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Retired from “Going back and forth with them Ni€€as”...All welcome here except that b**** "Socialmurdia" (Social Media's Evil twin sister) #LoveOnly

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Purple Hayes CHRONICles 11: I Know some Awesome Women and this is One @realadelegivens. (Misspellings due to Cannibus Maximus)If you are lucky enough to find the FR FR Real Ones in this scandalous entertainment business hold onto them tight. This sister not only walked me through via text my mothers funeral but when we were on tour my husband had disappeared he wasn’t with me and they all knew something was wrong...I had cried my eyes out during the intermission and it was time to go back out but I looked a mess and Adele said to me just pretend something really funny happened backstage and that will explain why your make up is all messed up. It worked and I was able to get through the show. Adele, T Tone and the rest of the crew I love you and I can’t wait to get to Kentucky for our annual poker game. I’m bringing Hella dollars💵💵💸💸💰💰... #OakTownChiTownBiz #OfficiallyBigMama #T.H.U.G.G. #TheHighlyUnusualGreatGrandma ~ “HAYES”💜 🚬💨 music by @joakimkarudmusic at World Poker Tour (WPT)


Out to dinner with friends in my @phyllisemelda couture! I Love All her things!!! Hey #Caveman I gotta bring you here! 💜 #CantWaitForMyAfterDinnerSmoke 🚬💨The salads are Stooopid. #OfficiallyBigMama @luenell Girrrl I’m at yo place! Styled by EJ @crownsncurls 😘 at The Smoke House Restaurant


I have to post this every now and then in hopes of, if nothing else, eventually finding the body...so that I could give it a proper burial and move on. Let me know baby every little bit of information will help. #OfficiallyBigMamaMissYouWIB #WeCanDoThisTogether #NeverEatFoodFrom711 #ThisPresidentialJointJustAuiightt #MaybeThePoposCanHelp #HowDoYouDescribeTheIntangible #INeedEdiblesGettingFUCKETYfuckedUpThisWeekend 🍪🍭🥧🍦🥃🚬💨 at LAPD Missing Persons Unit - MPU


Purple Hayes CHRONICles 10: ME &DOOBIE RECOMMEND A MOOBIE...I have my own qualification as to what is a good, entertaining or inspiring movie for me well me and Doobie like this one. #ThePreachersSon @the_preachers_son @netflix #OfficiallyBigMama #T.H.U.G.G. #TheHighlyUnusualGreatGrandma ~ “HAYES”💜 at I DON'T KNOW


OK this is a edit to my post . everyone is saying that it is some sort of satellite launch and the separation we saw was from the satellite separating from the booster rocket or some shit. But what I saw did not go up then separate it was coming down then separated so I need one of my little scientist friends to explain how that happens with a launch. Isn’t a launch supposed to put something UP in the atmosphere? And what’s all the secret squirrel shit about? Cant they just tell us we gonna be doing a launch next Sunday at so-and-so time? #WhatTheyHiding #DontFallForTheBananaInTheTailPipe #DickGregorySaidTheTechnologyIs75YearsAheadOfWhatTheyTellUs #HeSaidThatInThe80’s. Purple Hayes CHRONICles EXTRA! :OK first of all I am not high and I just saw some shit so I going to put all the clips up it was a seven minute experience I’m a go back and edit it down later and describe exactly what happened but basically I saw some shit in the sky start to separate I ran in the house and got my camera then I watched the motherfucker STOP IN MID AIR, HOVER, DESCEND, THEN DIS-A-FUCKING-PEER.😱😱😱😱😱I don’t know, you military people tell me, do we have shit that can do that kind of shit? stop in mid air and shit???? “THEY” took away my headache tho.. thanks guys 🛸💜 at IDK?


I smoke my joint like my dad use to smoke his cigarettes. Hanging from the corner of his mouth he would cook this way...I think we ate a lot of ashes. He would also do it when he had to figure some shit out....Channeling my dad with this Lambs Bread joint right now cause I need to figure some shit out cause a few niggas STILL got me fucked up. #MrHayesDidntRaiseNoPunkBitches at GLOCK


Purple Hayes CHRONICles 8: Smoke-A-Size. Smoked that size 24, Smoked that size 22, Gonna Smoke that size 20 then Smoke that size 18, etc...Please be advised: Smoking while exercising might kill you. Consult a Budtender at your local dispensary. #MoveSlowWeAtThatAge #LikeTaiChiToAFunkyBeat #TheMunchiesGonnaBeTheProblem #PlatinumInsurgentsTakeActionToBetterHealth #AintNoHalfSteppin #NextStop @jackfruitcafe #OfficiallyBigMama #T.H.U.G.G. #TheHighlyUnusualGreatGrandma ~ “HAYES”💜 I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC. For Educational Purposes at Thunder-Struck Mountain


Purple Hayes CHRONICles 7: Doobie Lesson and Checking On YOU. #SometimesYouGottaNiggaRigIt #AllDoobiesMatter #IWannaKnowHowYOUDoing #LastQuestionIsASurvey #HowYouDoingCaveman 😍 #OfficiallyBigMama #T.H.U.G.G. #TheHighlyUnusualGreatGrandma ~ “HAYES”💜 I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC. For Educational Purposes. at Peace Pipes


TBT: 1993ish...Fuck-It-40’s had just kicked in. Little did I know there was a whole new level to “Fuck-It” at 70-2. #OfficiallyBigMama #T.H.U.G.G. #TheHighlyUnusualGreatGrandma ~ “HAYES”💜 #MyPlayaDays #BeginningOfCougarism #DontGiveAFuckAttitudeScaredThem #ComeIn #ShutUp #Fuck #GetOut #DontPanicCavemanThatsAllInThePast😇 at Greensboro, North Carolina


Preparing to hang with @luenell @spikedidit @therealchrisspencer @edwondasworld @hope.flood and more I just can’t think of who else because I’m too high. at CARTOON CLUB


Purple Hayes CHRONICles 6b: Bartering works too. Whatever will reduce the budget. # #JustTurnOnBabyYoutube #YoutubeIsTheBabyWhisperer #TheyLikeGangstaRapToo #ImGonnaTryToGetPregnant #DontHurtToTRY #RightCaveman #SarahSyndrome #OfficiallyBigMama #T.H.U.G.G. #TheHighlyUnusualGreatGrandma ~ “HAYES”💜For Educational Purposes at Babyland


Purple Hayes CHRONICles 6a: Turning my ASSets to $$$. That RV life ain’t cheap... #SomebodyNeedThatMedalToFlossThatsCash #AllThatGentlyWornCoutureIsCash #SignedQueensOfComedyPosterThatsCash #RockBandTradingCards (why you got that Hayes?) #MarvelUniverseTradingCards (why you got that Hayes?) #WhyYouGotAPagerTho #ToPageCaveman #Oh #OfficiallyBigMama #T.H.U.G.G. #TheHighlyUnusualGreatGrandma ~ “HAYES”💜 I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC. For Educational Purposes. at RV World


Purple Hayes CHRONICles 6: Accessing my other skills to create multiple streams of income... you feel me? #TheKartoonUniverseIsASanctuary #ILoveLoveLoveTyping #AFilingGenius #HighestPayRaiseTheyHadGiven #MyFirstMajorDepressiveEpisode #AKANervousBreakdown #OhYesYouCanGetFiredOnDisability #IHaveReceipts #OfficiallyBigMama #T.H.U.G.G. #TheHighlyUnusualGreatGrandma ~ “HAYES”💜 I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC. For Educational Purposes. at 5th Dimension


Purple Hayes CHRONICles 4: Smoke-A-Cize yo way to fitness🤣. All you need to know is the Cha-Cha, the Twist, the Texas Hop (what you know about that?) the Four Corners and the Running Man. Perfect low impact range of motion exercise for us “Platinum Panthers(Cougar if you under 55)” The only equipment you need is music and some Purple Haze! As @therealmoworldwide would say “Just Move!” even while you’re helping a friend move! Must workout at home because the Boogey Man is at the gym frfr. #8GlassesofCannibusWaterADay #StrawberryKaleBlueDreamSmoothie #RomaineCucumberOGKushSalad #AlaskanThunderfuckBroiledChickenOverBrownRice #GirlScoutCookieCookie @berner415 Youngin I hear you got the original👊🏼 #OfficiallyBigMama #T.H.U.G.G. #TheHighlyUnusualGreatGrandma #INeedToBeAbleToClimbRedwoods #CavemanYouKnowWhy😍 ~ “HAYES”💜 I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC. at Friendship Mountain


Purple Hayes CHRONICles 3a: The next day at breakfast after sleeping ready roll and in the new wig, Playing the song that brought us through really really rough times. @luenell @officialswv #MusicHeals #LuenellIsTheRealMissLauraInTheKitchen #OfficiallyBigMama #T.H.U.G.G. #TheHighlyUnusualGreatGrandma ~ “HAYES”💜 I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC. at Luenell's Creation's

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