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SPRINGing into the new week 🤘 . . Cassidy is doing pretty well not going to daycare anymore. He has been getting to go for a ton of walks and adventures one on one with me. He loves the attention and gets the zoomies in all the open fields. . , Tag: @tagntrail (MUTTS15)


Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend! Cas and I went on an adventure together and got some adorable shots that I haven’t uploaded yet, but I’m excited about them. I’ve been feeling so unmotivated lately as Instagram has slowed down a lot for us. This last week was a big horrible for us in real life, but it’s looking up. 💕 . . Flower attachment: @wixomswhimsies (WWMUTTS)


If you saw my story last night, lil Leo got stepped on yesterday by another dog and his leg is a little sore. He was limping a lot (but still bearing weight) yesterday, and is barely limping today. Only when he takes off running does he start to lift it. I got him some anti-inflammatory meds from the vet and he’ll be a-ok soon 💕 I called the vet initially and was like “listen, he is eating/drinking/peeing/playing/barking/still chasing my cat/and not making a peep when I mess with it... it’s not broken 😂” . . . Excited to announce that we are back on the @spunkystylesco model team, and look how amazing these two look in their stuff. Time for little Leo’s wardrobe to begin 😍 If you want to check out her shop, you can save 15% with my code “MUTTS15”


Thirsty for attention... . . Working a long day today and now that Cassidy is not going to daycare, I’m worried that he’s going to be more overstimulated at home from less hours of exercise and stimulation. I switched my shift at work though. Now I’ll be working early mornings, so I will have all afternoon to work with him and the dogs 💕 . . , Collar: @dogonthemoon (MISHMASHMOON) Tag: @tagntrail (MUTTS15)


Taking a step towards the weekend 🐕 . . Yesterday Leo turned 15 weeks old. He weighs 9.6 lbs and I haven’t measured his height in a week but he’s getting close to Mona soon! He was perfect at the vet last night for his check up and vaccination. He didn’t even make a peep or flinch during his shot. He found his voice recently and barks at things “out of place”. My neighbors across the street installed a mailbox and he lost his mind 😂 . He sleeps in my room at night out of his crate and never makes a mess or gets into anything (not that there’s anything except dog toys accessible). Does great in his crate when needs a break or I need to have him put away. He loves to sleep on the end of my bed and i don’t have a frame, so it’s nice and low to the ground for him to get up and down. I call him little boy/lil boy, tweezer face, and toast/toasted marshmallow. He walks pretty well on a leash. He gets distracted easily by my cats, so we are working on his recall during times that he wants to play and chase. He LOVES other dogs. Loves going to daycare so much. He’s overall such an awesome little boy and he’s such an amazing part of our family.


This kid.... today was a really bad day and I’m not going to shy away from telling it. This is honesty. Cassidy has been going to daycare daily since I got him almost 4 years ago. Today the unexpected happened and he got stepped on while he was sleeping and he lashed out and bit another dog. The injury was not pretty (a single bite that tore when the dog took off running) and it honestly horrified me. I took him home immediately and didn’t stop crying until just recently. I know that Cassidy is a good dog and he reacted to getting stepped on, but he has never bit a dog... ever. So, no daycare for this guy anymore. He seemed overstimulated yesterday and I guess today he was over the edge and that’s all that took. I’m absolutely devastated, but the dog is going to be fine and life will move on. It’s just really, really hard not to feel like is my fault. I just have to remember that I am a responsible, good pet owner, and accidents happen. Sometimes it sucks, but it happens. I’m just thankful that everyone will be okay.


I don’t take nearly enough photos of Mona and it’s mostly because she’s too close to me at all times 😂 I need to take more of her though. Hope everyone has a good start to their week... I know I could’ve used a day in bed


Little Leo’s first trail adventure! We just went for a short little walk and snapped some photos. I found something I could tie his leash to for these photos, so it worked out in my favor 😂 despite posting a lot of videos of him playing, a lot of people have messaged me commenting on how calm he seems. He’s a really good boy at home and in the car and is pretty good about recognizing when it’s appropriate to play and when it’s time to rest. However, he’s started to find his voice and he’s a 10/10 wild man when he wants to be. Last night he heard the cats rough housing on the other side of the bedroom door and he lost his mind barking and didn’t want to go to bed. I got his attention, got him to lay down, and he settled, but not without a fight 😂 Puppies.... am I right? . , , Hope everyone has a great weekend! . . . . This is our entry to spunkyspringsearch by @spunkystylesco - as a former member of her model team, we want to get back on the team ASAP! We LOVE Jenna’s work and everything about her and the company. Little Leo needs a wardrobe of his own and he’s ready to be a model. Today is the last day to enter, so I recommend you get your entry in now!


Wanna know Cassidy’s favorite thing? Ball. Want to know what his absolute worst behavior is? Protecting the ball. As Cassidy has gotten older, he has become more ball driven and possessive over playing ball to the point that he is NOT allowed to fetch around other dogs. If another dog catches the ball before he does, he wants to throw down and get his ball back. Has he ever hurt another dog? No. But could he over this behavior? Absolutely. This behavior is 100% unacceptable and for that reason, I do not bring a ball with us anywhere there will be other dogs. In general, Cas gets along with other dogs well, but the ball becomes so overstimulating for him. What overstimulates your dog?


Lil baby shark does a chomp. #tgif


It’s Thursday and it legit feels like a Monday. Wish I could be a dog sometimes and just sleep whenever I wanted to 😂


A happy Cassidy... and a happy me because I got to sleep in this morning AND pick up coffee 😍 Anyone as addicted to caffeine as I am? What’s your drink? 👌🏻 . . . Bandana: @wixomswhimsies (WWMUTTS)


Have you ever seen a happier photo of Mona? I haven’t until now 😍 These two are playing more and more every day. At first, Leo liked Cassidy more, but he’s found his love for Mona 😍 . . Accessories: @wixomswhimsies (WWMUTTS)


Don’t take my leaf, but you can have my booty 👌🏻 . . Little Leo is 14.5 weeks now. He is 11 inches tall and weighs 9 lbs. We are anticipating him surpassing Mona’s size! She is 13 inches tall.


It might be Wednesday, but tongue out posts are priceless everyday. 👌🏻 Little Leo has a puppy agility class today, so wish us luck the little guy has a blast! . . Collar: @dogonthemoon (MISHMASHMOON) Tag: @tagntrail (MUTTS15)


Happy Puppy Eating a Flower day 👌🏻 This little guy LOVES eating leaves, so I tried to teach him to hold a dandelion. It was fairly dark out when I took these, so I couldn’t get a clear shot of him lol running circles with a flower in his mouth. Sorry not sorry for the puppy spam. I have no puppy photos of my other two, so I’m going to take full advantage of it.


Dreaming of summers at Trillium Lake 😍 Did you know I’m originally from Portland, Oregon? I’m living in rural Pennsylvania now... what a HUGE change and culture shock when I moved here. Predominantly white republicans, no public transit, coyote and deer to worry about, everything is far away and you have to take a million back roads... many things I was used to. However, the dogs have so much more freedom and our rent is so cheap 😂 I miss oregon, but I don’t think I’ll ever choose to live in the city again! Do you live in your hometown? Would you ever move back?


Okay, but like... I can’t handle this face 😍 I love this little boy SO much. He is a bundle of energy and loves to play tug. He’s super smart, fully potty trained, and loves everyone in the house! He’s LOVES other dogs and cats, but we are still working on feeling comfortable around strangers. He’s definitely a mama’s boy, but he loves to join my dogs in bed with my roommate first thing in the morning 😂 He is 13.5 weeks old already!

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