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A DC-based graphic designer and creative person. BOOBS print now available as shower curtain @urbanoutfitters ↓ ↓ ↓

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Plans. All day, everyday. 🌸 at Waikiki, Hawaii


Yea, I could live here 🌴 at Royal Hawaiian Waikiki


Aloha from Hawaii! One of the perks of jet lag here is that you rise with the sun and are wide awake by 6am 👌🏼 if you squint you can see all the surfers catching Morning waves. at Halekulani Hotel


It’s a gloomy day out there, so tonight’s plans include postmates, binging The Staircase, and knocking out more blog posts for while I’m away. Pulling inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest for a Hawaiian roundup, including this amazing palm lighting fixture 👌🏼👌🏼 Image via @hannahfaithlord


I’ve got a blank space, baby... and I’ll... spending all my savings from the last few months living at home on pretty mid-century furniture to fill it. Chatting about my new soon-to-be home on the blog today. If you missed the tour, see my highlights! 💸🙌🏼 #nataliecatalinahome


My favorite thing about @instagram is gaining twenty followers one day, and then... in a crazy turn of events, losing 117 followers the next! But these flowers are making me v happy, so share them to Instagram I will 🌸


In love with this new addition to my pin collection snagged from! If you haven’t already discovered them through my directory page on my site, you’re missing out. 10% of proceeds go to @plannedparenthood, and also, their products are all about women kicking ass (as we do). These are the types of companies I love to work with and want to share with you. 🌼 #nataliecatalinastylestory


Made a bunch of updates to the site and portfolio ~ cannot wait to be able to share new work with you! Websites and identity for @taylorsterling and @thirlby coming at you very soon. We’re so excited, but as with most projects, timelines never go as planned 👌🏼 It’s ok though because it’ll all be worth the wait, I promise. ARE YOU EXCITED?? More in my stories.


My 2018 #aesthetic 🙌🏼


Back in the office today after a week away and it’s seriously been rough! But happy to say I’ve been super productive today and ready to take on the week. Happy Monday! 👌🏼 Also can’t get enough of The Islander Inn’s scalloped peachy office features (in Vero Beach). Good design inspiration.


Can’t get enough of the lush life 🌺 at Orchid, Florida


Hi. I’m alive. Feeling so relaxed and blessed to have our FL place to escape to whenever I can. I have had the most wonderful getaway on my own then with friends, and back to spending rest of weekend alone here. Soaking up sunshine and getting things done 🙌🏼 This little bungalow is one of my favorites down the beach. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! at Orchid, Florida


Here’s to all my fellow women. You are strong, beautiful, brave, passionate, intelligent, inspiring, powerful, fearless, valuable. You are changing the world. I am endlessly in awe of you and proud, everyday, to be one of you. #happyinternationalwomensday


Spent Sunday morning listening to newly found records and cleaning my room. Still swollen and sore, but I managed to eat toast for breakfast! I also finally got onto my laptop to catch up on some work without getting a major headache for first time since Thursday morning. Today is a good day.


Thank you for all your sweet comments this week re: my cold and wisdom teeth. Weeks like this make me feel so lame and I want to feel like a human again. Currently looking through pretty photos for inspiration and it’s making me feel better. 🌸


I would just like to say you can have a relationship with interior pieces and anyone who says that’s weird is wrong. I’m totally in love with my new retro record rack, which I’ll be using for magazines. It’s pretty and I love it 🙌🏼


Current feels ✌🏼


Vintage shopping on a rainy day was the perfect outing to get myself away from my computer screen. Found a few good treasures, I’ll share on stories later! I loved this little scene 🙌🏼 at Taylor's Collective: Antiques, Art, Artisans

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