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One of those places that you just have to see for yourself... at Jasper National Park


Peak after peak after peak... I think I counted to 25 before I gave up entirely. There’s enough mountains out here to keep the stoke alive for several lifetimes @travelalberta


Vermillion Lakes, just after sundown... One of the more peaceful evenings I’ve experienced at Banff National Park


Almost frozen in Johnston Canyon at Banff National Park


For every morning to start like this... at Emerald Lake


Two 10,000 foot giants loom amongst the clouds. It almost felt like heaven up there. Almost... @travelalberta #explorealberta at Banff National Park


Ever since I was young, Winter has been my favorite season... The first 9 years of my life were spent in the South, where snow only fell once in a blue moon. Whenever it snows now, it seems to turn my life into slow motion... The frosty air biting at your face, the trees swaying back and forth, every snowflake taking an eternity to fall #explorealberta at Banff National Park


Is that a bird on your head or are you just happy to see me? It might be a little bit of both... ❄️


Afternoon fog rolls in to an icy Two Jack Lake... This was the coldest day of our trip by far, I think a balmy -13 F was the lowest it got. A stark contrast to just a few days before when we were napping and skating in the sunshine in this exact spot #explorealberta


The wind was picking up by the second and the snow flakes whipped across the water, pelting everything in their way... With the bustling crowd at the shore I was happy to be alone with my thoughts, out in the middle of the lake #explorealberta at Lake Louise, Alberta


A lot of people thought we were crazy for wanting to go to Banff just as the first big snow storm was set to hit... They’re not necessarily wrong but to see it like this was well worth any pain or suffering we endured #explorealberta at Banff National Park


I asked the pilot if people ever got emotional on flights like this... The air was a bone-chilling -25 and the rotor’s high pitched whine drowned out all the other sounds except our voices over the scratchy headset communication. In this moment I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I did a little bit of both #explorealberta @travelalberta at Banff National Park

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