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Death And Life Are One

97 Dinan m3 🚗 08 i335 e88 🚙 2016 R3 🏍 Grace 🐶 Pancakes and waffles 🐱 🐱 Pepper 🐍

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Lately I’ve been super depressed. I’ve been told I should just keep my depression to myself because no one cares. I’ve been called weak because I’m depressed. I spent 3 days in bed last week because I couldn’t get up . I stopped eating and I cried. A lot. In 2012 I went to the doctor because I couldn’t understand why I felt sad most of the time. I had lost all interest in everything. After some testing the doctor said I wasn’t producing enough serotonin.. not even half of what Normal healthy people produce. On top of that all the traumatic things that happened to me starting at the age of 7, was a recipe for disaster. . . . . . I know if you see me you’ll as me as a happy one. I’ll make you laugh. I won’t burden you with my sadness. That’s the ugly side of depression. It’s a constant voice in my brain all day long reminding me of all the things that hurt me. This time around it seems like it’s here to stay, I feel weak, out of breath, sad, tired, like I’m screaming for help but at the same time I don’t want help because it’s not going to fix anything.. it will only put a temporary band aid on the situation. This is one hell of life.


So when I got home from work this morning at like 5 am maybe a little later... I walk into my room to check on my adorable new pet. I look closely because all I had on was my purple light on.. I notice the whole top mesh part of the tank is destroyed so I quickly check and yeah my snake was gone.. and my cats were guilty asf.... I panicked and start looking everywhere even look in my cats poop for snake particles... I was about to swing and fight my cats but they knew they were in trouble. It’s 6 am and the snake is finally found curled up in between my clean clothes... long story short new cage, no cats allowed in the room while I’m at work.


Who’s m3??...


🐶 Grace .. she is undefeated by everything ... bleach, nail polish, football pieces, jeans , sharpies , crayons.


I love him he loves me ☺️💞😽 I pet him he bites me it’s unconditional love ❤️ I put fresh kitty litter he shits in it a soon as I walk away...💕


Went to Ross and found these gems. ... in only one size .. they are @puma and I can’t seem to find these online .. help


Thank you, next.


Everyone meet Pepper he’s a ball python snake 🐍☺️❤️ ain’t he the cutest 💞💕💖


Live forever 🥀


Who else has a fat cat 🐈? Watch until the end please.


@sonny_spartan_athletics @__pickyminaj that one day we discussed the softness ... #buffalowildwings #nosofties #ridingornah