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Seattle based photographer ✉️[email protected] 📍Seattle Aerial account: @mattiaerial † Love God, love others ⬇️ Olympic Peninsula Guide ⬇️

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Happy Birthday to my brother @joshmatti! 🎂🎉 Looking forward to our next adventure in a couple weeks! 🍂🍁🙌 #Oregon #PNW #PNWonderland at Oregon Coast


When we arrived at this lookout, we could barely even see it, let alone the mountains in the background. But then as the sun started to set, the clouds parted, and the whole view suddenly became visible. It was such perfect timing and a moment I won’t soon forget. at Mount Rainier National Park


A few days ago @alohacrabs battle with cancer came to an end. We went on a few adventures over the years and each one was a joy… his positive energy and kindness was always contagious. He was a part of the photo community here in Seattle, and will certainly be missed. You can read more about his story and life on his page/highlights but his last images and words were some of the most impactful I’ve ever come across on this app. The kind that stop your quick scrolling, double tapping fingers, and make you pause, reading and re-reading the words. You’re forced to think about life, and how fragile, uncertain, beautiful, and messy it all really is. You’re reminded of the importance of people and how you really don’t know what the future holds… so cherish the time you have now, and the people around you. As Vince wrote: “Live, take risks, go on adventures, capture those moments, and more importantly connect with people. I promise you, it’s worth it all.” at Washington


Sunset above the clouds with good friends... - This is from near the summit of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s such a unique spot to visit in that you can drive from near sea level to 14,000ft in less than 2 hours. Because of this quick change in elevation, you are required to stop at the visitor center at 9,200 for 30 minutes to adjust to the change. Even with that, we were all feeling the effects of the quick elevation change, or atleast we were all really out of breath… especially as I ran around trying to get photos of @ChelseaKauai looking all awesome and stuff on our jeep. - - …not a bad way to spend an evening. - #BigIsland #Hawaii at Mauna Kea


Since moving to Washington, no place has captivated me quite like the Olympic Peninsula. After more than a dozen trips there, I finally decided to put together a guide to the Olympic Peninsula, which I sent out to my mailing list earlier today. It’s not too late to get the guide though, simply sign up for the list (link in bio) and it will automatically arrive in your email inbox. Hopefully it helps you plan your own trip to the Olympic Peninsula. #OlympicPeninsula #Washington #PNW #PNWonderland at Olympic Peninsula


Places that feel like home 😊❤️ - - Bali and Indonesia in general is one of those places for me, a place I grew up in, and have visited many times. So I’m excited to be heading back to Bali at the end of next month for a few weeks and am starting my planning now. I’m hoping to get dive certified this time around and dive in that blue water. Anyone done a PADI course there? Happy to hear your recommendations for that or anything else! - #Bali #Indonesia at Bali, Indonesia


Glacier-fed rivers in Alaska ❤️ at Alaska


Every time I visit Alaska I realize more and more just how wild and vast it really is. I just got back to Seattle today but I’m already looking forward to returning to the Last Frontier. #Alaska #LastFrontier at Alaska


Quick roadside stop on yesterday’s drive here in Alaska. It’s definitely fall here, or atleast the beginning of it 🍂🍁 at Chickaloon, Alaska


Meet my friends @piper_and_eska 😊 We went on a grand adventure up here in Alaska today... more in my story. Every time I visit Alaska I’m so amazed by its wide landscapes and incredible beauty. Excited for the next couple days here! ☺️ #Alaska at Scenic Seward Highway


One of my favorite things to do year round is share a good meal outside with friends, especially when it involves grilling up some veggies, with the help of @Kingsford EcoLight. Made from corn and soybeans, @Kingsford EcoLight lights quickly and stays lit. Click the link in my bio for a deal on ibotta for Kingsford EcoLight.  #ad - *please check for any fire restrictions in your area before making any fires*


Sunrise over Glacier Peak, Washington’s 4th tallest mountain. 🏔 - Be kind today ❤️ at Washington

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