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For every ending is a new beginning. Just like the moon, we will shine again. #ninetynights #stylethroughthenight Similar users

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Annie Amethyst
☾ L U N A

Everyone’s favorites are back! Crescent Moon Forever (Gold Chrome) HKS SPOON FALKEN Drink Boba Break Hearts (rainbow sparkle & oil slick) FULL SEND LOST LOVE Fall Asleep Alone Rose (Gloss) These will be live on the store tonight at 12:00 AM PST! For newer stickers that sold out on release, I’ll be restocking them in Wave 9! Thank you always for supporting


I may be retiring the current die-cuts on the store and releasing a few new ones in the next wave or two. This’ll be one of the newest die-cuts that’ll join the line up 💖 For those waiting for restocks, they should be delivered this weekend or early next week 🤘🏽thank you always for supporting 🙏🏼 #ninetynights #stylethroughthenight


never die. never will. #ninetynights #stylethroughthenight


GIVEAWAY TIME ⚡️3 WAY GIVEAWAY⚡️ & have combined forces to give an ultimate giveaway! How to participate? -FOLLOW ALL 3 ( and ) -LIKE this post -TAG three friends ——- ONE EXTRA ENTRY: -Repost and tag all three GIVEAWAY ENDS: FRIDAY 12PM ONE WINNER (Announced ???)


Hi, it me 1 of 1 hoodie... for now #ninetynights #stylethroughthenight


If you aren’t remembered, you never existed... #ninetynights #stylethroughthenight


We live! All popular stickers that are sold out will be ordered today New items available: 🌔: ENDLESS STYLE 🌒: MOONLIGHT LEGEND 🌑: SAKURA 🌘: NO SIDESHOW ACTIVITY 🌖: R.I.P. X As always, with every drop comes a giveaway The rules for the giveaway are simple, all you have to do is be a follower, like the photo and tag three friends and that's it! You could comment as many times as you want! The more you comment, more entries into the giveaway! Winner will be chosen this Friday (7.13) at 5:00 PM PST. The winner of the giveaway will win one of each design from wave 8 and a few extras from previous waves! As always, good luck to everyone and thank you always! ❤️ #ninetynights #stylethroughthenight


Restock on popular items will be ordered tomorrow! Restock will include our HKS inspired design, Full Send, our Rose design in gloss, Forever in gold chrome, Crescent Moon, etc. If other items do sell out, I’ll add them to the order. Thank you always for supporting! ily all💖 #ninetynights #stylethroughthenight


WAVE 8 Release date: 7/9/2018 5:00 PM PST 🌖 ENDLESS STYLE (Flame) 🌗SAKURA 🌘SAKURA MIDNIGHT 🌑MOONLIGHT LEGEND (Sun) 🌒RIP X 🌓NO SIDESHOW ACTIVITY Site will be updated later today with prices and more details about each sticker! If you’re new here, I do a giveaway with each drop containing everything from the recent release plus more from previous drops 💖 I’ll post more about the giveaway when the time comes but until then, keep styling⚡️ #ninetynights #stylethroughthenight


The homie rockin our crescent moon and UCC slap along side with other great stickers! Get yours today! 💖 #ninetynights #stylethroughthenight


Issa frog 🐸 #ninetynights #stylethroughthenight


Happy 4th everyone! Just like the photo says, use code “JULY4” for 25% your entire order! Sale ends tonight at 11:59 PM PST! Stay safe and style through the night tonight! #ninetynights #stylethroughthenight


Moonlight Legend #ninetynights #stylethroughthenight #wekfest #wekfestsanjose


“I wanna thank god for working way harder than Satan.”🦂 WAVE 8 JULY WAVE 9 AUGUST The list for wave 9 isn’t official but most listed will be in the drop. Wave 8 is being made so expect them in a week or two!💖 As always, with every drop we will be doing a giveaway. Turn on post notifications to find out when we start and end the giveaway. Reminder, today is the last day for our buy one get one free special. Don’t miss out! More stickers you order, more free ones you get! (Free stickers are selected at random!) All orders will be from Wednesday and Thursday(6.26/6.27) will be sent out today(6.29) Thank you always to every single one of you💖 #ninetynights #stylethroughthenight


ily senpai @raisuking 💖 wave 8 on the way! Two more days till the buy one get one free ends! Don’t miss out! #ninetynights #stylethroughthenight


Design made by the best homie @raisuking 💖 available in the next wave! There’s two more days left in the buy one get one free sale! After this, prices go back to normal and some slaps will be pulled out of the store and never be released again. There isn’t anything special you have to do to get a free slap. Simply just add something to your cart and a random sticker will be added to your order. More stickers, more freebies 💖 Thank you always for supporting and see you in our next wave 🤘🏽 #ninetynights #stylethroughthenight


🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️ I used to only see sideshows in the bay. Oakland to be exact. Now everyone and their moms is doing it and messing up the car scene. Nowadays, 90 percent of the time you can’t even host a meet without someone wanting to swing their shit.

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