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My running blade. My running shoes. That’s my freedom. To lose the feeling of flight for nearly half my life and gifted it back is beyond a dream. Join the journey to run again in a short film that’s linked in my bio and IGTV. Between the featherweight carbon prosthetic to nearly weightless @hokaoneone shoes, I truly feel like I can fly.


When the largest known great white in the world visits your friend in Hawai’i. This is the legend @oceanramsey photographed by her love @juansharks yesterday. Just pure magic. ✨ And purely divine.


We all have scars. That’s to be alive. 👊


A chaotic sea. Restless. This is nature’s mixing vat at the edge of the world. In mere minutes, the light fades but the dance won’t.


All I want for Christmas is my 20 front teeth. 😂 Happy holidays everyone!!


The descent of a sea mountain. ⛰ Kai Lenny, you are a madman! This was photographed yesterday afternoon at Peahi on Maui - a few unruly ones and basically just @kai_lenny and a handful of radical kite surfers. You could see this set coming in from what felt like a mile away. Shooting giant waves from a helicopter is always a thrill, especially when you luck into a great pilot. Thank you Nick for your aviation skills, you are a master of your craft. @goflymauillc at Peahi, Hawaii


Sandbar hues in shallow blues.


And my first time foiling. Sure ain’t as easy at it looks haha. Me = 🦒 Anyone have any tips to help? 📷 @foiltheworld @mcboatcompany @smt_kauai


Accurate. Stealth. Intelligent. Perfect. The White Shark. Not limitless nor immortal, and highly needed. A true keystone, and always apex. 👊


Precision collision.


Perfection. Always, and hopefully forever. Thank you @oceanramsey @juansharks @silenthunterpty for the most incredible week.


Life’s short. Smile while you still have teeth. 😂 But this tiger shark won’t have to worry, she’ll lose on average 120 teeth a year and they’ll grow back. Fascinating, huh?

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