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I teach people how to chill out. 🇸 🇹 🇵| 🇲 🇵 🇱 🇸 Scroll here for yoga, self care, local love & more. ⓎⓄⒼⒶ E-RYT 200 (500 soon!) #mandukaambassador Similar users

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I legitimately get worried that if/when I get a new cat or dog after she dies that they aren’t going to love me as much or cuddle as much or be as PERFECT as this fat, elderly cat. If that’s true, hopefully they can at least hold their bodily fluids to themselves better than she can. 🤞🏼Also she’s immortal so let’s not even think about it. At least not for a few more years. at Saint Paul, Minnesota


So I’ve been thinking about writing a book, but CLEARLY I will never top this gem from October 1999 sent to my aunt @dianeduea . I’ve already peaked. • “Dear aunt Diane, One day I heard some poems and here they are. If a part we must be just read this verse and think of me. A dot, a blot, forget me not. Peanuts go with butter Beans go with rice We go together like sugar and spice. It tickles me and makes me laugh to think you want my autograph. You see this present I gave to you is yours till the potato chips.” • Best seller, national treasure: Emily Rose. 🤦🏽‍♀️💕📝


A labor of love is still labor. • Photo by @yogawithjq @jqww at Guthrie Theater


Self care on a snowy day. ❄️ 💕What self care do you have planned this freezing February Monday? • • • • #beherenow #intention #truthseeker #lightworker #mandukaambassador #rockyourbliss #yogaoffthemat #intentionalliving #minnstagramers #twincities #mpls #stp #minnesotanice #selfcare #bathbomb #bathtime @lushcosmetics #lush #lushbathbomb


Here’s your friendly reminder that I am, in fact, bisexual. Thanks! at Guthrie Theater


No filter needed. 🌱 Have you been in nature recently? 🌿 Or, if you are @bekkawithkays have you touched nature recently? 😂 at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory


What if I told you the butterfly liked the cocoon? 🦋 at Guthrie Theater


The lovers of “Picasso at the Lapin Agile.” Valentines and all. 💝Show closes Feb 25. Don’t miss it! at Gremlin Theatre


Little pleasures. 🏠 🐁 💕 #Minneapolis #mpls #arteverywhere #homesweethome at Five Watt Coffee


Happy Valentine’s Day! Our treat to you: Vino and Vinyasa at @cpyandspa Apple Valley at 8pm. There will be a live guitar player, @knutsoncurtis , wine, chocolates, and a candlelight yoga experience that melts together flow and restore. Hope to see you, sweet people! 🍷 🍫 🕯 at CorePower Yoga & Spa Apple Valley


Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️ This is my ear-pinning pose, sometimes called deaf man’s pose in honor of this holiday that I UNIRONICALLY love. I love the treats, the cards, the colors, the sentiment. 🍫 So I shut my ears to the haters and cynics. I love love and I love a day that celebrates love. Let’s do more of that every day. Do you love V-Day? How do you celebrate? Let me know and let your love show! 💕 Photo by my Galentine @yogawithjq 👯‍♀️ at Guthrie Theater


Do yourself a favor and meet magic maker @_jennadailey . She always seems to capture the sacred spaces between movements, the real moments between poses. I just love her. She also has the sweetest things to say: “EmRo mama, you are 126% one of my favorite humans to photograph. For real. And I mean 🍑🍑🍑 . And seriously y’all, if you haven’t taken a class from @namastemilyrose, you should. I started taking her classes at Stadium Village back in college, and then she helped lead my 200 hour training. She’s funny as hell, knows what she’s doing, and gives 🔥 adjustments.” • Photos by #jennadaileyphotography for @sacredspaceofficial run by @ctgyogalife and @ashleycarlsonyoga — a truly devine place to be. • Outfit by #aloyoga @aloyoga#beherenow #intention #truthseeker #lightworker #mandukaambassador #rockyourbliss #yogaoffthemat #intentionalliving #minnstagramers #twincities #mpls #stp #minnesotanice #sacredspace


Appeasing my sweet tooth one coffee shop at a time. Chai + banana bread = happy EmRo. ☕️ 🍌 🍞 💕 at Empire Coffee + Pastry - Stinson


This morning in meditation I discovered I ripped a hole in my pants. My mind created a huge story about why they ripped, how they were too small or I was too big. It fantasized about whether I was going to return them or fix them or forget them and it started to spiral into how I felt about it (frustrated, embarrassed, self conscious) and I thought about all of the other pants that I have ripped for various reasons and what I should wear next and— And then I took a deep breath. And I was back in the present again. • • • • • #beherenow #intention #truthseeker #lightworker #mandukaambassador #rockyourbliss #yogaoffthemat #intentionalliving #minnstagramers #twincities #mpls #stp #minnesotanice #aloyoga #meditation #beyondyoga @aloyoga @beyondyoga


“Take your actions that lead toward happiness and do them like they matter.” -Joel K ( @yogajoel ) at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory


I give up. • Photo by @yogawithjq


Before I broke my foot, I went rock climbing for my first time. As you can see from the goofy looks on my face, I was pretty pleased with myself and the whole experience. I can’t remember the last time I felt my heart pump so fast. I’m not saying I was good at it, but maybe that’s why I enjoyed it. I’m done with only doing things that I’m good at; I’m ready to fall, and falling is one of the best parts! Thanks @reallyreallystuff for putting up with my fear and antics. I can’t wait to go back. @verticalendeavors • • • #rockclimbing #autobelay #trysomethingnew #beginner #newbeginning #verticalendeavors #beherenow #intention #truthseeker #lightworker #mandukaambassador #rockyourbliss #yogaoffthemat #intentionalliving #minnstagramers #twincities #mpls #stp #minnesotanice at Vertical Endeavors

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