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Volcano Huts Iceland

Greenland has long fascinated me. This massive land with endless mountains and glaciers. One of the last few remaining places left on our planet with untouched wilderness. A Wilderness & landscape that has never been seen or explored by a human being. I captured this photo of one of the southern eastern fjords of Greenland last summer while flying over from Iceland. I will someday step foot here and climb here. #TimetoClimb #Greenland #aerialphotography at Greenland


The never-ending expanse of Death Valley is rather stunning. A barren desert valley a hundred miles wide and hundreds of miles long. The name rings true. Captured this shot of @th3dank walking the mile or two back to the truck after hiking inside of Golden Canyon & Gower Gulch inside of @DeathValleyNPS. #DeathValley #desert #TimetoClimb at Death Valley National Park


There is always something new to discover around every corner. @mmdevincentis & I entered into Stakkholtsgjá Canyon looking at the glacier raked stones and towering green walls wondering what we would see next around every turn. This very canyon was completely filled with glacial ice only about 10 years ago. #Iceland #Thorsmork #TimetoClimb at Thórsmörk


"Focused" captured this photo of @benjimancarlson shaking it out and assessing his next moves just before making his charge up the route at @ourayicepark in Ouray, Colorado #IceClimbing #TimetoClimb #ItsAlwaysIceSeason at Ouray, Colorado


@Karstendelap carefully making his way up the mixed and technical route "Tic Tac" in @ourayicepark in Ouray Colorado #MixedClimbing #TimetoClimb #ItsAlwaysIceSeason at Ouray Ice Park


Captured this shot of @benjimancarlson making his way up on this WI5 in @ourayicepark in Ouray, Colorado #IceClimbing #TimetoClimb #ItsAlwaysIceSeason at Ouray Ice Park


"Target Acquired" when you see your next hold in sight & know it's within reach! I captured this shot of a climber the second before she threw for the mono pocket at The Brawl Competition at @NJRockGym for the @TristateBouldering Series. #NJRockGym #TimetoClimb #TriStateBouldering at New Jersey Rock Gym


"Its Bomber I swear!" Captured this shot of @Charlie46 eyeing up the finish on Men's Finals Problem 1 at @NJRockGym's The Brawl Comp while I was covering and photographing the @TristateBouldering Series stop in NJ. #Bouldering #TimetoClimb #TriStateBouldering at New Jersey Rock Gym


"Crunch Time" @georgiaalix battling with the boxes & gastons on Women's Problem 3 at @Njrockgym's The Brawl comp and the 3rd stop of the @TristateBouldering Series. #Bouldering #TimetoClimb #TriStateBouldering at New Jersey Rock Gym


While in Ouray this week, I got a chance to get some amazing shots climbing during the Ouray Ice Fest! I grabbed this shot of Marian Dewitt bringing up the rope after just climbing "Pic O' the Vic" in the upper bridge area of @OurayIcePark. #OurayIceFest #FurnaceIndustries #ItsAlwaysIceSeason at Ouray Ice Park


"Stein & Reach" I captured this shot of @Liam__foster in full extension just as the pick on his axe hits the next hold during the mixed climbing comp at @ourayicepark in Colorado. #TimetoClimb #OurayIceFest #ItsAlwaysIceSeason at Ouray Ice Park


"Cheers!" I captured this joyous shot of @HauserRudolf toasting with a shot of whiskey after sending the elite mixed climbing route at Ouray Ice Fest in @OurayIcePark in Colorado! #TimetoClimb #OurayIceFest #ItsAlwaysIceSeason at Ouray Ice Park


"Keeping Focus" I got to spend the past week in Ouray Colorado covering the #OurayIceFest and repping @FurnaceIndustries. The whole place was incredible as well as just beautiful. Hundreds of climbers either hanging out, talking, climbing or simply enjoying the welcoming atmosphere of community of this place. I captured this shot of Ben Carlson leading his way up "Pic O' the Vic" in the upper Bridge area of the @OurayIcePark. #TimetoClimb #ItsAlwaysIceSeason at Ouray Ice Park


When I say "Hey let's go Ice Climbing!" to @mmdevincentis while on the tracks at Frankenstein Cliffs in Crawford Notch NH #NH48 #TimetoClimb #WhiteMountains #ItsAlwaysIceSeason at Crawford Notch


"Possessed" Captured this shot of @SamuelGardner fully committed on Men's Finals problem 2 during the @TriStateBouldering Series at @rockclimbfairfield. #TimetoClimb #RCFSendTrain #TriStateBouldering at Rock Climb Fairfield


Bushwack hiked both North Dome & Mount Sherrill today. It was a blast and happy to have done both today. We got off to a late start hiking in at 11am but we were able to pull off the 8 miles & 2k+ of vert even with over a good foot of snow on the ground and almost 18 inches plus higher up. We lucked out with Uncle Kevin having done both prior and had a good handle on the route finding & navigation. All and all it was a good day. I officially only have 2 peaks left to do in my Catskill 3500! #Catskill3500 #TimetoClimb #CatskillMountains at Catskills


"Whatever you did for one of my brothers or sisters, you did for me" - Matthew 25:40 We sometimes come across a sculpture, statue or image that grabs our attention. I walk past the St. Francis of Assisi church everyday on my way to work here in New York City. This sculpture sits at its steps as a reminder that we are here to serve and help one another, especially those that our society has gotten about. It is my favorite sculpture/statue in the city next to Lady Liberty. This morning there was a red flower in its hand, perhaps as a reminder that giving love and compassion is just as important as giving a dollar to those in need. #NYC #Compassion #sculptures at New York, New York


Capturing @roninsends taking in the views within Huntington's Ravine and looking back at how much we just hiked in. #MountWashington #WhiteMountains #TimetoClimb at Mount Washington

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