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Video by @joelsartore | This Javan gibbon, Rose, is alive and thriving today thanks to @balisafari. At three months old, she was in poor health and destined to be sold in the illegal pet trade. Thankfully, she was rescued and given a home @balisafari, where she has been well cared for. Found only in Java, Indonesia, there are less than 2,000 of these gibbons left in the wild because of habitat destruction and the illegal pet trade. Conservation institutions such as @balisafari and @taman_safari work to save this species by rescuing confiscated Javan gibbons. Without professional care and socialization with other gibbons, this species’ chance at survival is slim outside of their natural habitat. These institutions also collaborate with the Bogor Agricultural University to successfully manage a captive breeding program for this endangered primate species. To see a still of Rose, follow @joelsartore. #PhotoArk #Javangibbon #notapet


Photo by Muhammed Muheisen @mmuheisen | Arin, an 8-year-old Syrian refugee girl, stands outside her family's tent in a camp north of Athens, Greece. For more photos and videos of the refugee crisis follow me @mmuheisen @everydayrefugees and @mmuheisenpublic #everydayrefugees #muhammedmuheisen


Photo by @thomaspeschak | The Northern elephant seal has a conservation story every bit as fascinating and harrowing as its African elephant namesake. These seals came dangerously close to extinction in the 19th century, hunted and killed for their blubber which was turned into oil for lamps, lubricants, soaps and candles. By 1890 just a single group of fewer than than 200 individuals was known to have survived the two centuries of slaughter. Conservation measures were introduced in the 1920s and while recovery was initially slow, by 2010 the global population was estimate at well over 200,000 animals. We humans have a track record of destroying our planet’s biodiversity, but we have shown that we can turn the tables on #extinction if we choose to. For more underwater photographs and stories about fascinating marine animals follow #natgeo photographer @thomaspeschak


Photo by @peteressick | Buffalo RiverWorks in Buffalo, New York. What to do with an old grain elevator? The Buffalo RiverWorks converted one into a sports facility with a zip line and also a restaurant among artwork and the rebar sculptures. #greatlakes #restoration


Photo by @simonnorfolkstudio | Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery & the Australian National Memorial were made after the Armistice of November 11, 1918 by bringing together graves from the surrounding battlefields and burial grounds. Buried here are more than 2,100 servicemen of the First World War, two-thirds of whom died in 1918. More than 600 remain unidentified. The cemetery was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. I've been working for a couple of years now on a project about the aftermath of the War. For more on this and other projects, follow me @simonnorfolkstudio @simonnorfolkstudio #simonnorfolk #france #history #war #memorial #warfare #firstworldwar #1918 #memory #WW1 #somme #armistice #peace #cemetery #LestWeForget #cwgc #commonwealth #wardead #adnaccemetery #australiannationalmemorial


Photo by @beverlyjoubert | Every muscle is defined and honed to perfection. She is in her prime and her daily hunting through the Okavango swamps has made her extraordinarily strong. When hunting with her pride, she'll have her set position—each lion keeping her same spot and responsibility and honing her part to perfection. Right now, she has small cubs to feed and is keeping them separate to the pride until they are big enough. Every day, she enters the swamps to hunt red lechwe—at times running through water for hours, and with her unrelenting determination she is highly successful. #OkavangoLions #TsaroPride #ThisIsMyTrophy


Photo by @stephenwilkes | The water creates a surreal color landscape as the sun sets in Robson Bight. To see more photos from my travels near and far, visit me @stephenwilkes. #DayToNight #StephenWilkes #Abstraction #Water #Nature #Canada #Colorful


Photos by @richardbarnes | After completing a photographic assignment at the California Academy of Sciences I was walking out of the African Hall when I noticed a painter on a Scaffold repainting a scene in a diorama that had been damaged by smoke from a fire that had recently occurred. I was struck by the strangeness of the scene of this beautiful surreal savannah with giraffe, wildebeest, etc. wrapped in protective plastic, juxtaposed with the painter amidst the tools of his trade. I received permission to return to photograph and this chance encounter led me on to the path to what would become my obsession with photographing Dioramas throughout the world in states of removal, restoration and often, sadly, destruction. There is a strange, some would say disturbing, irony, in going out into the wild and culling animals only to re-animate them to grace the halls of natural history museums. This work forms the basis of my photo series and book "Animal Logic".


Video by Muhammed Muheisen @mmuheisen | I enjoyed watching the Evzones, members of the Greek Presidential Guard who are known for their distinctive uniform, perform in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Athens on October 24, 2018. For more photos and videos from different parts of the world, follow me @mmuheisen and @mmuheisenpublic #muhammedmuheisen


Photos by @laurentballesta | How to meet a living legend? First learn everything from it, read everything, listen to everything. Tell yourself that it does not matter the chances of success. Then win the trust of Peter Timm, the first diver who, in 2000, saw through his mask the silhouette of ""the greatest zoological discovery of the twentieth century"" Consider real risks, prepare for them, look at irrational fears, tame them. Finally mock that the quest may be impossible, just make it look beautiful and honest. And so in 2010, at a depth of 120 meters, at the first second of the first dive, we saw and photographed for the first time the fish from the bottom of the ages, the one that was thought to have disappeared 65 million years ago: ""Gombessa"" the coelacanth.


Photo by @CristinaMittermeier | I met this Lisu man as he gathered gifts of the forest, in the Tibetan mountains of northwestern Yunnan in China. Here, each remote village has a sacred forest or “nong” where the people believe gods and ancestral spirits reside. Because of the forest’s spiritual nature, villagers are prohibited from harming it in any way, but they can collect fallen firewood, mushrooms, and medicinal plants. #FollowMe at @CristinaMittermeier for more of my photos from around the world. #enoughness #nature #photography


Photo by David Chancellor @chancellordavid | Golden eagle chick, Cairngorm National Park, Scotland - these guys are incredibly important to the ecosystem and yet many in the highlands see them as pests, as they take large numbers of grouse, rabbit, hare, and young deer. We climbed down to this nest towards the end of July accompanying the licensed ringer who weighed, measured and ringed both the chicks in this nest; and yes he is very much watching me, I was after all pretty much sharing his nest 😏💚❤️ Both have now fledged and will compliment the biodiversity of this region. It’s vital that estates here support these populations - to see more from here and elsewhere, follow me @chancellodavid @thephotosociety @everydayextinction

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