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“Our house in the middle of the street…” 🎶 Unfortunately, this little yellow house nestled in the snowy Appenzell landscape isn’t our home. This enchanting photo by @doeeme is the epitome of winter in Switzerland. The scene was shot close to the pretty village of Speicher in @appenzellerland. Thanks to its location in the rolling Pre-Alps, the spa town is is never windy or foggy, making it the perfect spot for a short trip. @doeeme had the right idea: head out from the village and trek through the snow. You won’t be disappointed: at every turn is a new winter wonderful land with superb views waiting to be discovered 😉 at Speicher, Switzerland


Hello up there! Can you see us? You may have a hard time making out the two skiers in the winter landscape of @lenzerheide.inside. This ski area, together with @arosa.inside, is one of the biggest in Switzerland! @haydenkortemoore, which you can see in this photo by @adamklingeteg, is home to 225km of prepared pistes. But there’s also plenty of fun in store for freeriders: epic descents, powder, snowparks and hours of action. As Hayden describes it: “Arosa Lenzerheide is a beautiful ski resort hidden amongst the Swiss Alps – seriously the perfect destination for skiers of any level!” at Lenzerheide


Wait, what’s the name of this mountain pass? “Ofen”… like oven? Exactly! The Ofen Pass isn’t named after any particular natural feature. Its name has more to do with the major role that @graubuenden played in mining. The name pays homage to the furnaces that were used for mining, and you can still see a replica furnace at the top of the pass. Another fun fact: This pass road is the only thoroughfare leading though the Swiss National Park. The park was established in 1914 to protect the natural landscape. Large areas can only be accessed on foot, and several of the park’s 20 valleys are actually completely closed to the public to create quiet zones for wildlife. The National Park is closed to visitors in winter. However, you can still travel to the top of the Ofen Pass – which lies outside the protected area – and from there, you have breathtaking views of the National Park. Thanks for the great photo, @thomas.luisier! at Ofenpass


Twinkle, twinkle, little star... The perfect song to describe the star-filled sky above #Nendaz. The sun has set on the @4vallees ski area and the night sky is resplendent with stars, but that doesn’t mean it’s time for bed. Instead, it’s time to put on your warm winter clothes and experience one of the many exciting winter walking trails around Nendaz. What’s missing from this photo by @marcbaechtold is the cheese fondue that they took with them for dinner in the forest. Fondue is the perfect food for the great outdoors. On Wednesdays, you can also go on a night-time ski tour from Nendaz. The restaurant on the touring route is open until 10 p.m. and also serves up fondue – so no need to bring your own up the mountain! Whether you’re hiking or skiing in Nendaz by night, don’t forget to bring a headtorch😉! at Nendaz, Switzerland


So, where are we now? Sometimes, the snow and mountains can make it hard to find your bearings. But we got you! This pink-hued landscape is Cima di Lago, not far from Val Bedretto in @ticinoturismo. @giacomo_meneghello_clickalps made his way to the mountains to take this magnificent photo. Although his main reason for going up there was probably ski touring rather than taking photos. The region around #Valbedretto has some beautiful ski touring routes thanks to the ton of snow that fills the long valley between the Gotthard and Cristallina massifs. The high altitude of Val Bedretto was not always seen as a good thing. For centuries, the people of Val Bedretto were dairy farmers, as well as growing potatoes and rye. Harvests were poor though, due to the high location of the valley, so the inhabitants were forced to go elsewhere for work. There is more life in Val Bedretto these days thanks to tourists and the Nufenen mountain pass road, which opened in 1964. The high altitude of the villages there means that visitors can enjoy a range of exciting activities. This region shows that #Ticino has more than just palm trees – it’s also ideal for ski enthusiasts. at Cima di Lago


Can you see the Sihlsee? You have to look a bit more closely at this picture by @mmmatze to recognise this frozen lake. Beneath all the snow is a lake where you can swim in the summer – though the prospect of diving right in might not seem so appealing right now. The dammed lake can be found in #Einsiedeln in the canton of Schwyz and is around 8.5km long and up to 2.5km wide, making it Switzerland’s largest reservoir by surface area. In summer, you can catch perch, trout, tench, carp and even catfish, or do some windsurfing, rowing and sailing. You can also take a boat trip on the MS Angelika. And in winter, the lake transforms into a natural ice rink if the temperature drops low enough. Thanks for the great photo, @mmmatze. at Sihlsee


at Bern


at Andermatt, Switzerland


You can almost taste the fresh air in this picture! In this photo by @christofs70, you can see @chateauchillon, close to @montreuxriviera. The castle was built on the banks of #LakeGeneva in the 12th century. The scene is beautifully framed by the Dents du Midi mountain range. Did you know that this moated castle is the most-visited historic monument in Switzerland? And it’s not just popular with visitors: the castle in #Disney film #TheLittleMermaid is based on the beautiful Château de Chillon. Google it – the similarities are uncanny! 😉 But Chillon Castle isn’t the region’s only star: You’ll find a statue of Charlie Chaplin in #Vevey and one of Freddie Mercury in #Montreux – both stars spent many years on the shores of Lake Geneva. So you see, there are many new things to discover in @montreuxriviera. at Château de Chillon


You can’t help but feel totally relaxed when you look at this view. In this photo by, you can see Sertig Dörfli in @graubuenden. The cloudless, starry sky over the village has an almost magical appeal and contrasts beautifully with the snowy landscape. For avid stargazers, winter is the best time to visit the mountains. Once you escape the lights of the city, you can see the stars at their brightest during the winter months. The village under the beautiful sky also has plenty of charm. Like the whole Sertig Valley, it is steeped in cultural heritage. The small church and steeple, listed as a protected building since 1942, and impressive #Walserhouses make this small mountain village a true hidden gem. And if you’re looking for something really special, discover the Sertig Valley in a horse-drawn carriage by full moon. Great, don’t you think? #inLOVEwithSWITZERLAND #Switzerland #igersswitzerland at Sertig Dörfli


at Moléson CH


Even a cloudy sky can be stunning! Especially if it’s above beautifully snow-capped mountains like in this photo of Lac de Moiry in #Valdanniviers @valaiswallis by @laui_re. The focal point of this beautiful scene is the stunning reservoir, not far from the village of #Grimentz – a popular starting point for numerous winter activities. From here, you can try out snowshoeing or ski touring in the breathtaking winter landscape. And if the weather’s not so good or you want to take it easy, Grimentz has a very special treat in store: “Glacier wine” is unique to #Valais and is produced in a special way to give it a robust flavour and long aftertaste. Unusually, you can’t actually buy this wine – it’s only available for sampling in the cellars of #Anniviers. For example, in “cave de la bourgeoisie de Grimentz” during a guided tour. This cellar is home to the famous “Tonneau de l’Évêque” wine barrel, whose wine dates back to 1886 and is only ever given to very important people. This legendary wine is part of the cultural heritage of Val d’Anniviers. #inLOVEwithSWITZERLAND #Switzerland #igersswitzerland at Lac de Moiry

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