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Taniguchi for Garage G-Force // 週末を楽しむ


Boost Up // article on-site


NDF exclusive feature on Koji-san and the Hokkaido based GNR Racing EK9 - available on site now //


A new episode of the podcast is now available on site, iTunes, and Stitcher. @philiprrobles joins us at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway for a special live audience interview during @vtecclubusa Round 1 //


Shoichiro's 80R Volume 2 promo video is a available on our YouTube channel // link on main page


"It is a street specification, but it is reasonably fast at the circuit. It is possible to put your girl in the passenger seat and go to the hot spring and also run on the circuit." - Assist on their M4 tuning ethos Assist M4 w/ Taniguchi //


This is an emotion //


We brought the NDF SPL Civic out to display at the @koyorad booth during Round 1 of @vtecclubusa - I wish I could have driven it, but it didn't have a transmission; the DC2 was plenty fun though. @ndfattackchallenge was met with great enthusiasm and we're looking forward to growing the concept in the near future. Thanks to everyone who came out to drive and watch! // photo: @circuitspirits


@illwillem Spoon Sports CL7 - NA S-Tire for @ndfattackchallenge // at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway


Desert bound for @vtecclubusa Round 1 - @ndfattackchallenge //


Dogfight Japan Bodyworks carbon GT-Wing end plates- very limited pre-order coming soon // ______________________ A few months ago we introduced the idea of producing a line of carbon parts under NDF Japan Bodyworks that would help expand our current carbon line of goods.  We petitioned suggestion on parts that you would like to see more variety of in the universal market; and we received hundreds of responses.  Preceding the results of our questionnaire, I had flown to Japan to discuss design and production capabilities with our partner and good friend, Masao.  Since then, we've been working on a few different carbon items that will be available for pre-order in the store very soon. The first of the new line to be completed are our new carbon GT-Wing End Plates; Type 1 and Type 2. at Chiba-shi, Chiba, Japan


Hiroyuki Iiri setting the new NA course record at Okayama Circuit with a 1'32.614 // 🎶 at 岡山国際サーキット

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