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Despite about 15 years of building and Woodworking, I haven’t done too many jobs that involved divided lite doors, either big or small. Figured I’d dive right into the deep end... 🤷‍♂️ this is one of the two elliptical top French interior doors, fresh out of the clamps and still needing some spit and polish, but I’m pleased (relieved) to see one come together as planned. #keepcraftalive #woodworking #diy #doors #frenchdoors #carpentry #finehomebuilding


Life can’t be all work all the time. #sanfrancisco


Seems fine to me 🤷‍♂️ #oldhouse #proceedwithcaution


When it comes to cutting holes—bigger than, say, 2 inches...but smaller than, say, 12 inches—nothing beats a fly cutter on the drill press. Set the drill to the slowest speed, clamp down the material, and watch the magic. It also makes for a great drill press wobble test, as you can see from my shim-shaking old craftsman in this video. #keepcraftalive #finehomebuilding #woodworking #cabinetshop #cabinetry #cabinets #carpentry #diy #build


It ain’t pretty, but at least it’s cool. #workshop


New/old jointer is up, coplanar, square, and ready to make some rough boards into smoooooth surfaces. #Madein🇨🇦 #livingin🇺🇸 #keepcraftalive


Moving some stuff into the new shop 🤙🏻


Try not to get too seasick while I shoot this without enough hands... what you’re looking at here is a customer with an elliptical arch doorway. I’ll be making a set of French doors to fit the existing space, but ellipses aren’t the same as a simple curve. The radius isn’t consistent, and that means an ordinary router and trammel setup won’t work. So, I’m making a template from cardboard. #keepcraftalive #finehomebuilding #carpentry #finishcarpentry #woodworking #frenchdoors #custom


Almost ready for an oil finish and their upholstered seats


One ash rocker assembled, and the other not far behind! A lot of hours on these puppies... but now it’s just a bit more assembly work, some final sanding, exterior watco, and upholstered seats and let the porch rocking begin! #woodworking #rockingchair #diy #woodshop


I haven’t been posting much, but I have been building a lot. The Hoosier is officially wrapped up. As with every project, I learned a lot on this one, and I have lots of things I hope to improve on with the next build. #skillbuilding #woodworking #diy


#Repost @finehomebuilding with @get_repost ・・・ To our loyal followers: You all have fully embraced what we’re doing with #keepcraftalive. You’ve used the hashtag, you’ve bought the shirts, and you’ve served as proud examples of how fulfilling a career in the building trades can be. Now I have to ask you all to go one step further. Ella T. Grasso technical high school has a carpentry/construction program on the chopping block. Will you take the 2 minutes necessary to sign the petition to tell the State of Connecticut that they’re making a mistake? The link is in the bio, and the power lies with each of us as individuals. Please share. Please sign. And please help us #keepcraftalive. - Justin Fink, editor, Fine Homebuilding


Here’s a forehead slapper! Thermalbuck is a hard cased foam perimeter piece that you cut and install around window rough openings so that you can slide rigid foam on the rest of the wall right up the buck without having to deal with plywood flanges and other site built solutions. Windows are fastened through the foam buck and into the framing. Not sure on the price, but anybody tried these yet? @michaelmaines @stevenbaczekarchitect the rep was claiming one benefit was that few point is consistent with this product, so area around windows and rest of foamed wall are the same, whereas wood buck extensions would create a different dp. Does that make sense? #keepcraftalive @finehomebuilding @jlclive


You guys may have seen my write up about NuCedar awhile back in @finehomebuilding and we may have chatted about it on the podcast. But if you haven’t seen it in person you just can’t understand how convincing this stuff is...looks just like wood shingles, but made from PVC. These guys give plastic building materials a good name. #finehomebuilding


If you’re ever at a trade show or event where Drywall expert Myron Ferguson is presenting, do yourself a favor and sit down. He’s absolutely hilarious and is guaranteed to tell you something you didn’t know that will make your jobs better. He embodies everything that #keepcraftalive stands for! Give him a follow, but be gentle...he’s new to IG. @thatdrywalllguy @finehomebuilding #jlclive


If you guys listen to the @finehomebuilding podcast then you know I love my PL Premium. Well Loctite is soon to release a new version that’s nearly twice as strong. Here a PL Premium Max joint is shown holding just a few know, 1500 lbs., so no big deal. #finehomebuilding #keepcraftalive


Bosch enters the tracksaw game! @finehomebuilding #keepcraftalive #jlclive


If you get a chance to meet Gary Striegler, be sure to check out his nail bags. There’s about 2 decades worth of dried wood glue on his hip. That’s earning your stripes. #finehomebuilding #keepcraftalive

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