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#Nikon photographer @kevinlisota used the #D850 and Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR lens to take this photo of penguins in Antarctica: “It takes courage to be the first one to jump. Gentoo penguins enter the water at Neko Harbour in Antarctica. • • • #penguin #penguins #penguinsofinstagram #gentoopenguin #gentoo #antarctica #animals #animallovers #wildlife #wildlifephotography #nanpapix #animal_captures #animal_fanatics #wildlifephoto #natgeowildlife #naturephotography #nikonnofilter #nekoharbour


Are you photographing the supermoon lunar eclipse this Sunday? For a unique look, try shooting a series of short exposures during the various stages of the eclipse. Here’s a tip from Nikon photographer Fred Espenak: Make the first exposure as the partial eclipse begins and then shoot additional exposures every 5 to 10 minutes. Be consistent and use the same time interval between shots so your final image will have the moon evenly spaced as the eclipse progresses. Be sure to use a tripod, and get more tips by tapping the link in our bio. #LunarEclipse #Astro #AstroPhotography


What advice does #Nikon photographer @MandyLeaPhoto have for creating the perfect #landscape shot? Two words: slow down. “Break the process down to its most basic elements. ‘What am I taking a picture of? When I compose the picture, is it obvious that's what I'm taking a picture of?’” Read more of Mandy’s tips at the link in our bio, and share your best landscape shots with #NikonNoFilter! #NikonLove #PhotographyTip #LandscapePhotography


Looking to add some artistic flair to your water photography? Try using a tripod to create a long exposure! By keeping your shutter open longer, you'll be able to capture that soft, silky effect. Photo by Fredrik Meling. #PhotoTip #LongExposure #Water


Photo by @harriswildlife shot with the #Nikon D4S, f/2.8 24-70mm #NIKKOR lens: “This image is one of a series from a documentary of Pine Island, Florida in the summer of 2017. The trip was intended to capture Scorpius and the Milky Way to the south from the bay. As I neared the location, I noticed this thunderhead forming quickly to the north. Just had time to set-up, choose settings and fire off the shutter.” #lightning #nature_brilliance #naturephotography #reflection_perfection #landscapephotographer #adventure #travel #florida #nightphotography #sky


Focus stacking, a technique that produces close-up images with depth and detail beyond conventional close-up shots, reveals what the eye often misses. Here’s a tip from #Nikon photographer and #focusstacking expert David Leaser: “A test shot is vital. I take single test shots to determine the distance between the lens and the subject for the best illumination. The lighting is the most important thing to test!" Learn more of his tips and techniques at the link in bio. #NikonLove #PhotographyTip #D850 #focusstack


Photo by #NikonAmbassador @lucasgilman: “Naturally occurring soap bubbles on the aptly named Black River. The soap bubbles form from fatty acids in bark and leaves that fall in the water and get churned up and broken down. This was an athlete shoot with @stevenhfisher for @redbull. I always start and image by looking at the background first. Lucky at the end of the day I was walking across a bridge at the takeout and saw this as Steve paddled under.  #NikonNoFilter 📷 Nikon D3X + 24-70mm f/2.8”


From #Nikon photographer @erikmcr: “More moments like this please. 🙏” Shot with the Nikon #D850. #NikonNoFilter


Do you want to learn how to shoot creative landscapes beyond the obvious, like this shot by @MandyLeaPhoto? Tap the link in our bio to tune in to watch her give #landscapephotography tips live from #NikonCES!


Lights, Camera, Fashion! #NikonAmbassador @iamDixieDixon used the new #Nikon #Z7 to create this stunning fashion shot. Follow Dixie for more amazing portraits & fashion photos. #fashionphotography #portraitphotography


Morning for #NikonAmbassador @debsandidge: Seascape at sunrise, I love the combination of the moody clouds, golden sky, and wild weather conditions. Shot with my @nikonusa Z 6 , FTZ adapter and Nikkor 14-24mm lens. #nikonnofilter #nikonambassador #thursdaythoughts #sunrise #storm #florida #moodygrams #seascapes


From #NikonAmbassador @joeyterrill at #NikonCES: “Shooting live, on the fly, while making adjustments moment-to-moment, is always great fun. When you have a crowd of other photographers encouraging you, it’s even better. This is from a satellite position of the Nikon space at CES where we were demonstrating some lighting techniques and how to use the environment to create an interesting image quickly. In order to create some shape to the model’s face—and also add some perceived depth to the image—I moved the two lights in very close. This created more falloff to the light so that the background would be lower in exposure. I also created more dimension by using the AF-S Nikkor 105mm f/1.4E ED on the Z 7 nearly wide open which captured the model’s eyes as the only plane in perfect focus. There are two more days of CES where there will be 43 amazingly talented presenters on the Nikon Stage who will be sharing everything from photo techniques, to business insights, to storytelling, to valuable lighting tips that will take your work to the next level. I hope you’ll come out to CES, check out the latest gear, and most of all, say hello! It’s one of the largest gatherings of professional and aspiring photographers, photography manufacturers, and technology companies in the country with over 100,000 attending. I hope to see you in-person, but if you can't make it to the show, remember that the event will be live-streamed on the Nikon site! Nikon Z 7 | F-Mount Adapter FTZ | AF-S Nikkor 105mm f/1.4E ED | 4750K White Balance | RAW Capture | ISO 800 | 1/2000 @ f/2.2 #nikonnofilter #NikonLove #photo #photoshoot #photography #photographer #photooftheday #light #portraitphotography #portrait #portraits #color #colorphotography #studio #ces #lasvegas #MirrorlessReinvented #CaptureTomorrow #NikonZ7

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