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β€’ DJ & Producer from Amsterdam 🌱 β€’ A&R manager of In Trance We Trust 🀟🏻 β€’ Farewell Tour 2020 β€’ Final single β€˜The Sun’: See full size profile picture

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Last round at Sub Rosa today, sunshine, open air, In Search Of Sunrise set. Stream info on their Facebook page!


Hi guys, as you might know I've been in Australia for about two weeks now. Unfortunately the developments in Sydney with the government and venue in light of Covid-19 mean that we cannot go ahead with the event as originally planned. Such a huge bummer, but as a consolation we have something incredibly special for you: I will be playing my entire Menno Solo - Farewell Tour set from a breathtaking location, as a LIVE VIDEO BROADCAST, made possible by the clubbers of Sydney. Several of them have kindly offered not to ask for a ticket refund so that we can cover the costs of the new venue, broadcast facilities, DJ gear, travel, accommodation costs, marketing and more. We can't thank them enough for supporting the Trance scene, promoter and myself in these difficult times.β € β € The broadcast will be THIS FRIDAY from 5pm - 11pm Sydney time / 7:00-13:00 CET / 11pm - 5am PST. Link: β € This weekend's show in Brisbane will go ahead with reduced capacity over two days. With what's going on right now around the world these might be my last performances for a while. Hence, if you would like to support this broadcast and myself, please consider buying a ticket for the live broadcast show here:, or Brisbane through my website.β € β € Thank you and I hope you enjoy the set, from wherever you are πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’•


Hard to imagine this tiny bugger became so tall, but it all started on this day many moons ago πŸŽ‚ (vegan cake). Thank you for all the Happy Birthday wishes! πŸ™πŸ»


Hello Australia, I'm excited to say I have been here for a few days now, and am in perfect health. Been enjoying a lot of time on the water, it's been stunning and I'm looking forward to all the shows! Although I'm normally always available for a quick chat and photo, as a precaution I have not been taking selfies with people on this tour, and I will continue not doing so here. I sincerely hope you understand, if you would like a photo with me you can still stand in front of the DJ booth and I will smile from over the decks! In fact, it would be my pleasure. πŸ’•β € β € Hope you are ready for a night of the very best music from the past two decades. πŸ‘ŠπŸΌβ € β € xo


All good things come to an end.. These are my final tour dates in North America. See you one last time for a spectacular farewell πŸ™πŸ»


This track has been in the pipeline for so long now that the background story is nearly two years old, but I would like to share it with you regardless as it says a lot about how music comes to be, and how it relates to the topics that matter in our lives..β € β € I was in LA after playing two shows in the US that weekend, hanging out with my good friend Kristina Sky. Recently one of her friends, also a female DJ, had tragically taken her own life, and Kristina was asked to play at the memorial service being held at the club where this DJ was a resident. We talked a lot about her doing this and came to the conclusion that this was probably one of the hardest shows she would ever play - so emotionally charged and full of feelings that you would not usually find on a dance floor, let alone knowing that the husband and children this person left behind would be there too. Despite having enough on her own plate at the time she whole-heartedly decided to dive in and play the show.β € β € In the meantime I quietly developed an idea: that whilst she was doing this I would lock myself in the studio for the approximate four hours she was gone, and try to do something to help her in return to thank her for her selflessness, and support her as a woman in an industry that, let's be honest, is not very supportive of women most of the time. By the time she had returned a very simple chord progression and melody was born, that would form the basis of this very collaboration. I played it to her and told her how it came to be, and suggested we make it our follow up for 'Signals'.β € Needless to say she was enthusiastic! Once we had something tangible we decided to send it to one of our very favourite vocalists: Fiora. We can't thank her enough for working on the track with us and gracing it with her beautiful voice and lyrics.β € β € Do you here any of the above back in the track? Maybe not, or maybe you do. But here it is anyhow and we all hope you enjoy it and it touches your soul..β € β € xoβ € β € Listen to the full track here:


Want to dream back to the incredible edition of Menno Solo - On The Beach last summer ahead of 'The Finale' in September? The recording is now up on my Soundcloud page! βž‘οΈβ € β €


All set to kick off travel, feels a bit funny wearing a face mask but better to be on the safe side! Tour mode on, airport ninja go #farewelltour


Big news, my final original release will be out next week Friday, March 6th on Black Hole Recordings. It's a special one since I collaborated with my good friend Kristina Sky and the amazing Fiora. It's a blend between styles, a journey through melodies and lyrics, and I hope you'll enjoy listening as much as we did making it. πŸ’•β € β € Pre-save it now so you don't miss the release:


Had such a brilliant time in London this month.. Can’t wait to do the very last British Menno Solo there at @egglondonofficial on August 1st. See you there.. 🀘🏻


I've had some wonderful times playing for you over the last two decades, and it's only right I visit one more time for a proper goodbye. πŸ’ͺπŸΌβ € β € These are the currently confirmed dates for my farewell tour in Asia and Australia, other territories to be announced soon. See you one last time for a spectacular finale!β € β € Much love, Menno πŸ™πŸ»β € β € ➑️ Tickets & Info:


I can't wait to play my last Dutch festival at Mysteryland this summer, see you there! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ