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I love making fun gifs and knocked this little one out for a mood board going up tomorrow on the blog. Dolly is a shiny lady ✨. Also on the blog this week is a little freelance update and a post on mid-century pieces I’m swooning over. #inspirednataliecatalina


I’ve been needing a lot of this lately ↑ The last few weeks have been frustrating for me creatively. Dealing with a fellow blogger who has been taking my graphics, ideas, designs, and even using similar language that I wrote. Of course, facing the problem head on does help, but it doesn’t make me feel any better about the integrity of my work. To know I’ve worked really hard on this journey for years to finally be in a place where I’m confident in my style and niche... only to see someone else try to fast-forward their own journey through emulating mine just sucks. After bumming around a bit and sulking, receiving advice from blogger friends, it fueled my fire to knock out blog posts, my project page, and my newsletter. Then Emily and Meritt launched and I received an overwhelming amount of kind messages. It reminded me that people know and love my work, and anyone will see through others trying to use it for themselves. So, just feeling extra blessed to be part of this community and wanted to put out a big THANK YOU to everyone who chooses to support me, work with me, and be inspired by me. It’s nice to have each other’s backs ✌🏼


How do I get me one of these? Made me happy today. Chair by @reisingerandres, inspired by hydrangea flowers 🙌🏼


Guys, today is a big day. First, I updated my project page on my site with my favorites and added brand new items to my curated shop for fall. Second, @emilyandmeritt launched their new site today! It was so fun to work with the team to bring their brand to life online! Be sure to check it out and see their new friend-shop. I’ll also be sending a newsletter out next week (finally) and have three blog posts scheduled. Cheers to catching up on long overdue tasks and feeling accomplished 👌🏼 Good stuff. #nataliecatalinadesign


Can’t get enough of @musierparis lately. Saved this photo from earlier this year and it’s now my go-to inspiration for a fall wardrobe... strictly gingham, please. ⠀⠀ My site’s curated shop is fully updated for autumn! Link in bio. #nataliecatalinastylestory


Currently going through photos from vintage shopping with @thirlby and wondering why neither of us came home with this. Very grandma chic. May need to return for her 🙌🏼 #inspirednataliecatalina #nataliecatalinastylestory


Hello Insta fam. It’s been too long since I posted a photo. Lately, I have felt extra anxiety after looking at Instagram stories. I know when I find myself judging my own life based on what others have (or appear to have), it’s time to rethink things and change the way I use this space. Then I listened to @jengotch’s podcast regarding social media, watched @emmahill’s video about mental health in the creative industry space, and chatted things out with friends struggling with the same thoughts. It’s nice to know we all feel the struggle sometimes. I’d love to know how others deal with pressure, comparison, judgement, etc when it comes to this space. I did a solid no guilt purge so that I’m only seeing people who lift me up, inspire me, do good things, and make me feel joy. It’s a good way to feel motivated to use this space again and also let’s you connect and see way more content with people who otherwise were not showing up because of w.e. algorithm stuff. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the amount of photos or stories, I can go on and get through ALL stories without wanting to swipe away and see ALL photos posted for the day. I love this space so much more when there’s no pressure to actually use it, you know? #nataliecatalinahome


Everything about Hawaii is insane and beautiful and amazing and dreamy. I’m keeping all my stories on my highlights in my profile if you missed them with the time difference! Sorry not sorry for all the beachy scenes. Just too good.


Plans. All day, everyday. 🌸 at Waikiki, Hawaii


Yea, I could live here 🌴 at Royal Hawaiian Waikiki


Aloha from Hawaii! One of the perks of jet lag here is that you rise with the sun and are wide awake by 6am 👌🏼 if you squint you can see all the surfers catching Morning waves. at Halekulani Hotel


It’s a gloomy day out there, so tonight’s plans include postmates, binging The Staircase, and knocking out more blog posts for while I’m away. Pulling inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest for a Hawaiian roundup, including this amazing palm lighting fixture 👌🏼👌🏼 Image via @hannahfaithlord


I’ve got a blank space, baby... and I’ll... spending all my savings from the last few months living at home on pretty mid-century furniture to fill it. Chatting about my new soon-to-be home on the blog today. If you missed the tour, see my highlights! 💸🙌🏼 #nataliecatalinahome


My favorite thing about @instagram is gaining twenty followers one day, and then... in a crazy turn of events, losing 117 followers the next! But these flowers are making me v happy, so share them to Instagram I will 🌸


In love with this new addition to my pin collection snagged from! If you haven’t already discovered them through my directory page on my site, you’re missing out. 10% of proceeds go to @plannedparenthood, and also, their products are all about women kicking ass (as we do). These are the types of companies I love to work with and want to share with you. 🌼 #nataliecatalinastylestory


My 2018 #aesthetic 🙌🏼


Back in the office today after a week away and it’s seriously been rough! But happy to say I’ve been super productive today and ready to take on the week. Happy Monday! 👌🏼 Also can’t get enough of The Islander Inn’s scalloped peachy office features (in Vero Beach). Good design inspiration.


Can’t get enough of the lush life 🌺 at Orchid, Florida

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