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Adores good design, ephemera, & chocolate milkshakes 〰️ Blog, studio, and vintage shop below! Similar users

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Did you catch my fall playlist???? I’ve listened all month! Thanks to everyone else who’s been enjoying 📻 Link in profile.


In love with the design in @the.wing’s newest mag No Man’s Land 👌🏼 Good stories, with great company of ladies.


My gift guide series launched this morning! This one is my favorite because it’s all stuff I want for myself 💁🏽‍♀️ I’m also doing all gift guides under $200 this year!! What’s on your wishlist? Link in bio.


Said goodbye to these pretty ladies last week, but planning to add more vintage earrings to shop for holidays! Clip-ons are fun 👀 #shopnataliecatalina


All new Good Things over on the blog today. Obsessed with @saintrecords in Glamour 👌🏼✨ among a few other things...


When the work day is rough, it’s pouring and cold, you’re having a bad hair day, you’re on your period, you have a large bill to pay, you’re fighting a cold, you have a migraine, and you’re just not really sure where to take your business or what to do with your life, or if you should keep your Instagram going because this platform isn’t as wonderful as it once was, and you can’t stop thinking negative thoughts, but the day is almost over and you’ve survived and soon you can be passed out in bed........ and you found this photo in your library and you’re like, “Eh, this seems appropriate.” How’s your day going?


Have you checked out the brand new shop page on my website? New photos added for every product to give you all more details! 👜 #shopnataliecatalina Link in profile.


Did you all catch my site relaunch?? Things are different, but still kept the simplicity of it all and added photography to the shop items, which you guys have expressed much love for already 👏🏼👏🏼 Oh. And 15% off all orders through Sunday!! 🙌🏼 #shopnataliecatalina


Picked up this lady scouting with my mom a couple weeks ago. She’s a 1970s treasure someone left behind. I named her Donna 👁


The best part about photoshoots is getting to keep the props👌🏼🍂 Hope you all were able to take it easy today.


Friday mood ✌🏼⚡️ PS. Happy Friday 13th. Good luck out there.


Interior envy to the max!!! This little side table and lamp and flowers and velvet couch will definitely be inspiration for a future home 🙌🏼 Copied (and edited) from @taylorsterling. Photo by @monicawangphoto. #inspirednataliecatalina


I stumbled upon a Sear’s catalogue from 1965 at an emporium! I didn’t buy it... it was two inches thick and I’m trying to be better about not hoarding so many paper goods. But I snapped several pics to keep the memories. 60s fashion is my absolute favorite. And... the hair. 🙌🏼


Weekend vibes (and fontspiration) 〰 by @juliawalck #inspirednataliecatalina


This pretty little thing is in the shop, but for now, it’s sitting pretty on my desk! Sharing a few favorite items on Instagram Stories 〰 Extreme sparkle not included, but she’s a beaute ✨ #shopnataliecatalina


Love when my desk is messy with beautiful things!! These pretty babies were picked up 30 minutes after posting! But pink dish is still available for $12.50! Check out all the newness added to the shop last night, lots of retro vibes!! #shopnataliecatalina


Spending the evening adding new goods to the shop. Check my stories for a sneak peek! Also thinking of selling vintage radios and these classic little ladies in the near future. Thoughts?? 💭 PS. items bought this week were shipped out this afternoon 👌🏼 #shopnataliecatalina


New September playlist is up on the blog today. Or listen on Spotify 〰 Natalie Catalina 📻

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