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This is a warmup we do sometimes at Jiu Jitsu @affinityacademy. If you haven’t tried it before, you should, it’s an ab killer. I wrote it into Mattea’s program. Swipe to see her first attempt at it 😂 #jiujitsu at BODYPERFORMANCE


First week of #cpunats2018 training was superb. I did singles with more than I opened with for 2/3 of the lifts at my last 2 meets with relative ease. My deadlift single is what I opened with. These all moved great. Went back to conventional, just not a patient puller. I like the option to go balls out if needed and rip that shit in the most ugliest way possible. Can’t do that sumo. Here’s hoping week 2 is just as good. 85-95-107.5-120 at BODYPERFORMANCE


First day of new #cpunats2018 training. First day back in my sleeves since July. First day back to low bar since July. First time squats have felt good in almost 2 years. 1️⃣First video 80kg. 2️⃣Second video 92.5kg. 3️⃣Third video 102.5kg. 4️⃣Last video 115kg. at BODYPERFORMANCE


2018 Nationals here I come. #cpunats2018 at Calgary, Alberta


Come on boys. #gocanadago #heybabyoohahh #2018WJC at Calgary, Alberta


Happy New Years from our family to yours! 2017 was a great year for us, being together under the same roof. 2018 is looking like it is going to be an amazing year filled with new opportunities and big changes. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for our little family! #happynewyear at Calgary, Alberta


An annual must share. #psa #newyearseve #madd #nye #dontdrinkanddrive at Calgary, Alberta


Trying a new narrow sumo stance. Just can’t seem to make my deadlift setup (and weight) not suck. But at least my back isn’t rounding anymore. Now to work on my ass coming up. Loving my new @innerstrengthproducts leggings!! #workinprogress at BODYPERFORMANCE


Oh the perks of training at home. MC Hammer pants. @affinityacademy Jiu Jitsu shirt. Christmas socks. And the Beebs on the stereo. 😂 52.5kg (115lbs) for 5xAMRAP. #butdidyoudie at BODYPERFORMANCE


My new Sink Dink. Aka the best part of Christmas this year (aside from being home and being with family of course) Thanks mom! #sinkdink


Merry Christmas from your friendly neighborhood nerdy accountant. #merrychristmas #nerdypl


Oiler jersey for the spoiled brat. Her dad is happy about that. #oilernation at City of Lloydminster


Nothing says the holidays like coffee and baileys. Add a biscotti and you have my Christmas Eve post workout meal. #itsthemostgainsfultimeoftheyear at City of Lloydminster


3 years ago when Buddy tried to break the internet. #elfontheshelf #kimkardashian #breaktheinternet


Poor @bodyperformancecoach having to suck it up at a commercial gym this week. I think he has had to go to a commercial gym more in the past 3 years than probably the 10 years before that. #andweforgotourstraps at Motion Fitness Lloydminster


Mom and dad’s tree is ridiculously packed. It is reminiscent of the one at the farm from when I was little. #iwrappedtheoneinthegarbagebag #ohchristmastree


Swipe to see classic knob road trip face ... #familyofknobs


Finally able to post the before and after pics from our kitchen reno this spring. There were a few minor outstanding items that we got done earlier this month to finish it off. ✔️Big thanks to my parents for helping us out, no way we could have done this without you. ✔️And thanks also to Julie for helping with the color scheme and design help. Now on to the upstairs this coming spring! #neverendingrenos

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