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#Repost @soulstarmedicine with @get_repost ・・・ Let other people say what they want...You keep making your ART. Eyes on your own paper. Keep posting, keep creating, keep sharing - no matter how messy, or imperfect it might seem to you. _ Get it out. Get it out. Get it out!!! ! ! _ And what is your art? _ Your business is your art, your Instagram is your art, how are you arrange your space is your art, how you raise your kids is your art, all of the books that you read, and the words that you write, the thoughts that you think inside your head – all of this is your ART. _ Your LIFE is your ART - and YOU are the LIVING EXAMPLE that is the medicine that another person's heart out there as longing for. LEAD BY EXAMPLE. _ DO NOT APOLOGIZE for your magic. _ It is your job to get it out there - what other people want to do or say about it is none of your business. We just passed the marker of the Solstice and We have let go of so much. We are releasing all of the old stories about why we weren't good enough, why we have had to hide/edit/explain ourselves - and now this time is DONE. _ It is time for you to shine, and I want to help you do that! _ In The Energetics of Instagram course (link in bio 👆🏼) I am sharing everything I know about letting your magic out on Instagram (which turns into the rest of your life) _ Tap the link in my bio 👆🏼 to get INSTANT ACCESS to everything I know about overcoming posting anxiety, cultivating the self confidence to share your message without feeling icky, and connecting with those who you are meant to serve in this life! _ I want you to feel clear and confident about your gifts and how to share them! _ I want you to call in your tribe in a way that feels authentic! _ I want you to feel supported and celebrated for sharing who you REALLY ARE! _ Sign up for The Energetics of Instagram and get it all. _ This is the last time I’m doing LIVE calls as part of this course, and it would be such an honor to support YOU! _ Use the light of the Solstice to set your intention to SHINE. _ Your time is NOW. _ TODAY is your day. _ Tap the link in my bio to sign up! Let’s do this! _ #theenergeticsofinstagram #changingtheworldthroughins


Well my friends, as you know the Summer Solstice is a time of great illumination and celebration for the fertility of the land. Thank you for the showers Mother Nature, our great earth is thirsty. This is a time of manifestation. We are reminded of the transformation of the seasons and of the change and abundance that occurs all around us. This is a time to delve into our truth, and a great time for divination for clarity. Hence my newest Grid kit - Clarity! It's a combination of desert rose, lepidolite and centre. Used on your favourite grid to ignite peace, joy and of course, clarity. More on that a bit later. I needed some serious @starchildtarot guidance today and I know it's safe to assume you do to. I'm sold out of these beauties but more are on the way. These gorgeous cards are so galactic and leave me in awe each time I use them. You know what to do!! Pick a card, two or all three. Up to you. Comment below with your answer and I will give you a like once I reveal the answers. Again, sending you so much love, deep whole hearted love, Way more than I usually do. #tarotofinstagram #alchemyboutique #nineofwater #starchildtarot #learnedabiglesson #bookasession #getdtl #tarotofinstagram #tarot #bookasession #256centralave #londonontario #handpicked at Nine of Water


These babies were delivered today just in time for the Summer Solstice and Litha They are delightful. Bright sunny yellow soy candles topped with the herbal spirits of lemon balm, wild mint, lavender, rose, flea bane, saffron, and frank and myrrh resins. And a whole lot of love and magick!! Pop into the sunroom at #256centralave to see a few of Melanie's ritual offerings. They will be gifted to everyone that comes tomorrow night to the sound bath and I only have a few spots left so please direct message if you'd like one of the spots. 7-830pm in the studio of Rebirth Wellness sevensisters #sevensistersritual #sevensistersapothecary #witchshop #candlemagick #sabbatcandles #litha #summersolstice #witchesofinstagram #traditionalcraft #nineofwater #soundhealing at Nine of Water


Hey!! Loves remember that transit I spoke of earlier this month and how it would shift us upside down... the last time Uranus was in Taurus was 84 years ago and I don't know that we need a history lesson as to what happened then however feel is an incredible Repost @brownbearherbs and @jessica_lanyadoo ・・・ This is important. Repost from @jessica_lanyadoo FROM THIS WKS HOROSCOPE: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there is no separation between the political and the spiritual. None. What you do unto others, the injustices you’re able to justify, and the tragedies you’re comfortable regarding as “other people’s problems” are all true reflections of your Soul – the one and only thing that get to take with you when you leave this life. Don’t allow apathy or overwhelm to stop you from caring about others. You have a voice, and no matter how tiny it is, if you use it to resist hatred and oppression, you will be joining a chorus of others. Together we can direct the course of history and avoid making the grotesque mistakes we made the last time that Uranus was in Taurus (1934-1942). ♘ Children are being ripped from their parents and guardians; parents are not being told where their children are. These children are being incarcerated in tent cities, buildings with no windows, and in metal cages. If you don’t know what concentration camps are, now’s the time to do a simple Internet search, because these camps are terrifyingly similar. It’s time to educate yourself and to do something. History can (and often does) repeat itself, but it doesn’t have to. If you think that all of this is separate from astrology, I assure you that it’s not. We have some dangerous transits reiterating now that we also saw during WW2, so let’s not make the same mistakes. I promise that your horoscope is below, but know this: you, your liberty, and your wellness do not exist in a vacuum. Your liberty is interwoven with that of others. When your money, good mood, safety, etc is won at someone else’s expense, your good fortune is simply not in alignment with your Soul.


Someone's getting a present in the mail and I can't tag who!!! But check out that postage $3.33 baby. Can't make this shit up!!! #sendingmagic #snailmail #specialdelivery #iaddedanextratreat


Once you've mastered the love based thoughts verses the fear based ones reprogramming is next on the list. All about baby steps sugar cookies. Love this scenario below . #Repost @freeandnative ・・・ "I'm so happy and excited to share this with you people!! <3 Today I was reprogramming the reason why I’m a PEOPLE PLEASER. Check out her page for further details and book a session with me. Let me help you navigate some of that. #bookasession #nineofwater #256centralave #constantgrowth #energytherapy #acim #londonontario at Springbank Park, London


Love this drawing from @positivelypresent she has the most amazing drawings!! If you're looking for a need #screensaver or drawing as a reminder to seek change this might help. #positivevibes #prayingforpeace #hopeful at London, Ontario


#tbt to this sunset In Crete, Greece 🇬🇷 The Summer Solstice on June 21 is a time of great illumination. It is the longest day and shortest night. Let’s celebrate this time of amazing manifestation and ignite our core, it’s a time to honour the seasons and all the fertility Mother Earth provides for us. The Summer Solstice is a time of delving into YOUR truth, and a great time for divination for clarity. Friday, June 22, Let’s come together for ritual and Sound to ignite that fire and make reference to what has sprouted over the spring. They’ll be sound using the most amazing crystal tones alchemy bowls, guidance and of course goodies for you to take home. We'll be in the studio of @rebirthwellness. Space will be limited to 12ppl. We’ll start promptly at 7:15pm but the studio will be open at 7pm Cost $40 and you must pre-register. Dm message me or email [email protected] at Nine of Water


#gratitude at Rebirth Wellness Centre


Good morning lovelies!!! Neptune goes retrograde today until November 24,2018. What does this mean?!?! A LOT You know the theme for the past few months has been shed whatever layer needs to be removed or better yet, changing the path you are on to one of more love and better alignment. Neptune in retrograde is giving us a chance to strip away illusion in order to gain clarity and deeper insight for ourselves. Super helpful as we look to our fears and insecurities that have been presenting themselves in our lives as well as where they have been holding us back. You'll be able to decipher between fantasy and false reality and where it needs to be flushed from our lives. This is all about honouring and letting go of what no longer is in alignment with your deepest truth. You have a choice whether relationships, career paths, beliefs or projects that are no longer fulfilling you need to go. Sounds harsh, I know but what's worse? Lying a lie or liberating yourself? Please don't resort to any substances in order to numb any pain as a way to cope. Please put a reminder in your agendas in case you forget down the road about this transition. You'll want to be reminded. Seek positive outlets for your emotions. Creative pursuits, getting out in nature, yoga, meditation or tapping into music or movies can help to soothe the soul. This energy is not meant to tear you apart, only the illusion that has been clouding your eyes for too long. Once again, embrace change and shake things up for yourself!! You are fully capable of attaining peace and clarity. #NeptuneRx. #Stripawayfantasy. #Embracingchange. #bookasession #nineofwater #astrology 📷 credit to artist - unknown at London, Ontario


This beauty is our personal lightsabre. Every time he takes a step forward he sprinkles magic, calmness and peace! #savesmeeverytime Lightsaber are generally used for both offense and defence. A lightsaber can cut through virtually anything, from enemies to blast doors. Happy Father's Day Amor da minha vida at Red Rock Canyon


No caption needed! #subconsciousthinkers 💛


Card A ~ Do you know now that ego is no longer in charge. Although it does serve a purpose, but Heart, lead by Spirit is the most powerful and is taking the reins. No time for fear, worry or doubt during this transformational time, it is Love that will set us free. Extend it so that you are able to receive. Fear is such a heavy load to carry. It is constantly blocking the way with the “what if’s” and the “watch out’s,” the “should’s” and the “look what happened before’s”…. let all that go…. Embrace Love and know that it is the most powerful force in the Universe. Take a leap of faith and ask, what else is there, but love? Take the leap of faith and open your heart fearlessly. You've got this. Card B ~ beyond death, life. What has metaphorically died for you?? Were you fired, did you quit a job, leave a marriage or a sell your home? The decision to let go or take a new direction in your life will cause an ending and a beginning. Some of you may not feel that this has come out of choice for yourselves but most change in life comes out of times of chaos.  As you leave behind the things which no longer serve you or not in your highest attention you are making way for incredible possibilities to illuminate your way forward. Focus on the opportunities that lie before you rather than on the current chaos involved with making major life changes. How do you want to feel! Add more of that in!! Be willing to face the death of a situation to welcome new life! Card C ~ continued below....


Loves, I'm closing up today to cuddle with my babies!! I'm pooped. If you were planning on coming by please message me. I will make it up to you. #unplug #loveyourself #needanap at London, Ontario


Wooooweee what a week!! I know I needed a few time outs this week and I imagine you did too. This is a great time of emotional instability and things are looking dire as some of you are focusing on the worst. Please bring awareness and being consciousness into the situation can be helpful and can avoid causing issues in connecting with others. The Moon conjunct Mercury can bring some serious mood swings and sensitivity to our emotions which can make things seem worse than they actually are so don’t let mountains be made from molehills. Take some time to do something you enjoy especially to feed your soul, as it can take a toll on you!!! Great weekend ahead and here is come clarity to help you navigate it. I picked the #rumi deck by @alana_fairchild because they make my heart sing and allow us to go deeper into our sours. You know what to do!! Pick a card, two or all. Up to you. Comment below with your answer and I will give you a like once I reveal the answers. Again, sending you so much gratitude And a weee bit more love than I usually do. #tarotofinstagram #alchemyboutique #nineofwater #rumi #learnedabiglesson #bookasession #getdtl #tarotofinstagram #tarot #bookasession #256centralave #londonontario at London, Ontario


Woot woot !! Fresh Magick from @svensisters I could stare at these little bottles all day. #londonontarioartists


You guys!! Look what I got in the the sunroom! Hand made feathers from @forestcitystainedglass we'll have some crescent moons soon too. Stacie is such a little gem, shiner then these beauties. Haven't put them up yet as I'm trying to find the perfect spot!! They are all for sale. DM me if you'd love one set aside. #londonontarioartists #stainedglassart #londonontario #shop519 #getdtl


Hey Londoners, Look up!!! Not a single cloud in the sky!!! ☁️ ☀️ How many shades of blue do you see? ☁️☀️ Get outside today for however long you can. #cleanyourlens Unedited 📷 by me at Heaven On Earth.

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