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Inspired by retro frivolity, good design, and my growing collection of ephemera 〰️ I create things, and blog about pretty stuff...

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Vintage shopping on a rainy day was the perfect outing to get myself away from my computer screen. Found a few good treasures, I’ll share on stories later! I loved this little scene 🙌🏼 at Taylor's Collective: Antiques, Art, Artisans


This project is still a favorite. Especially because it was just for fun. More in my “work” page on the site! Also, elton 🙌🏼


Sorry I ghosted you! The past few weeks have been incredibly busy in the best way. Outside my day job, I’m adoring all the work I’m doing with @taylorsterling on her new site and after finally making updates to my work page on my own website, I’m feeling extra motivated to get more projects I love up there. I can’t wait to share more with you all. Things are FUN FUN these days. Link in bio to see what’s new!!


Finally getting my sh*t together and working on my portfolio to add to the website! I’ve been so happy and humbled to have so many requests for design projects lately with a bunch of awesome creative ladies and can’t wait to work with them in the future. In case you haven’t seen the site this month - it’s all fresh and new! The blog has been pushed to a new url and site, and I’ve really been loving this new design so far and hope you have too! Link in bio!!


Sharing a few good things over on the blog today. Like an MR article on making friends as an adult and an offbeat short film called Poor Cherries from Nowness and other pretty things 🙌🏼 Go see! It’s fun!


I am beyond pumped to be working with a creative who has been such a big source of inspiration for me over the years to help make her wishes come true! I’m sure you’ve heard the big news - @taylorsterling will be launching her own personal site soon (that’s right... separate from Glitter Guide)! As my most exciting design project thus far, it’s been a dream to continue working with a client who is basically the same person as me creatively, but just living in a different body on an opposite coast (with two really cute kids). We get each other 👌🏼. This is why I love the creative community so much, its so fun to connect and collaborate, and “make magic.” This is just a tease of the hand-drawn branding I designed with her.... more to come!


Hope you all are having a relaxing start to the week. Captured a few pretty things on my desk today, also items that inspired my new homepage and colors across my site. By the way, these earrings look just like the v expensive Rachel Comey ones, but are under $60.


You guys!!! I’m alive and I’m back online. My site is live again and I’ve blogged about why I t̶o̶o̶k̶ ̶a̶ ̶s̶t̶e̶p̶ ̶b̶a̶c̶k̶ fell off the face of the earth and how social media kind of sucks sometimes. I hope you love the new look. I’ve gone back to basics and needed a reminder that this space is my personal blog and I don’t have to run it as a business, and there doesn’t need to be any pressure when it comes to posting here and there. I get a little emotional, but it’s a good rant, sometimes I need to share my feelings. Anyways, thank you for your continued amazing support and love and messages. This blog is for me, but it’s also very very very much for YOU. And I hope you’re endlessly inspired by it! Link in profile. 🖥💕 Photo @the.wing


On repeat this Monday 🎶 Check the blog today for TWO gift guides and check stories for my next “Choose Your Own Adventure.”


First of all, where can I find an outfit like this? Second, I’m posting TWO gift guides a day this week!! And asking you guys which you want to see first in my stories. Kthanksbye.✨ #inspirednataliecatalina


In love with the design in @the.wing’s newest mag No Man’s Land 👌🏼 Good stories, with great company of ladies.


Said goodbye to these pretty ladies last week, but planning to add more vintage earrings to shop for holidays! Clip-ons are fun 👀 #shopnataliecatalina


All new Good Things over on the blog today. Obsessed with @saintrecords in Glamour 👌🏼✨ among a few other things...


When the work day is rough, it’s pouring and cold, you’re having a bad hair day, you’re on your period, you have a large bill to pay, you’re fighting a cold, you have a migraine, and you’re just not really sure where to take your business or what to do with your life, or if you should keep your Instagram going because this platform isn’t as wonderful as it once was, and you can’t stop thinking negative thoughts, but the day is almost over and you’ve survived and soon you can be passed out in bed........ and you found this photo in your library and you’re like, “Eh, this seems appropriate.” How’s your day going?


Have you checked out the brand new shop page on my website? New photos added for every product to give you all more details! 👜 #shopnataliecatalina Link in profile.


Did you all catch my site relaunch?? Things are different, but still kept the simplicity of it all and added photography to the shop items, which you guys have expressed much love for already 👏🏼👏🏼 Oh. And 15% off all orders through Sunday!! 🙌🏼 #shopnataliecatalina


Picked up this lady scouting with my mom a couple weeks ago. She’s a 1970s treasure someone left behind. I named her Donna 👁


The best part about photoshoots is getting to keep the props👌🏼🍂 Hope you all were able to take it easy today.

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