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saved by grace | wife | boy mama² | vancouver bc i make banners @thefoxthatmade 🦊🌿

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Mama’s little helper. He’s like my personal assistant and gets seriously offended if I try to do his job myself 😜 at Langley, British Columbia


1 month ✨ I can’t believe how fast this bub is growing 😭 He loves being held and worn • is a tummy time pro • loves to pee while getting changed 🙄 • super attentive when talked to • loves to stare at blinds 🤷🏻‍♀️ • looooves baths • does the cutest sounds and big smiles 😍 #monthlymilo at Langley, British Columbia


The proudest big brother I ever did see. 😍 at Langley, British Columbia


I finally have someone who is just as excited when I point out every single pretty tree I see 😜🍁 at Wendel's Bookstore and Cafe


He’s already growing so fast that I can’t keep up. Why do babies have to grow so quickly?! 😩 PC: @toniarizhkova at Langley, British Columbia


The best thing to do on a gloomy Saturday afternoon 😴 at Langley, British Columbia


I’ve never seen him so obsessed with anything and it’s the sweetest thing. 🧡


Perfect October weather. 🍁 at Langley, British Columbia


I just can’t get enough of him. Obsessed with this sweet face 😍 #babyspam #sorrynotsorry at Langley, British Columbia


My boys have the best daddy. I’m so lucky we got to spend this whole week with him home 🏡 at Langley, British Columbia


Nico’s reaction to his new brother was everything we expected 😍 he giggled excitedly and couldn’t wipe the huge smile off his face. He’s completely obsessed. 💛 at Langley, British Columbia


This boy is so perfect. So thankful 💙 at Langley, British Columbia


Our sweet Milo is finally here! 💙 Born today at 7:40 am, 7lbs 9oz of pure sweetness 😍 We love you so much already and can’t wait for you to meet your big brother!


Getting so impatient for you to arrive baby boy, we can’t wait to meet you 💛 at Langley, British Columbia


Never not trying to cuddle baby brother 👶🏻 at Langley, British Columbia


Nightly walks have become a thing around here and I’m loving it. 🍃 at Langley, British Columbia


Patiently waiting for little brother to arrive.. Or not so patiently 🙈 he’s always taking about baby boy these days. A few of my favourite things he has said lately - “Baby boy is my sweetie pie because I love him” • “You drink smoothie and coffee and water because baby boy is swimming in smoothie and coffee and water” • *To my belly* “Baby boy, do you love me? Yes? Awwww!” 😂💛 at Langley, British Columbia


We went on a “little” walk today that ended up being 2 hours and 10 minutes long because we forgot where exactly we parked the car 😅 This little guy was such a champ! He had so much fun on our long nature walk 🍃 at Campbell Valley Park

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