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🚫Never Eaten Meat🚫 Ⓥ 🌱Vegan 🔹Engineer 🔸 Food page👉🏼 @veganbodybuildingfood 💪🏼 coaching 👉🏼@veganfitnessdotcom 👇🏼discount code➡️ Nimai10 Similar users

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When you can feel the hummus in your veins! #chickpeapump - Shirt from @2ezmeals Hat from @purefit_lifestyle


☀️Suns out Vegan Buns & Guns out With @biancataylorm . #summer #merica #blessed


Who said you can’t have Mediterranean food for breakfast? - I mean they are one of the healthiest and longest living cultures right? #gimmealldahummus at Long Beach, California


🤔Let’s play the price is right! - 💥update: Correct price is $17.55💥 - How much did this bowl from Whole Foods cost? - Winners that get within 5cents will get shoutouts on my story! Last time no one got it right. - Ingredients: Basmati rice Tofu Chickpea couscous Portabello mushroom Sautéed mushrooms Grilled zuchinni Buffalo cauliflower - For more on what I eat follow @veganbodybuildingfood


Them: go eat your rabbit food. Us: 😂😂 - Most of you probably know of @simnettnutrition, but not the full story. Go check out the latest episode of @generationvpodcast on iTunes and hear us discuss his journey, Holistic nutrition, calisthenics, and how his YouTube channel exploded over the past year. - You won’t want to miss this one!


🎧 🎤Had the pleasure of recording one hell of a podcast episode with the legendary @richroll! - Can’t wait for you guys to hear the episode! We went super deep on this one. #getready #droppingsoon


✨ Too many of us are living our fears and not our dreams. - ☝🏼Let this sink in. Read it as many times as you need too and ask yourself which one you’re living. #realtalk at Calabasas, California


👉🏼Genuine question to my non-vegan followers. Please answer: 🤔What’s your main reason for not trying or adopting a plant based diet? - I tried to give 11 examples of the most commons reasons I hear/see in no particular order. You can just answer with the number or give your unique reason not listed here: - 1. Meat tastes too good to give up. 2. Fear of Developing nutrient deficiencies or inability to make gains. 3. Eating too many carbs will make me fat and I heard soy contains estrogen. 4. Bacon tho. 5. I don’t know where to start and it’s overwhelming to start. 6. @joerogan And other popular influencers oppose it and I agree with them. 7. It’s too expensive. 8. Animals are here for us to eat. 9. Just don’t see the point of it, it doesn’t make a difference. 10. Vegans are typically judge mental and pretentious so I don’t want to associate myself or be judged by them. 11. Social circle or significant other. - ✋🏼Let me be clear. 🚫This is NOT a forum for people to start arguing about who’s right or wrong. I will delete any negativity or slander towards each other. 💯Let’s keep this mature and positive. Everyone has their own right to their opinion and belief.


When you try to look tough but actually wouldn’t hurt a fly. #literally #veganaf - Outfit from @built_apparel discount code -> Nimai10


Don't be confused. We don't have tomorrow. We don't have next month. We don't have next year. All we have is NOW. Stop thinking in terms of "one day" and start thinking in terms of "day one". Now go crush it today. #motivationtuesday 📸 @timsmithpics


🥑Can we propose a bill for free guacamole in substitution of meat on all menus? - Getting real tired of being charged extra for this guac. - 🙋🏻‍♂️Who would vote to pass this bill!? #itsokguacimextratoo #freetheguac #avocadosarelife #avocadobill238 at Armature Works


✋🏼Pause. Reflect. Readjust. Sometimes you just need to take a step back, congratulate yourself for all the things you've been through and managed to accomplish, and then set some new goals that will push you to grow even beyond what you thought you were capable of. - Let’s grow together. Last day to enroll in the @veganfitnessdotcom 8 week shredding/bulking summer challenge. Click the link in my bio before time expires. #teamveganfitness #teamworkmakesthedreamwork at Long Beach, California

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