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Simplicity at Mono Lake. The first stop on our roadtrip and a perfect sunset to kick off the trip 😊 Also, I’m doing a Q&A on my story for the first time so feel free to pop over there and ask any questions you have ✌️ at Mono Lake


The incredible formations of Bryce Canyon 👌 Also, I have no idea who the person in this photo is but thanks for walking right in my frame… saved me from setting my camera on intervalometer mode and running down there myself 😄 at Bryce Canyon Sunset Point


I spent half of my southwest roadtrip exploring with good friends and the other half adventuring solo. I think that the more I travel, the more I find myself preferring traveling with others rather than by myself. I’ve definitely enjoyed some of the solo trips I’ve done, and the solitude that comes with that, but maybe I’ve just had enough solo travel for now, or have adequately “found myself” on trips. Or perhaps it’s just something about sharing an experience with another human that makes it more exciting for me…. having that shared memory… being able to reminisce about that moment together later on. And maybe this will change at some point, but for now I find myself looking forward to sharing moments rather than just experiencing them for myself. So what is it that makes you prefer solo travel or traveling with others over the other? at Zabriskie Point


It’s hard to describe what walking in one of these slot canyons is like. It’s just such a unique experience… wandering through the narrow and winding corridors… each turn revealing a new section of curving lines and vivid colors. @eddiebauer #LiveYourAdventure #EBContributor at Page, Arizona


Desert layers in the Southwest. 🌵🏜☀️ at Zabriskie Point


This spot is easily one of the most recognizable views in the Southwest. And while it has quickly grown in popularity in recent years, I still wanted to make the stop and see it again for myself. The grandeur of it certainly hasn’t changed, but perhaps the experience of viewing it has, as 25 or so other people lined the rim of it in anticipation of sunrise. Here, and at places like this, I find myself torn between wishing I had the experience/solitude of having the view/moment all to myself or instead just being happy that so many other humans are out in below freezing temperatures just to take in the beauty of a sunrise. at Horseshoe Bend


Heading further south on our roadtrip, we made our way through the deserts of California. It was my first time seeing sand dunes like this, something so different from the lush green forests of Washington. While I love those forests dearly, it’s nice to be in a completely different environment for awhile. If anything, it helps me see home with fresh eyes and a greater appreciation. @eddiebauer #LiveYourAdventure #EBContributor at California


I had seen friends post about this place before, I could easily recognize it in photos and could tell you the name of it, but I didn’t really know what it was like, as I hadn’t experienced it for myself yet… that was until this road trip I’m currently on. To really know this interesting landscape of textures and colors was to stand among it, watching the first light of the day hit the mountains in the distance first, working its way to the hills in front of me, and finally warming my face. While photos are great and can virtually transport us anywhere in an instant, there is something about the real thing, about being there in person and engaging the other senses, that just doesn’t transfer through the digital world. at Lone Pine, California


New perspectives of an old favorite. #SnoqulamieFalls #Washington at Snoqualmie Falls


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 😊🎄 I haven’t been on here much in the last week, mostly spending time with family, and of course going on a few snowy adventures, like this one up near Mount Baker. @eddiebauer #LiveYourAdventure #EBContributor at Artist Point


Are these in Washington or Iceland? 🏔❄️🚁


Perfect spot to spend the night 🏕☁️🌲 at Washington

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