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Another “to me, love me” present: a Ridge Carbide sawblade with the teeth ground to a 10 degree angle so it can be set on a bevel for making perfect tablesawn dovetails. Can’t wait to give it a shot!! #finehomebuilding #keepcraftalive #sawblade #tools #woodworking #dovetail #finewoodworking


I don’t cut dovetails too often, and I won’t pretend that I love the process. But I have learned that it’s not something I can rush through. For me, the more I relax and enjoy the process for what it is rather than trying to get it done as a means to an end, the happier I am with how they come out. I’m learning how that lesson applies to all things in life, really. #keepcraftalive #dovetail #woodshop


#Repost @finewoodworkingmagazine (@get_repost) ・・・ On Thursday, we're going to be recording a special episode of Shop Talk Live with this guy, @mrjfink , editor of @finehomebuilding . If you've got questions about building out your shop, send them in to .


When I’m jointing and surface-planing stock for a build I like to mark the planes that I’ve just made square to each other. In some cases it’s obvious without the marks, but sometimes when you’re doing the work spread over several days, or surfacing to let it move and settle before surfacing again, it’s helpful. Anything to avoid confusion. #finehomebuilding #keepcraftalive #woodworking #finewoodworking #tuesdaytips


Today’s purchase. #tomeloveme


Rant: Right now @chalkstonewoodworking is working hard on the restoration of an old state mental hospital in South Dakota. The work is difficult and the results are stunning. Here in CT, by contrast, the state is so damn eager to forget that we ever had these “deranged” mental hospitals—which used treatments that were, by the way, simply the best doctors knew how to do at the time—that they are systematically tearing them ALL down. Pictured here is one of the buildings in the Fairfield Hills campus. Google it sometime to see the aerial view of the campus and the architecture. It’s a true work of art. This kind of stuff makes me so sad. We have such an amazing stock of old houses and industrial or institutional buildings that are being torn down due to the desire to forget the past, usher in new replacements, or simply due to the relatively high costs of proper remediation. The only way we can change this is to take a stand and do our parts to argue for the preservation of these old structures. I don’t say this because I think old things are inherently better, but because I have never been in a new building that made me feel the same way as just about any old one. #keepcraftalive at Newtown , Connecticut




It wasn’t too many decades ago that carpenters owned and used hand planes in their day to day work. Often they made the tools themselves. Somewhere along the way we’ve wandered away from these hand tools, I guess because we think power tools have surpassed and replaced them. Maybe, but I also don’t own a power tool that can take shavings so thin you can see through them while leaving a surface that is glass smooth and just about ready for a finish. Do you? —————————————————These are my first shavings with the newest addition to my shop - a Lie Nielsen no. 62 low angle jack plane. I spent about an hour flattening and honing the iron and was rewarded with amazing results. Don’t dismiss handtools and what they can offer. #keepcraftalive


I love the look of stair handrails dying into the newel post cap with this joinery. An elegant touch compared to a butt joint set lower on the post. #oldhouse #keepcraftalive #architecture #diy #finehomebuilding #stairs #joinery #carpenter #carpentry at Snapdragon Inn


Now THAT’S a door. A Dutch door, to be specific. One on either side of the fireplace. Simply gorgeous. #finehomebuilding #keepcraftalive #antique #oldhouse #architecture @rafechurchill at Snapdragon Inn


Not super easy to see in iPhone photos, but the roof sheathing on this old institutional building in Newtown, CT is simply gorgeous. They skinned the roof with 1x stock running on a diagonal. The first boards fit right into the valley and then move out from there. The diagonal boards provide racking resistance for the wood rafters that run wave to ridge underneath. It makes me happy to see them doing some work on these buildings rather than tearing them down! #keepcraftalive #finehomebuilding #oldhouse #restoration #remodel #rooftop #roof #architecture at Newtown , Connecticut


A fitting finish for the handle on my poor mans woodworking bench vise: some cutoffs from an old leather belt secured by narrow crown staples. It’s so far down the line towards dirt simple that it actually somehow circles back and becomes somewhat elegant again. #shabbychic #woodworker #finehomebuilding #keepcraftalive #woodshop #builder #diy


If anybody is looking for a good gift idea I️ highly suggest a Wixey digital angle finder. It’s super helpful for dialing in cuts on all sorts of woodworking machines, and can be used creatively beyond that, too. Layout, setup, etc. I️ lost mine for about a month after my shop overhaul, and the only thing that kept me from buying a new one immediately was the hope it would turn up. Luckily I just found it again last night. To me, the mark of a must have tool is that when you lose it or it breaks you don’t hesitate to plan for a replacement. To me, this is one of those tools. #finehomebuilding #keepcraftalive #musthave #toolsofthetrade #workshop #diy #build #builder


A quick little homemade hanger for my longest #Festool track. With the hip roof in my garage I don’t have enough height along the walls to accommodate the track set upright. So, horizontal and overhead it is. #finehomebuilding #keepcraftalive #tools #tricksofthetrade #festool #woodworking #woodshop #diy


Gearing up for our first feature article with electrician @cnc_electric ! Stay tuned for this one, guys, I’m psyched to be able to bring this topic to the pages of @finehomebuilding and include videos on our site. Look for it in January! #finehomebuilding #keepcraftalive #electrical #build #diy #magazine #editor at The Taunton Press


Getting the little addition off my garage workshop prepped and ready for vertical nickel-gap siding. If you ask me, and with the exception of vinyl siding, the entire country should be installing siding over a vented rainscreen gap. Here I’m using strapping, which is a traditional choice because it’s readily available and fairly inexpensive, but a 3/4” space is way more than is needed to actually get the job done. Oh, and horizontal strapping is fine in my eyes. The idea is to get some room for drying and airflow, and between the gaps, joints of siding, this will do the job just fine without having to resort to notches cut in the strapping or anything. We’re not talking about a waterfall needing to flow back there, folks. And for anybody who would argue that I’m wrong, consider that Zip System claims their product offers drainage anyway, so there is a bit of space between strapping and sheathing to help connect the horizontal cavities between strapping. Finally, note the vertical strapping at the corners. You want to block the transition from one side of the building to the next to prevent pressure differences from sucking water around corners. This is especially important with housewraps, which wrap around corners and therefore have vulnerable seams, but also good practice for any job just in case. #finehomebuilding #keepcraftalive #rainscreen #build #builder #siding #buildingscience #diy


Today’s remodeling mystery: cutting a new opening in my brother’s ranch and we come across two separate pieces of vertical blocking nailed to one of the wall studs. Somebody wrote on them, clearly after installation, “do not remove needed by owner” - this is one of those things that has more questions than answers...what was it for? If it was already nailed on, who was likely to walk up and feel the need to remove it anyway?! #finehomebuilding #keepcraftalive #remodel #remodeling


A few too many days in the hot sun left the zero clearance strip of my #festool tracksaw falling off. So, after peeling it off the rest of the way I wiped off all the remaining adhesive using a strong solvent, and now have a new strip in place. Oh, while I was at it I figured I’d replace the blade in he saw, too. #goodasnew #finehomebuilding #keepcraftalive #trimcarpentry #build #tools

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