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Follower of God all mighty Mama to my beautiful son Yefim Wife to an amazing husband Small shop lover DM for collaboration

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This little man is loving trucks! Happy Friday friends! How stinken cute are our shoes from @kozykuttings! Christmas is coming up and @kozykuttings has so many options for you to pick from! Use code KKUTTINGS201 to get 10% off!


Hi there I'm Neil and my son's name is Yefim! Yefim is 19 months! Your shop has such beautiful and we would love working with you 😘 @myrtlemac #myrtlemacmodelsearch


How beautiful is fall! It's my favorite season! Whats your favorite season?! Check out @janandjul they has everything you need for winter! Use code mrs.yeremiya1019 for 15% off your full putchase! 😍


Hi there I'm Neli and my sons name is Yefim! Yefim is 19 months old! We love supporting small shops and would love to supposrt yours as well! 😘 @livleo_babymocs #livleo_babymocs #brandrepsearch


@legacylearningacademy Is one of our favorite shops because all of their toys are made for our children to play and learn at the same time! Make sure to check them out and use code Yefim20 at checkout to get 20% off!


Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone survived Monday! How cute is our sweater! It's from a darling shop called @ellovieuk! We LOVE their products and you will too so make sure ti check them out! 😘


Happy Sunday! Make sure to checkout @shop_indiemae bonnet release today!! Their bonnets are so well made and always so beautiful! 💖 . . . Bonnet: @shop_indiemae Pasifier: @ecopiggy Pasifier clip: @noellegrae use code FRIENDS30 Cardigan: @feathered_breaths SHARETHELOVE Pants: @bluemarkhandmade BMHFRIENDS Lovey: @twinkleandcuddles


So it's the weekend and I thought today would be such a productive day and guess what it's not! But you know what that's okay! Laundry and cleaning can wait sometimes us sahm deserve to be lazy! So while baby sleeps I'll just sit here and be lazy! 🤪 Check out all the AMAZING shops I tagged also make sure to read till the bottom there's some discount codes for you! 😘 . . . Bonnet: @shop_indiemae Romper: @feathered_breaths Code: SHARETHELOVE Cardigan: @junebeebaby Pacifier: @ecopiggy Pasifier clip: @sweetrubyco


Sometimes I have such a hard time thinking of a caption! I think this is my least favorite part about posting pictures! 🤦‍♀️🙈 Anyone else?!


I look at Yefimka and pray that he will be a follower of God! Hope everyone has a blessed day! 💖 . . . Rain jacket and pants: @janandjul


Sleep tight my sweet baby boy! Make sure to click on the picture for all the shops! Theses are some good ones!! 😍


We found this beautiful little spot on our walk! God is good! His creation is breathtaking! . . . Bonnet: @shop_indiemae Pasifier: @ecopiggy Pasifier clip: @noellegrae Cardigan: @feathered_breaths use code FRIENDS20 Romper: @junebeebaby Wooden horse: @noellegrae Toy in Yefims mouth: @kolorovi


Happy Friday friends!!! 😘🎉 . . . Bonnet: code Yefim15 Pasifier clip: @noellegrae


Yefim LOVED his new @hm_tech_official bamboo plate! Make sure to check out this company they have so many amazing products! This mama will be getting bowls form them!! 😍 . . . Onsie: @miloscorner Pants: @bluemarkhandmade Shoes: @kozykuttings Plate: @hm_tech_official


Yefim sometimes laughs in his sleep or will say something and I always wonder what he's dreaming about! Also can we just admire all the beautiful peices in this picture! . . . Bonnet: @shop_indiemae Pasifier clip: @nomilumade FRIENDS30 pacifier: @ecopiggy Romper: @junebeebaby Botties: @knittedtreasures Lovey: @twinkleandcuddles Yefim10


How amazing is our bonnet from @shop_indiemae! You NEED to check them out! We LOVE theor bonnets! Swip next to see @legacylearningacademy amazing toy! Yefim loves all his @legacylearningacademy toys and trust me we have A LOT! make sure to check them out and use code Yefim20 at checkout for 20% off!!


How amazing is God's creation fall is so beautiful! ❤


This little man of mine is at that stage in life where he is learning and saying new things all the time and my mama heart is just melting! . . . shoes: @tribekicks use code Yefim15 Hat: use code Yefim15 Wooden horse: @noellegrae use code FRIENDS30

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