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Actor, Retired Comedian, Mother, Grandmother, Greatgrandmother and HipHop Baby Boomer. #OfficiallyBigMama #SilverInsurgent #Love Only #ReeferOnly

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Purple Hayes CHRONICles 47: ROLL WITH ME. 1. Picking YOU up (swipe) 2. We have our own words (swipe) 3. The nigga habit 4.Meet a few of the crew #RoadTrip #I5IsMyDrive #OfficiallyBigMama #LAToOaklandIn4Minutes I DO NOT OWNTHE RIGHTS TO THE MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO. For educational purposes. at Glendale Adventist Emergency Room


Purple Hayes CHRONICles 46: THE DOWNSIZING BEGINS! Forest and Mountains here I come. The hardest part about getting rid of Everything is you want to keep Everything... My oddest Goodwill jewelry find. #WhatTheFuckIsThis #IWasReallyHighWhenIBoughtThis #SometimesItBleeds😱 #GottaBingeWatchSurvivorman at ARTERIES


Some shit we need to bring back. They didn’t need flu shots back in the day. Cough syrup used to be well, stronger as you can see from this 100 year old cough syrup label. The medicine included ingredients like cannabis and morphia sulfate which is another term for morphine😱 at Heroin KILLS You


Purple Hayes CHRONICles 45: FUCK THE FLU! That muthafucka got me on Monday...Tuesday I was Fuck-di-ded Up. Then I remembered the “Hayes Nation Eastside Oakland Potion” On my way back! But you still gotta be fashionable! Oh damn forgot Warby Parker sunglasses “Nancy” from Goodwill $2.50! #OfficiallyBigMama music by @joakimkarudmusic at Healing Energy Tools


Purple Hayes CHRONICles 43: CHILLING WIT THE LIL HOMIE. SWIPE for part 2. I have tried to make myself available to young people everywhere. Even though they shouldn’t know who I am...they do. Whether they want to get advice or they just want me to listen while they vent. I am still in touch with quite a few young people I have met in the Cyber World. We may not see each but once every two or three years but we still stay connected cyberly. My lil homie @thebrodanni invited me to the C2TV Awards 18 few weeks ago. we had a ball!..wound up kicking it in the VIP lounge where we weren’t supposed to be! So Rebellious! The end of the night was so hilarious be sure to SWIPE for part 2. Even though my knee was bad I had to get up and groove to “Pitch In On A Party” by @djquik I was his mom in the video! #OfficiallyBigMama. I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO. For Educational purposes. @luenell @realadelegivens at Normandie And Western


Purple Hayes CHRONICles 42: A ME AND DOOBIE REVIEW. No matter how old you get remain teachable. Because someone is younger than you does not mean that they are not able to impart wisdom to you. I read this young man’s book and was profoundly affected by it. I guarantee there is something that you will be able to glean from it especially if the principles of TRUTH and FAIR are important in your relationship. @derrickjaxn I salute you youngin and will be sharing this book with my girls! #OfficiallyBigMamaApproved #TheMessageNotTheMessenger #AgeDontHaveShitToDoWithCommonSense #HatersStayOutOfMyDM #WishIHadReadThisInThe70’s #NeverTooLateToRetrieveYoCrown 👑 #DammitIMisspelledAWordAgain #WhenYouNeedThatBitchSiriSheAintAround 💜👊🏼🚬💨 I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC. For Educational Purposes. at Griffith Park


2019 is starting the same way 2018 did for me😱I better put some extra pins in my wig... I think I’m in for a rough ride. OK where is my joint? at BURNT TOAST


Purple Hayes CHRONICles 41a: NYE 2019 more to come after I 💤 for a minute... I’m old and can’t hang like I used to🤪 #LoungeDancingForSeniors #JustMoveWhereverYouBe #LowImpactWhileGroovingToYounginMusic #SimpleWinsOverComplicatedPlans #IHaveAwesomeFriends Hey @msnovena @waterskisha #Felicia #Effie We should have swooped up @chrisbrownofficial #HeKnowHowToParty #OfficiallyBigMama I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO MUSIC at View Park–Windsor Hills, California


Purple Hayes CHRONICles FOETY: 2019 THE YEAR OF RESOLUTION #WhenTheInternetForgetSoWillI #HAYESNATION @luenell @realadelegivens @hope.flood @crownsncurls @dodgersmom14 at Hell, Norway

Purple Hayes CHRONICles 39: OG’s MID G’s and NEWBIES! This is one of my awesome nights hanging out at the comedy club. Thank you @g_thang103 for hooking me up I appreciate your hospitality. Good to see you too @jayphillipslive I didn’t get a chance to get a pic with you or G 🙁 Got a chance to kick it with @mrcarteryall he passed on the names of some valuable awesome books. The always hilarious @ralphporter @comedianlilrel and @lisahollycomic And then there are them goddamn crazy ass funny Youngins!! Who keep me laughing and keep me young! @__jasmyn @iamminaq @justnesh @1preciouscomedy @kamirawhiteis Catch them on “The G Spot” Mondays at noon on @morrismediastudios live on YouTube, photo-bombers @donnivinjordan @kevintateis @jillow.smith #DidIMispellTeeth #WhatTheFuckAteYeeth #OfficiallyBigMama #T.H.U.G.G.TheHighlyUnusualGreatGrandma ~ “HAYES”💜 I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC. For Educational Purposes. at Hollywood Improv Comedy Club


2 Bees last hangout of 2018. Great food Great smoke supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Dessert! @luenell @southerngirldesserts 😍 at Luenell's Creation's


TBT: Loved this gig too... The writers and I would slide in positive messages until the director gave the order that’s enough of that “positive shit.” That’s when the job was no longer fun. Wait til you hear about this niggafied experience in my book Miss Laura Miss Laura: Felon to Funny. #WeSoFuckedUpToEachOther #HowAFiveFigureCheckBounce #WhatDoYouMeanWeNotFeedingTheCrew 😱 at Normandie Casino


TBT: I miss the audience, traveling, staying at nice hotels and working with my comrades in comedy...but I do NOT miss the "business" side of standup comedy. #OfficiallyBigMama #NOUnion #EvenClownsAndJugglersHaveAUnion #RanMyBloodPressureUp #JankyPromotersStillOweMeMoney #FocusingOnMyPassionDramaticActing at Oakland Ensemble Theatre


HOLIDAY TBT: Early days of Comedy in Oakland. Arts Crab Shack! We had so much fun! @luenell @bopbarnes @therealricksullivan #Lillian #KyleWaters #Sinderella #ForgotOtherNames #WhoIsTheSpookyDudeTopRight at Arts Crab Shack


Purple Hayes CHRONICles 38: NIGGER TOES: A Xmas memory. When getting together with the family google can now help fully explain some of the things that we experienced in our childhood. That Xmas stocking always had at least 10 Nigger Toes! 🦶🏼🦶🏼 #ThankYouUncleGoogle #TellAuntieYahooHappyHolidays #CousinBingBringingTheReefer #OfficiallyBigMama at Modesto, California

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