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And the (obviously) unsanctioned tandem deadlift ... I say obviously based on the platform attire of @adamdaxusprice and @barrettdonovanpt. 500kg (1102lbs) on the bar. #singletsaturday ?? at Calgary, Alberta


Judging at the single lift @rawplcanada meet today. Military press, strict curl, bench reps and 2 man deadlift. . . Here is @alexsaretsky curling 65kg at a BW of 70.1kg! . @kozy_time @brod_da_toad @smartlifts you guys are up next 😁 at Calgary, Alberta


I haven’t fasted for more than 24 hours in a while, might even be a year since I did it last! Feels good, but the first time is always the hardest. Probably will be about the 40 hour mark when I break it after training tomorrow. #fastingislife #itsnotadiet at Calgary, Alberta


So this is why we are missing #jiujitsu tonight? #tweed #hisummer #affinityacademy #calgarystampede at Calgary, Alberta


2nd annual BODYPERFORMANCE Winter Classic will be on November 24th! . . Registration won’t open until end of September so put it in your calendar now! . . Expect amazing medals, prizes and t-shirts to go along with the amazing people lifting! #meetdirectorlife at Calgary, Alberta


Scoretable duties this afternoon with @spicypowerlifter on the 🎤! #boom at Grey Eagle Resort & Casino


Didn’t we just do this??? #dejavu Announcing at @alberta_powerlifting_union Provincials today! @mintowls on the live stream!! at Grey Eagle Resort & Casino


@genopowerlifting!! Looks like we both have been working on our fitness since Nationals 2016 😂😂! #fitspo


Dragon’s Breath. #wheninvegas at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino


First day to last day of Grade 6. The shoes are the same, but that’s about it! . . Look how much she grew! . . Cheer coach to fashion designer . #MatteaTooTall #juniorhighherewecome #schoolsoutforsummer at Calgary, Alberta


First time squatting since Nationals I’m pretty sure. Most people will think this is crazy. Usually my hypertrophy cycles aren’t this long, but I almost never do the comp lifts during that phase. . . Needed my shirt from @siouxz52kg to get me through day 1 😁. #notsquattingforfourmonthsmakesthemfeelweird #didntmissthem at BODYPERFORMANCE


When you’re a spoiled little turkey and Aunti bakes you chocolate chip banana bread. #bananabread #chocolate #yummy #oneforyouandtherestforme


Back to some actual PL type training ... then roll over in bed last night and put out a rib. #oldballs at BODYPERFORMANCE


And we have a brand new white orange belt in the house! Skipping white yellow all together!! #proudmom at Affinity Academy - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing & Fitness


I have been wanting to write something about Worlds. But I haven’t because I have so much to say and don’t want to leave anything out. I agreed to the role of volunteer coordinator at the end of 2017. I knew it was going to be a challenge but wanted to try to do my part to ensure it was a success. I want to talk about the absolutely amazing people who were there to help me out. I had over 500 spots to fill, 5 0 0!! And those spots were filled by less than 100 people. There were lifters, parents of lifters, coaches from other countries, lifters from other countries, people from in town and people from out of town. There were also people who aren’t powerlifters at all who gave their time. All you amazing and gracious people, I thank you all, so very much. Instagram doesn’t want me to write a book so please check out the post on FB to read the shout outs to a few people who I could not have done it without. #ipfclassicworlds2018 at Calgary, Alberta

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