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Colin Hillstrom

As summer turns into fall... One of the neatest experiences I had this summer was in attending Colin Hillstrom’s Crystal Sound Bath. It was like a recalibration for every creative cell in my brain. If you are in Vancouver, you must experience this for yourself. There are a limited amount of tickets left. Link in Bio. Colin is generously hosting a benefit event for our @calmversation learning foundation. Come discover the tranquility and joy! I’m absolutely delighted and honoured to share more in person with you!


Oh, the joys of dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts. The place I get them from has been sold out for weeks. So here’s another sweet indulgence... and a very happy memory from the past ; )


Thyme to say hello! If you are looking for me, I’ll be in a snow globe or ice lounge near you : ) at Vancouver, British Columbia


I had the good fortune of arriving at the same country, city and resort as this remarkable human 5 years ago. We instantly became best friends and have met each other in Cuba almost every year since then. This year I missed out and Mirka reports she will never go back there without me again. Lesson learned for both of us! PS This is Mirka observing the “MissyJena Weather” during our bonus getaway to Alaska last fall. at America/Juneau


Petals to the metal... at Vancouver, British Columbia


Branching out... Happy Monday to you! If you’ve been following along with my story today, you’ve seen me representing @calmversation at the Executive Director’s Pro-D Day. I’m beyond grateful to meet so many inspiring, like-minded Founders and Directors of Not for Profit Organizations from all over BC. Through this celebration and learning, we see a missing on our team- a “Fundraising Champion.” If you are one or know of someone who specializes in fundraising, please do get in touch. This is a unique leadership opportunity. Ideally, our Champion is someone who is dedicated to making a difference in schools. Feel free to start a #calmversation right here, through direct message or via email ([email protected]). I look forward to hearing from you...


What did one drenched blossom say to the other drenched blossoms? Let’s save this #calmversation for a rainy day : )


I stopped to take in the view and snapped a picture to share with you. Hello Dear Friends, I am well and hope you are too! Long time no #calmversation hey! at Granville Island


We had some snow this week and I felt very... a) excited b) calm c) inspired d) joyful e) all of the above


Sparkling through with a wave for you...


a little gentleness goes a long way... #calmversation at Canada Place


I remember you :) at Gulf Of Alaska

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