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Evidence of tool evolution #keepcraftalive #finehomebuilding #tools


No more excuses. Today I start my fund for buying a SawStop. No, it’s not prompted by an accident or even a recent close call. It’s prompted by the fact that I love what I do, and I want to be able to keep doing it. I’m investing in my fingers and safety. Today I start with $400. #sawstop #keepcraftalive #finehomebuilding #tools @sawstopsaws at Plainville, Connecticut


Took a little break from my regularly scheduled projects for a blitzkrieg shaker style cupboard. #keepcraftalive #kitchen #build #woodworking #cabinet #diy


There’s a lot to love in this little photo. #keepcraftalive #finehomebuilding #antique #oldbuilding at Comstock Ferre & Co


Mike is the best! #Repost @mike_guertin with @get_repost ・・・ I'm giving away this Allis Chalmers HD6G track loader in honor of the 100th episode of the @finehomebuilding podcast. If you aren't already listening check it out at And while you're there you can register to win the tools that @mrjfink , @rob_yagid and Brian are giving away. (Keep up the good work guys). If you're up for the TLC this tractor may need DM me. Here's some additional information: the diesel engine was rebuilt about 25 years ago and only has about 300-400 hours on it. It blew a hose 7 years ago and I parked it here. Guessing from past periods of sitting, the starter selinoid will probably need to be opened and the contacts polished. The main clutch disk was fairly new but the rivets holding the pads on may have rusted and need re-riveting or bolts. And it needs a battery. It's basically the same condition now as when my father picked it up in 1976. You'll probably need a machine to push it up on a trailer or fix it where it sits. I'm in East Greenwich RI.


Got trouble with metal shavings? Grab a rare earth magnet. #keepcarftalive


New old shoulder plane 😍 #keepcraftalive


Just watch my face. Then watch Rob’s face. Sometimes I feel bad that these guys have to put up with me on the podcast. I might be the worst person to work with. (Excerpted from episode 97) @rob_yagid #shoof #sorrynotsorry #finehomebuilding #keepcraftalive @finehomebuilding at The Taunton Press


I’m officially switching to Dap CA glue for small repairs, delicate glue ups, temporary clamping support for yellow glue, and everything else. Commonly available, no accelerator to lug around, and it seems to be generally stronger than other brands I’ve tried. Whap, done. Give it a try, folks! #glue


Throwback to many years ago when @mike_guertin and I were oh-so-happy to be building a deck in the freezing cold. Actually, Mike probably didn’t care. I was cold, though. Come to think of it, I don’t remember ever working with Mike, either in front of the camera or behind the camera, when it wasn’t bone numbingly cold...and that’s factoring in a LOT of projects together! (By the way, this build was filmed as a multipart series. You can find it on if interested.) #tbt #finehomebuilding #keepcraftalive #decks #building #deckbuilding #diy


Closeup of the raised cabinet bottom detail in my #hoosiercabinet build. The prefinished maple plywood is edged with a piece of matching maple, which I hit with a couple of quick coats of wipe on poly before attaching to the cabinet. The rest of the face frame will be painted. Color tbd! #finehomebuilding #keepcraftalive #cabinet #diy #build


#hoosiercabinet update! Face frame is on the lower cabinet box and I’ve got my bottom panel raised up just slightly to provide a solid stop for the onset doors that will come later. I’ll be keeping the prefinished maple plywood flush to the face frame edges to give the cabinet a nice clean look. #finehomebuilding #keepcraftalive #cabinetry #cabinet #woodworking #diy #woodshop #kitchen


The first cabinet side being attached. I’m setting the prefinished maple plywood flush to the stile and securing it with pocket screws. I drill pairs of pocket holes just in case the first one ends up pulling things out of alignment I have a second chance. If the first one hits the mark and brings things flush then I sink the second one for added attachment. #hoosiercabinet #finehomebuilding #keepcraftalive #cabinet #diy #build #kreg #cabinetry


When joining up a face frame with pocket screws @michaelmaines gave me the tip of marking a “P” on the side that will get the drilled hole. Sure, an “X” works, but a “P” is that much harder to mistake for something else when sorting through and drilling a big stack of parts. Also, a big thanks to @finewoodworking and @aaronthomasaquinas for turning me on to the Pica pen for finish carpentry work. It’s a sweet little pencil! #finehomebuilding #keepcraftalive #cabinet #cabinetry @kregjig @picamarker #hoosiercabinet


I’m pretty dang excited about my next build: a slightly modernized take on a traditional Hoosier cabinet. These old cupboards were the original version of kitchen cabinets (an upgrade from when a kitchen had only a stove, sink, and work table). The Hoosier was meant to provide ingredient and food storage, a raised rim for containing a wash basin (very early models), and even a pull out work surface for prep. I’m thinking it will be a combo of sheet goods and solid stock, incorporate some antique glass for the upper doors, and have a painted finish, possibly with some natural wood accents. I think it’s gonna be an awesome fit for my 1926 kitchen. What do you guys think? #keepcraftalive #finehomebuilding #finewoodworking #kitchen #antique #woodworking #furniture #cabinets #build #diy #remodel #storage


Building science Pop quiz: Connecticut attic. Photo taken yesterday. Batt insulation on attic floor. What’s the cause? #finehomebuilding #buildingscience #buildingsciencefightclub #keepcraftalive


Even if you can’t come to Florida next week to our fundraising event to hang with me, @heresjohnnyh @nsbuilders @jpmconstructioninc @aaronthomasaquinas @toolaholic @trghomeconcepts @rob_yagid @finewoodworking (and many, many more) you can still help our cause! PLEASE donate to help keep the building trades alive! @finehomebuilding will be matching each donation! The link to sign up or donate is in my bio. Spread the word to anybody you think might be interested and thanks for the support! #keepcraftalive #finehomebuilding


It was very hot back when I was building this deck with my dad and brother a few summers ago, but right about now that problem seems like heaven. To all my friends working outside on job sites this week, stay warm! It’ll be summer again before you know it. #respect #keepcraftalive #finehomebuilding #deck #carpenter #build #diy

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