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Inspired by delivering joy in the form of beautiful blooms • Based in Nashville • JESUS LOVER + People Hugger Similar users See full size profile picture

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When your client has a STUNNING home and she says “do your thing”...... #happyplace Thank you @gwen_gordon11 for inviting me to your party!!! 💚 Thank you @shedavis71 for making it possible!! #yourockbasilandbergamotANDtobeyallen


A dear friend asked for a memorial design for one of her clients this week...she was 52, married with 2 teenage girls. She happened to be on the way to Memphis for business and lost her life in an auto accident. | While waiting to deliver it, I saw the many grieving friends and family make their way in to offer the family their condolences. | It served as a powerful reminder that we are all one call away, one second away from a life-altering event. This could’ve been me....easily. | Every choice matters! Life is but a breath. Love and live intentionally!!! Thank you @tobey.anne and @basilandbergamot for these amazing blooms and greens!!!💚


Love finding new ways to use white hydrangea without those girls hogging the show!! HUGE thanks to @basilandbergamot for her amazing goods!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 AND @facenashville for graciously showcasing our pretties!! 💚 at FACE Nashville


A little moody mauve surprise for someone special!! Just LOVE this shade!! ✨ Thank you @tobey.anne for always sourcing the BEST product!!!💚


Repost: A hearty thank you to @nellamoon_ for this BEAUTIFUL capture and shoutout!! You’ve GOT to check out her amazing candles!! (...and thanks to @facenashville for the intro!!💚) at FACE Nashville


SUMMERTIME!!! Sunflowers transport me to my childhood...I distinctly remember sitting in the backseat of my parent’s little yellow Honda catching the sun just starting to set over a field of sunflowers and Johnson grass waving in the breeze...forever linking them to hot, lazy, golden summer days, with the likes of Earth, Wind and Fire playing in the background. Sweet memories!!🌻☀️🌾 • Thanks @facenashville for the beautiful stage!!💚 at FACE Nashville


A friend of mine shot me this photo in a text asking if this was my work. My first response was to laugh and say NOPE...I wish. But then I looked at it and it WAS!! THANK YOU @618ewing for using this beautiful image 📸by @mikaela_hamilton to promote your AWESOME space in the @nashvillelifestyles wedding edition!!! And a special thanks to @melissabroadwell for sharing it with me!!! Thanks @618ewing and @flavorcatering for ALWAYS sharing the love!!!💚 at Nashville, Tennessee


....I mean, seriously?!! Flowers that look like baby pineapples and little pink firecrackers?! A little summer explosion goin’ on here!! Thank you @restorationrose and @greendoorgourmet for sharing your summer bounty!!💥💚


A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege and honor of helping set up for ‘day of’ with @bigevents on this AMAZING wedding...just a teeny contribution in this menagerie of TOTAL MAGIC!!! ✨ #soimpressedwiththisteam #blownaway at Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum


Warning: PRECIOUS CARGO!!!! sudden one hit me!!! #mythoughtswitheachdelivery #stress 💆🏻‍♀️


I know that the poppy season is done for this year, but I can still daydream, can’t I?!!! ✨


Ok, so I was a little surprised at how totally intimidated I was to be on the stage of THE RYMAN! It’s not even like I was going to be singing (just setting up flowers for a dinner), but happened to look up after hauling my goods in and caught the sunlight streaming in from the old stained glass windows and was awestruck! Seriously, LEGENDS performed here! This was my moment to bask and savor. #nofilter #ohthestoriesthisplacecouldtell #LOVENashville at Ryman Auditorium


FINALLY, a nod to the AMAZING calligraphy workshop with @letterandknotco , @618ewing , @flavorcatering , @12thtable and @lelefainphoto . What a beautiful setup with beautiful souls to learn this stunning gift! Thank you friends, to ALL of you that continue to support this crazy floral dream....a heartfelt THANK YOU!! 💚🌿 #humbledtocallyoufriends #botanicalandclean at 618 Ewing


SO MUCH has happened in the last 7 days.....and I’ve COMPLETELY neglected my posts!! I have to go on the record to thank my new friend @letterandknotco for an AMAZING workshop with the most GIFTED partners for this fun event!!@618ewing , @flavorcatering , @12thtable , @lelefainphoto AMAZE me in every way!! More images on the way! Just had to give HUGE props to this crew!!💚 #sograteful at 618 Ewing


Guess what’s just TWO days away?!!! You’re not too late! Come on, you don’t want to miss out on this one!! A PHENOMENAL price for an AMAZINGLY gifted instructor @letterandknotco who will have a customized gift box for each participant (with all the cool tools) PLUS giveaways AND you walk away having had a FUN time with other creatives right here in Nashville at @618ewing !! We’ll enjoy a beautiful botanical setting with @mercy_thymeblooms and sophistication from @12thtable complete with wine and delicious snacks from @flavorcatering....and the amazing @lelefainphoto to capture it all!! COME ON!!! We can’t wait to meet you!!💚✍🏻🌿 at Nashville, Tennessee


at Nashville, Tennessee


June is RIGHT around the corner!!! You know you’ve ALWAYS wanted to learn this beautiful art of calligraphy. Now’s your chance to learn from one of the BEST right here in Nashville!! Plus, who doesn’t love time with other creatives surrounded by beauty and great wine!! • Come meet new friends and walk away with a beautiful new talent!!! (Plus we have some fun treats to send you home with!!) • Can’t WAIT to meet you!!! at 618 Ewing


SERIOUSLY, the PERFECT peony this year for me!!! Thank you @restorationrose for this wickedly magical bloom!!!! 👊🏼✨...and to @facenashville for providing the perfect home for this beaut!!!💚 #nofilterneeded at FACE Nashville

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