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In addition to being a farmer 👨‍🌾 and the co-founder of National Kale Day, @drewramseymd is a board-certified psychiatrist, an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons 👨‍⚕️, and a best-selling author of "50 Shades of Kale." 🙉🌿 Drew is a passionate advocate of the functional benefits of food and often encourages dietary changes to improve mood, brain functionality, and mental health. 🧠 In this week’s episode of the #mbgPodcast, Drew sat down with mbg founder + CEO @jasonwachob to talk about the research that encouraged him to “prescribe” food to his patients, the diet he recommends to everyone to prevent mental health concerns, and the habit we all have that isn’t great for our mental health. 🙌 Tap the link in our bio to listen! 🎧 // #mindbodygram #podcast #health #mentalhealth


When talking wellness routines, it’s no surprise that sleep is at the top of just about every list. 💤 Sleep deprivation can increase our risk for blood sugar imbalance, unhealthy weight gain, mental health issues + more -- not to mention make us extra cranky for our first morning matcha. 🍵 But as with most health practices, sleep can actually be harmful when done in excess. ⏰ A longitudinal study recently published in the European Heart Journal found that people who sleep more than 8 hours per night were significantly more likely to experience cardiovascular disease or related death. 📈 In short, keep getting your healthy sleep {6-8 hours} + tap the link in our bio to learn more about sleep health. // 📷: @kara_bino #mindbodygram #sleep #health #wellness


Found: The best ketogenic snacks we can make or buy. 😋 This low-carbohydrate, moderate protein, high-fat food roundup from functional medicine practitioner + mbg Collective member @drwillcole has our mouths watering and our grocery lists growing. 🛒 By now we’re sure you’ve heard the wellness world sing its praise of the ketogenic diet {lifestyle, really} that trains our bodies to rely on fat for fuel instead of sugar. 🤸 So, if you’re thinking of jumping into the keto craze or have already, here are a few keto-friendly snacks to make, or grab in a hurry. 🥑 Tap the link in our bio to get recipes for grain-free granola, fat bombs, chia seed pudding + more. // 📷: @shutthekaleup #mindbodygram #keto #recipe #snack


Our bags are packed, our healthy plane snacks prepped and our “out of office” automatic reply is armed + at the ready. ✌️ We’re rushing out the door to see what warm tidings + warm cookies await us this year when all of a sudden it hits us -- the plants! 🌵 Thankfully, this holiday season mbg’s @emmloewe has our leafy friends {dare we say family?} in mind. 💭 From to self-watering options, to house temperature + beyond, she’s covering it all in the name of us having happy houseplant holidays this year {you know, instead of them dying}. 🌿 Hit the link in our bio for a full guide on how to make sure we don’t come home to more brown than green come New Year. 🍾 // 📷: @friederikchen #mindbodygram #plants #succulents #plant #plantmom


Welcome to the first ever episode of our new mindbodygreen cooking show, A Little Bit Healthier! 🌟 With the holidays right around the corner, mbg food director @lizmoody whipped together the best healthy gingerbread cookie recipe that’s grain-free, gluten-free, refined-sugar-free and packed with metabolism-boosting, inflammation-busting spices like cinnamon and ginger, plus a heavy hit of mineral-rich molasses. 😍 Tap the link in our bio to get her tasty cookie recipe + make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss an episode! 👩🏻‍🍳// #mindbodygram #food #recipes #holidays


Weekend mantra: Breathe it all in + let it all out. 🌬️ // 📷: @vitarawnutrition #mindbodygram #weekend #mantra


You know what time it is… time to get cozy and let ourselves relax. 😌 What are you doing this weekend to zen out? 🙏 // 📷: @marzena.marideko #mindbodygram #weekend #selfcare


When it comes to gifting, practical does NOT have to mean boring. 🙅 We asked psychologist and happiness expert Elizabeth Dunn for the secret to giving an awesome gift, she said that buying something you *know* the other person needs is the best option. 💯 It sounds obvious, but it can actually be pretty difficult. Since we're not mind-readers, why not gift something that's universally useful? 🤔 Our Better Basics gift guide has all the products that we reach for every single day -- but they all have a twist. 🌀 These basics are better for the planet and better for your body, making them the best for literally anyone on your list this year. 🎁 Tap the link in our bio to check them out! // 📷: @miachelphotography #mindbodygram #giftguides #holidays


Sorry for what we said when Mercury was in retrograde. 🗯️ If you care for the cosmos, then you already know that last week the messenger planet shifted back into forward-spinning gear. 💫 Mercury rules communication, so during its reverse-commute, instructions got lost in translation, trains got delayed, electronics fizzled out, so on + so forth. 💥 Think you’re free + clear of this planet’s unruly wreckage? Think again! Mercury’s “shadow phase” is still in effect until December 24. 😧 So we may not want to . 👀 While we may want to proceed with caution when it comes to launching a new podcast, or book our weekend getaways, the @astrotwins are reassuring us that these back-spinning cosmic cycles are also the key times for us to review, refine + reconfigure our goals for the upcoming year. 💭 Tap the link in our bio to learn more. // 📷: @annietarasova #mindbodygram #retrograde #astrology #horoscope


We all have someone in our lives who just *loves* cookbooks {maybe it’s even you}. 😏 But with so many out in the world, where is a gift-giver to start? 🙉 Thankfully, mbg Food Director @lizmoody rounded up the best healthy cookbooks of 2018 -- and they are just as beautiful as they are delicious, if we do say so ourselves. 😋 From delicious keto recipes to the best whole food, grain-free cookbook we’ve ever seen, this list has something for every health bug or foodie in your life. Tap the link in our bio to see the full list + get gifting! 🎁💕// 📷: @mariawarnkenoerregaard #mindbodygram #cookbooks #food #recipes #holidays


On this week’s #BareYourBeauty, @leynika is showing us how to layer our skincare. ✨And honestly, we’re so thankful she did. 🙏 With all the skincare products we have stockpiled over time, it’s hard to know when exactly to apply every step {and how to apply them}. 😬 Tap the link in our bio for the full tutorial! 🙌 // #mindbodygram #beauty #tutorial #skincare


@avivaromm is a Yale-trained doctor and herbalist who constantly inspires us with her holistic approach to health and vitality. ✨ In this week’s #WellSpent, this mbg Collective member speaks candidly about how money can be used to fuel a more meaningful life, mining her own financial experiences for lessons along the way. 💰 To read her surprising financial tips and tricks + learn more about her journey, tap the link in our bio! 💵// #mindbodygram #financialwellness #money #health

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