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Yeah this is well at Copenhagen


Closet type: “I can’t decide what I want to be when I get older” at Copenhagen


When you have your life together and put your career first so you stand with the gorillas, not the birds


This sums up my decision making skills at Dumbo House


To my better half, Thank you for holding it down, I love you with all of my fat heart HBD baby Love, Moon


I wanted to take some time after coming back from Africa to take in my experience and really think about the message I would like to share after this missionary trip. It’s important to build awareness of the harsh reality that is “forced child labor”. Here I go... for 150 Cedi’s(the equivalent of $12) a child is sold into slavery. The typical age when a child is sold ranges from 6-15 years old. They are forced to work 14 hour days. If they are lucky they get one meal a day after working all day in 90 degree heat. These children have no sense of love or nurturing and experience external physical abuse. @beautyforfreedom mission in partnering with other organizations like @challengingheights is to fundraise all year round, bring aid to help rescue and rehabilitate these children. I know hearing this information is emotionally taxing but my hope is to help you understand the importance of supporting us in making these children’s lives better. Everyone deserves the ability to be a child and grow up in their own home with their family. If my trip moved you in anyway, I hope it moved you far enough to support our mission and donate to to help us help those who can’t help themselves. All children matter and should be viewed as our #1 priority, seeing as they are the future and are responsible for the growth of a better tomorrow. at Ghana


Our @beautyforfreedom Project Ghana initiative with @challengingheights has filled my heart with a joy I didn’t think to be possible! It was really an honor to teach art poetry workshops with the wonderful children of Challenging Heights! I will miss all of the students so much, but I feel complete knowing that I made a positive impact on all of the children. That impact will hold me over until my next mission trip with the @beautyforfreedom team 💕. Also, I want to take a moment to express the pride I feel to be a BFF ambassador! For the last three years I have seen just how much this grassroots, nonprofit does for anti-trafficking initiatives and every year I find a new appreciation for the team. So much passion goes into making missions like this and others around the world possible. A big part of my heart will be left with my students as “madam ama” until next year little littles💕 at Ghana


Our @beautyforfreedom Project Ghana initiative with @challengingheights has really been amazing so far! I send so much gratitude to everyone who donated to our project and it is really an honor to be able to support the wonderful children at Challenging Heights! at Central Region, Ghana


Yeah, it’s gettin' spooky out here.. All the Nino Browns done turned Pookie out here at Jue Lan Club


🌹 with the sauce


“You do dirt, you get dirt, that's how germs spread” 😷 at Montauk, New York


Refrigerator goals ✨ at Amagansett Farmers Market


She said she loved my show in Paris At Elysee Montmartre And that I stepped off the stage And took a piece of her heart at IssaVibe


Because Italy is the whole vibe at Stra


I went and copped the chopsticks Put it in my bun just to pop shit at Ludlow House


Missing Italy today at Udine, Italy


“Move like Sopranos we only speak in the basement” at Kyma


il migliore at Eleven Madison Park

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