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"Whatever you did for one of my brothers or sisters, you did for me" - Matthew 25:40 We sometimes come across a sculpture, statue or image that grabs our attention. I walk past the St. Francis of Assisi church everyday on my way to work here in New York City. This sculpture sits at its steps as a reminder that we are here to serve and help one another, especially those that our society has gotten about. It is my favorite sculpture/statue in the city next to Lady Liberty. This morning there was a red flower in its hand, perhaps as a reminder that giving love and compassion is just as important as giving a dollar to those in need. #NYC #Compassion #sculptures at New York, New York


Capturing @roninsends taking in the views within Huntington's Ravine and looking back at how much we just hiked in. #MountWashington #WhiteMountains #TimetoClimb at Mount Washington


Making my way along the Huntington's Ravine trail I couldn't help but notice the luscious pines, crystal clear streams and vibrant green moss here. The peace and solitude that exists on this trail is incredible. #MountWashington #WhiteMountains #TimetoClimb at White Mountains New Hampshire


"Crimpin' ain't easy" Melvin Rivera (@crimpin_sideways) setting up on a boulder problem up at Rock Creek just north of Bishop, California #BishopCa #TimetoClimb #ClimbBishop at Bishop, California


"Man & Mountains" @Raisingthebar atop of the Volcanic Tablelands looking down into the boulder field that is the Happy Boulders. As Brendan stands over 100 feet above the Happies the Sierra Nevadas Mountains stand over 10,000 feet above him casting an incredible background. #HappyBoulders #SierraNevadas #BishopCA #TimetoClimb at Bishop, California


@roninsends making his way up "Heavenly Path" in the Happy Boulders of Bishop California. #HappyBoulders #BishopCA #TimetoClimb at Bishop, California


"Perspective" walking around the Buttermilks size and scale started just becoming relative to the last hunk of rock we were at. After climbing here boulders at home seem like pebbles in comparison... @crimpin_sideways standing probably at 5'7 tall and the Vejita Boulder ahead of him is 50' feet tall. #Buttermilks #BishopCA #TimetoClimb at Bishop, California


"Sassy Elks" while hanging out along the top of the Volcanic Tablelands where the Happy & Sad boulders are I snapped this shot of our friend @roninsends enjoying the views and a very sassy looking Elk on his chest. #BishopCA #SierraNevadas #TimetoClimb at Bishop, California


"Raising Your Hand" Sometimes you just have to go for it! Captured this photo of @raisingthebar sending his way up the problem "Monkey Hang" in the Happy Boulders of Bishop, CA #HappyBoulders #BishopCA #TimetoClimb at Bishop, California


"Tip Toe" @crimpin_sideways gripping the rail while trying to place his toe on the V4 problem "Ironman Traverse" in the Buttermilks of Bishop California. #Buttermilks #BishopCA #TimetoClimb at Bishop, California


"Eyes on the Prize" Ann Marie (@three1fo) making for the finish as our buddy Mel (@crimpin_sideways) keeping with the spot, while we were bouldering at the Buttermilks in Bishop, California #Buttermilks #BishopCA #TimetoClimb at Bishop, California


"Sunny Delight" I captured this shot of our buddy Ant Man (@roninsends) rocking his way up "Problem A" in Rock Creek. This upper elevation bouldering area sits at 8,500 ft about 30-40 mins north of Bishop California and perfect go to when Bishop proper starts to heat up. #BishopCA #MammothLakes #TimetoClimb This next series will be featuring photos I have taken in while climbing and exploring around Bishop California. I hope you enjoy 😁 at Bishop, California


"Where It First Began" The view from the top of Table mountain was quite beautiful, being that it was the first peak for me in the Catskills it really set the tone for my pursuit of the Catskill 3500. Looking out and just seeing this long horizon of adjacent mountain tops moving in and out of the fog was truly inspiring! What an incredible adventure it has been. #Catskill3500 #TimetoClimb #CatskillMountains at Catskill Mountains


"WestKill Blues" turquoise painted skies across the summits of the Catskill mountains never get old for me. I dream of these images and find them in real life everytime I come up to these peaks. #Catskill3500 #TimetoClimb #CatskillMountains at Catskill Mountains


"Let it Flow" spring time always fills the creeks and streams throughout the ravines of the Catskills with tons of flowing fresh water. #Catskill3500 #TimetoClimb #CatskillMountains at Catskill Mountains


"Vista Adventures" the summer views from the top of Hunter Mountain are some of the best in the Catskills and never disappoint me. Looking off into the depths of Spruceton valley and beyond I can't help but imagine what lies ahead in my adventures and the ridge lines before me. #Catskill3500 #TimetoClimb #CatskillMountains at Catskill Mountains


"Morning Light" as the sun rose we hiked into the mountains of the Catskills to greet the Devil along his favorite walking path. #Catskill3500 #TimetoClimb #CatskillMountains at Catskill Mountains


"Hipster Home" A stone building waits quietly lost in the spans of time, full of stories, emotions and history of the land that surrounds these old walls. #Catskill3500 #TimetoClimb #CatskillMountains at Catskill Mountains

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