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@judyyyg and myself went to get Joe-D a brother to the SPCA as a birthday gift to me. We came across this little guy and he immediately got on Joe’s nerves, that’s how I knew he was the one 😂😂😂 Meet “Mickey” (Mickey Mantle). #YankeesFam #PinstripePups #FurBabies #JoeD #Mickey


I want to congratulate @canelo on becoming the first Transgender Champion. Your Victory is deserved just as much as @realdonaldtrump presidency. 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 this one was a better draw than last one. #Puto #YouLost


Canelo put a better fight at the weigh ins than at the last fight. 🤦🏻‍♂️ @canelo Déjate de mamadas @gggboxing won the last fight!! #NoDraw #MexicoWithGGG


All fighters hit the scale and made weight. Now time for some great fights tomorrow at the Savemart Center.


Best Father/Son duo in Boxing. @coachgflores @g_squad_nation


Every Raider fan watching Mack play with the bears right now 😂😂😂😂


Stopped by @thefighthour to drop off invitations to my birthday party and ran into my homie @thealphacatsyndrome. See you there Carmen don’t forget the mic. #Veterans #Army #AirForce #Merica


Can someone tell @judyyyg that my birthday is coming up and this will be a good gift for me 🤔😎🤣


@kingryang should had fought Barney. He’s the only person who likes hugging as much as he does.. Stay in your lane kid, @gervontaa will beat the puberty out of you..


Birthday Shopping for @judyyyg. I got some shoes out of it so it’s cool 🤣🤣🤣


Happy Birthday Beautiful. Another year I get to spend with you is always a good reason to celebrate. I hope you’re enjoying your Getaway Babe. Many more to come. at Waikiki Beach Walk


We are here!!


AK-47 why?? Because Fuck You! That’s why!


Don’t get it twisted. We don’t walk alone, we are our own team.


Today 15 years ago I showed up to Lackland AFB ready to start BMT for the worlds greatest Air Force. Didn’t know what to expect and it was a roller coaster ride. People ask me had I known what was going to happen if I would do it all over again and my answer is “Abso-Fucking-lutely!!” I learned a lot, I served next to some of the best leaders and I created a bond with people whom even if we don’t speak often we will be there for each other at a drop of a hat. Thank you to all for the memories and the lessons taught. It was a privilege mathafuckers!!


When the ungrateful forgets who helped him, misery will refresh his memory..

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