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Forever fixing my garters 🖤 by @richardfrostphotography #lingerie #corset #tightlacing #stockings #domina #dominatrix


I’m back! Extremely limited availability for tomorrow and next week. Reach out ASAP for play dates. 📸 by @danielantonnyc @danielantonphotography with @fetishfellow wearing @westwardboundlatex #latex #latexfetish #latexcatsuit


Sub A was put right in his place this morning like the little bitch he is. Now I’m packing for my trip and I won’t be taking sessions until the 19th. Book soon because the rest of my month is filling up very fast.


The latest in my sourdough experimentation was making bagels this weekend. It was tricky to get enough rise out of such a famously dense dough without the aid of commercial yeast, while also controlling the acidity (cause ew sour bagels no thanks) but after some nurturing and a long cold fermentation they worked out perfect. What should I try next? #sourdough #wildfermentation #wildyeast #homemadebagels #sourdoughbagels #bagels


Restrained and helpless, just give in and go slack, it’ll hurt less that way 📸 by @danielantonnyc @danielantonphotography with the lovely @fetishfellow #leather #leatherfetish #leatherbondage #leathersleepsack #leathercorset #tightlacing #leathergloves #bdsm #domina #dominatrix #femdomme #femdom


I was talking to a friend earlier today about how I manage health within my diet. Like so many women my age I was a teenage anorexic so I’m wary and stay clear of diets and restrictions in the name of wellness. However I do see the value of food as medicine and nourishment (and pleasure, which in my opinion is a form of nourishment!) so my answer to this is simply just to eat a salad for one meal a day, everyday. It pushes me to crave and eat variety in veggies and really indulges a desire to be creative within a template. These are a few of my favorites recently, beginning with my lunch today- romaine, scallion, mint, cured Moroccan olives, shallot vinaigrette, finely chopped boiled egg and hemp seed. What’s your favorite salad?


I’ve been going nuts with my sourdough starter lately! Today I used it to whip up some naan-like flatbread (obviously I don’t have a tandoor in my apartment but you’d be surprised at the effectiveness in using a very hot cast iron griddle and a wok lid as a facsimile). Just look at that light bubbly crumb! #itsnotnotnaan #sourdough #fermentation #naturalfermentation #wildyeast #sourdough


My question for you is what makes you think you deserve my control? Have you worked hard enough for it? 📸 by @danielantonphotography @danielantonnyc featuring forever my sweetheart @fetishfellow #latex #latexfetish #catsuit #latexcatsuit #westwardbound #westwardboundlatex #hood #leash #collar #bdsm #domina #dominatrix #femdomme #nycdominatrix


So do you have it?


Enjoy the view from below 🖤 #leather #leatherdress #leatherfetish


I get asked a lot if I’d like any kind of gift at the start of a session. Firstly it’s never required, but always appreciated. If you’re looking to be a bit creative look at my “books” or “things for the home” wishlist on amazon for ideas of what I like. I’m currently very smitten with @shortstackeds little short form ingredient specific cookbooks! I’d love to collect them all 😊🤓🐛📚


I’ve always dabbled with natural fermentation in bread baking but recently I grew my own sourdough culture from nothing but flour, water and time. I’m absolutely ecstatic how my first home cultured sourdough boule came out this weekend! It was light with a airy crumb and a crispy crackly thin crust and a mild but complex acidity. I’m so excited to make more with it and see how the culture develops over time. If we’re friends and you’re on the gluten train expect to be having bread forced on you soon. #sourdough #naturalfermentation #rye #homebaking #sourdoughstarter

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