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For the latest week of Men’s Health LIVE, we’re bringing you a week of workouts and at-home sessions, headlined by @michaeljameswong, @london_fitness_guy and @proudlock, @bradleysimmonds, @lukebaden and, as always, MH Fitness Editor @theandrew.tracey. Which sessions will you be tuning in for? Let us know below!


Even Becks has opted for the big chop during the coronavirus 'lockdown', having recently showcased his latest style to his Instagram followers. At the #linkinbio, we asked an expert barber for a five-step guide to giving yourself a #stayhome buzzcut. Neck tats optional.


In any workout, from running to a kitchen WOD, the hardest part is getting started. From there, it only gets easier (well, almost). How are you keeping fit at home? Let us know 👇.


Working out at home doesn't have to mean that your back sessions take a hit and, as @alexcrockford shows, there are four exercises that you can utilise with minimal kit. Be sure to slow the reps down, master the technique and use 'mind to muscle' connection to get the most out of every rep. A pump in your traps, rear delts, triceps and lats is a welcome bonus.


If you're on a mission to build your very own #IronParadise, then tap through to the #linkinbio, where you'll find our guide to the best fitness equipment, gym gear and more for your home workouts.


Our Fitness Editor @theandrew.tracey has the answer… What is grit? I’ve heard people scoff at the idea of developing mental toughness through training. Some argue that working out is a luxury and something we choose to do, so how can it? And when you compare a single Dad, grafting through a job he hates to pay the bills, with a gym-goer struggling to hit a 3-minute ‘Fran’, I can see their point. But that doesn’t mean you *can’t* build resilience through training. Years back I trained a man in the City; three, 0630am sessions per week. He had no real physical goals but he asked that the sessions be tough. Very tough. I told him that they would be measured and quantified and that they’d be as ‘tough’ as they needed to be to see improvements. He responded that he didn’t overly care about ‘improvements’. Instead, he wanted to walk away, into work and into meetings, knowing that nothing else in the subsequent eight hours would feel that awful; that he’d already been in the grinder and refused to give up. This, he said, gave him the mental fortitude to grit his teeth and push forward through tough decisions and heavy workloads. I cannot tell you how much I took away from that conversation. Are you lucky to be able to train? Yes. Does that mean you can’t derive any sort of ‘grit’ from the experience? I think not.


If you’re trying to reduce your supermarket trips, or can't find bread at the supermarket, why not whip up this 3-ingredient flatbread as an alternative. You will need: - 200g Spelt Flour (and extra for dusting) - 1/2 tsp fine sea salt - 2tbsp extra virgin olive oil. 1️⃣ Combine the flour and salt, together in a bowl. Add the oil, 5 tablespoons of water and mix together into a dough. Add a further 2 tablespoon, gradually until you get a smooth and soft dough. 2️⃣ Knead for 2 minutes to make sure everything is combined, before covering and setting aside for 15minutes. 3️⃣ Place a large non-stick frying pan over low-medium heat, add a flatbread and cook for about 1 minute on each side until just cooked through. 4️⃣ Remove to a plate and immediately cover with a clean tea towel. Repeat to cook the remaining bread. If you’re craving some kitchen inspiration, tune in to our live tonight with award-winning chef @ben.tish at 7pm.


Another week down, another week everyone pulling in the right direction. Stay safe, stay at home.


If you’re craving some kitchen inspiration, look no further. We’re going live with award-winning chef @ben.tish tomorrow at 7pm. Cook along with us if you can, or save the recipe for a later date. Each plate comes packed with more than 40g of protein – and flavour to spare.


Times are currently tough for all of us. As @jason_carl_fox says, it doesn't make you less of a man to open up about how you're feeling. It really is good to talk.


Last week, the world-famous Golden Arches closed its doors in a bid to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. If you're already missing the irresistible taste of the Big Mac, then listen up. We've spoken to Michelin-starred chef @marksargey10 to help create the next best thing. Or, dare we say it, something better...


Strange as it might sound, a video game helped this 39-year-old find the motivation he needed to lose 22kg. At the #linkinbio, we share the steps he used to get there.