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Member @collector_world_order Member #thesolefirm Sneakerhead 1st, toy junkie always and a lost soul for comic books. 💍: @dpalacios_670

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I love horror!!! I legit am feeling these. Thank you again #cwoforlife #collectorworldorder #CWOladies @mistys_poptastic_adventures






My Alcohol Police. He sometimes has to adult by himself. Dre: Why are you not listening? Me: I am...can you open my Moscato? Dre: Do you want it in a glass or plastic cup? Me: I want the whole bottle?Dre: Nicole drink that bottle moderately and you better listen! Half a bottle and 3 shots later...Me: Honey!!! am I still listening? Dre: No...I told you to sit down. Me: Okay...Am I listening? Dre: Are you sitting down? Me: No...Dre: Then you’re not listening...I’m pretty sure I tested his patience with my 50 Am I listening? 😂 Going to bed at 3am and waking him up at 6am to ask him if I was listening to him last night. Dre: Baby...How do you have so much energy after a night like that? Go to bed. Me: Okay...Can you turn on the TV? Dre: Nicole go to bed. Do you need me to feed you? Me: No... Dre: Then go to bed...Me: but I need water...Dre: You want me to get you water? Me: No... Dre: then go to bed...I never went to bed and neither did he. I’m not easy to handle at all and still wonder how you’re are able to love this mess? You have a lot of patience, Sweetheart. You spoil me beyond anyone could imagine and like the rotten kid that I am you let me get away with it. You just kiss my “All” heads! 😂😂 and say you are so lucky I am so in with love you. I don’t know how you do it. How did I get so lucky? I love you...

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