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This neega has 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 m’s in his bank account but won’t let me borrow $21


#Irvine California 8pm sold out tonight so I added a 1030pm show. Come fuck with me modasuckas


I don’t get it, they want me to hook up with their mom but don’t want me to fuck her. Not only will I fuck your mom but I will eat her ass.


Perfect Christmas present for a man that says my phone was dead lol Get 30% off by using my promo code "Blackson30" through December for @bezalelpower products. Link: https://bezalel.co/collections/shop #BEZALEL #wirelesscharger   #iPhone8 #iPhoneX   #galaxy #wirelesscharging #takecharge


Ok ya keep playing with me and imma fuck ya modas.


Imma let ya know right now if I get with ya mom imma treat ya like shit, you washing dishes and taking out the trash and if you hear me and your mom having sex leave out the fucking house till I’m done in 4-7 mins.


Still searching for my 40 yr old plus wife that don’t argue, have ya mom’s, aunties and granny’s to dm their pics


@ChiTown see ya New Year’s Eve weekend dec 30th & 31st tickets available at Ticketmaster


#WestSide beeches


@mkbjr_king said he wanted to freestyle for @snoopdogg I said son don’t embarrass me or he will smoke us like a blunt


My haters just clocked in #WhoDidThisShitToMe?


Me, my son and a neega that looks like he ate his son

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