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Insert cliche Bealtes quote here.. ❤️ The best part about living in Europe is how easy and cheap it is to travel! at London, United Kingdom


Got taken on a proper date tonight👫 at Aberdeen


I think what I love most about taking dance classes is the amount I grow as a dancer. I really try and get out of my comfort zone taking classes from different people and trying new styles. I am so inspired by other dancers and learn so much from them:) when I saw that @tmillytv had an app where I could take classes from amazing choreographers I was so excited. Although I’m not physically in class I feel like I’m still learning so much and having a blast. It is definitely challenging to learn choreography from an app but being able to learn from dancers I admire so much makes it that much better! Thank you @deeglazer for constantly inspiring me to be the best dancer I can ♥️ #tmilly #delaneyglazer at University of Aberdeen


Met up with this amazing dancer and had so much fun choreographing @loisowusuafriyie 😘😘 #rihanna at University of Aberdeen


Love you and miss you so so so much Han. Can’t wait until we are reunited again❤️


Missing my best friend so much right now♥️ and traveling around Europe without a care in the world #greece


Happy Sunday ☀️☀️ just having some fun dancing ❤️ at Aberdeen


You know you’ve made a good group of friends when you can be yourself around them and they still want to hang out with you 😂😂❤️ I love you guys!! at Aberdeen


When you get hacked...


Missing the Mediterranean Sea 🌊 🇬🇷


I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to dance in two different cities in Germany. This was such a fun class. I can’t even get over how much I love to dance!! Being able to dance in different countries is something I never thought I would be able to do! I’m so lucky to be living the life I’m living🙏 here’s tonight’s combo with this amazing dancer❤️🇩🇪 what an amazing end to my summer holiday! at Berlin, Germany


She makes taking photos of her so easy😍♥️ #sophotogenic at Venezia, Italia


I had an amazing summer holiday with my best friend♥️ I am so blessed to have such a beautiful soulmate. Anyone who knows Lauren knows her to be one of the most caring loving people and I get to call her my best friend how lucky am I?? #blessed at Venezia, Italia


Couldn’t have asked for a better day in Venice♥️ thank you so much Emma you are a big reason we had such a great time here! I hope that we meet again in the future ♥️🇮🇹 at Alex De Pase Stores The Venetian Job


Truth🙏 repost: @thebeav_1


📍Venezia, Italia 🇮🇹 at Venezia, Italia


Decided to spend the day in Siena, Italy 🇮🇹 it was such a lovely day♥️ sad to be leaving Tuscany tomorrow but excited for our next destination 🙏.. that last photo of Lauren though😂 when you just need a minute alone.. at Siena, Italy


Spent the day in Lucca and Pisa🇮🇹 It’s been an amazing summer holiday and I’m so happy to have spent it with my best friend.. but it’s not over yet!! 🙌🙏 at Pisa, Italy

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