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UNLV ΣΚ Alumna🕊 ΣΑΜ Sweetheart ‘18-‘19💜 @angelgomez_07 💕💍

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July 13, 2016 💙 no that’s not the date these pictures were taken but actually one of the most memorable days of life. I am completely aware of how lame that sounds but dead ass it’s so true. July 13th 2016 Angel and I started dating because I forced him into asking me to be his gf. He claims he had some extravagant “plans” to ask me out 👀 buuutttt I was not fuckin around back then okurr. I wrote angel a literal novel for today telling him how much he means to me and how much I love him and I doubt anyone cares to read about that so I’m just posting to share some cute ass pics of my papasote. If you know me you already KNOW how obsessed and in love I am wit this dude. So enjoy and take a shot today for our 2 year anniversary💕💙


Slightly feeling 22 at Encore Beach Club


Extra thankful for this snack sittin next to me 👀 at Mount Shasta, California


This is what Angel and I look like when we’re relaxed (and buzzed) at Mount Shasta, California


I’m the happiest when I’m with my mountain at Mount Shasta, California


Today was literally a dream come true. I bought the VIP ticket to be entered in to win the chance to meet Jaclyn. Unfortunately I was not selected, and I was just trying to stay positive and focus on the fact that everything happens for a reason. We showed up at 7:30 AM to pick up the new collection, shop in the new @morphebrushes store, and hopefully see Jaclyn even for just a second! While standing in line for around 4 and a half hours (which I would’ve waited for 500 hours so I wasn’t trippin) the Morphe employees were handing out scratch off cards to win prizes. Well I scratched mine and I won a free pair of lashes. My sister scratched hers and she fucking won the meet and greet. Because my sister knows how much Jaclyn means to me, she gave it to me. As the time went on, the amazing staff at morphe handed out another round of scratch off cards. Well for some reason Lauren had the best fucking luck today and she won the meet and greet again!! Being able to meet Jaclyn was something I never thought would be possible, she is the entire reason I started practicing with makeup and expressing my creativity. She has taught me everything I know and is a major inspiration to me not only as an artist but as a person. I am truly blessed, and I am so grateful for my kind-hearted sister, for morphe, and most of all for my forever role model, Jaclyn 💜 @jaclynhill at Miracle Mile Shops Las Vegas


We’re next 👀😂💕 Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Bardis! The wedding was absolutely perfect and extremely beautiful. So happy for you both💜 at Legends Ranch


Well I am officially an Alumna of Sigma Kappa. I owe Theta Eta everything and more. Thank you for bringing me beautiful sisters and future bridesmaids. Thank you for pushing me and helping me grow into a woman I never thought I could become. And most of all thank you for the most amazing and life changing memories. It’s been 4 long years and I couldn’t be more sad to leave. But I’m excited for the new chapter in my life knowing that I will always have ΣΚ in my heart. 💜❤️🕊 at UNLV


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to represent your chapter as Sammy Sweetheart for the 2018-2019 year. I couldn’t stop crying last night because I am feeling so loved and thankful for all of the amazing gentlemen in this chapter, past and present. This fraternity is truly my family and has brought me some of the most amazing people in my life. Receiving this honor means everything to me and more. Thank you for pushing me to be a person I never thought I could become. Thank you for the countless memories and sleepless nights. Thank you for supporting me and believing in my even after all of these years. It’s going to be a great year boys 😭💜 (I have one billion more pictures but you can only add 10 😭) P.S. peep my bomb ass paddle 😭😭💜💕 at Bellagio Las Vegas


“Most Likely To Become IG Famous” #LastFormal 💜🕊


I wish Downtown was always this peaceful at Downtown Las Vegas


Sit down. Drank. Close your eyes. Drank. Take a pic. Drank. at Oceanside Beach


I was happy because I knew we were about to get a beer at Mission Beach


Love being drunk by 10 AM at Oceanside, California


Where’s the beach? at Oceanside Beach


I need a caption at Downtown Las Vegas


Honestly it’s so bitter sweet that this is my last time coaching my favorite TΣΑΜ. It has been four long years of some very long nights goofing off when we should’ve been getting our shit together😂, creating some dope ass flags, and pulling off some of the best (sometimes improv) skits around. But I really love you guys and I am so honored to have been your coach for every philo during my time in Sigma Kappa. We have raised so much money for our philanthropy while creating some of my most treasured SK memories. Please keep my legacy of Tie-Dye Purple Bandanas alive !!! Love you guys always💜 #CampΣΚΑΜΜΥ


The amount of people it took to take this picture is honestly ridiculous at The Orleans Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas

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