Copenhagen, Denmark


Am I crazy or is there a certain beauty in the remains of an ordinary #tomatosoup? I love it when beauty just happens by accident and not because of a hysterical pursuit of perfection... • Er jeg tosset eller er der en vis skønhed i den her tomatsuppe? 😘 at Copenhagen, Denmark


So, I decided to go to town for fresh #tomatoes, for a tasty #soup with #chili and #herbs and enjoy it with a poached egg in the gloomy weather. That was a good decision...❤️ • For nylig var jeg en tur i @torvehallernekbh og smage på friske tomater til en appetitlig suppe med chili og urter. Spiste den med et pocheret æg i møgvejret... Det var ikke dumt. at Copenhagen, Denmark


All the tasty pleasures of this time of year combined as the perfect treat in time for fresh #figs! Kissed by mint... Loving it! ❤️ • Perfekt nu hvor fignerne er friske! Al årstidens velsmag af nødder og bær og et myntekys... Jeg elsker det! 😍 at Copenhagen, Denmark


Homemade buns and shitty weather is just the defintion of a cozy time! As a Dane I'm obliged to "hygge..." ❤️ I don't mind. I hope you're loving your Sunday! 😘 • Hjemmebagte boller og møgvejr er jo skide hyggeligt! Hav en elskelig søndag! ❤️


So, this resembles something from #americanhorrorstory but really it's not that psychotic... It's just the macabre reality of #elderberry cordial. Always so dramatic. • Man må vel svine sig til for velsmagen... Farvel og tak til blomsterne, nu er det tid til hyldebærsaft! 😍 at Copenhagen, Denmark


So, as mentioned at its anticipated release, the #parfait suffered a sudden case of separation anxiety. Or was is the molds? A void was finally filled? Or was is me? All excitement and not enough patience? Well, I can respect that. However, with patience and convincing charm, even anxious #parfait will farewell the comfort of its molds... Now, if you can't be bothered to sweet talk the treats, just freeze it all in a single mold. Not as pretty, but just as tasty! 😘 • Nå. Med kærlighed og god tid vil selv #parfait med seperationsangst fri af formene. Så hvis I kan vente med at befri parfaiten til den faktisk er klar, så venter den på dig på bloggen! ❤️ Hvis du ikke orker at charme lækkerierne, så frys skidtet i én form. Stadig appetitligt om end ikke så dekorativt. at Copenhagen, Denmark


Who guessed it? Well, this #blueberry beauty is what flavours my #parfait. Can't wait to taste it! ❤️ • Det heldige bær i parfaiten er blåbær og den heldige kartoffel der smager er mig! 😍 at Copenhagen, Denmark


Berry #parfait excited to be #chocolate coated and decorated with #liquorice granules. Well, who wouldn't be... Guess who's the lucky berry? 😘 • Bærparfait der glæder sig til at blive dekoreret med chokolade og lakridsgranulat... Hvilken fornøjelse! ❤️ Hvem er mon det heldige bær? at Copenhagen, Denmark

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