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@timbo_escott how many dimes u need? Lol


Had a blast with the boys this year. Couldnt ask for a better group of guys to fish with. Wrapped up the season with a win in the @copperheads outdoors fun 5 and sealed the win for the summer series. Couldnt have done it without our @oneidaeaglebows @megamouth_bowfishing reels and @prodriveoutboards . @no_talent_outdoors @whiz18 @no_talent_wb #stingerbowfishing #shrednexbowfishing #bowfishinglife #copperheadsoutdoors #bowfishing #megamouthbowfishing


Not the way a GA4 1972 demon 340 4 speed stripe delete GSS should be used but its football season and the shop has been taken over lol #realdemon #therealdeal


As if it wasnt hot enough already. I got the fire lit. at Alabama


Getting close to time. I can't wait to put the prodrives to work this winter. #norestforthetwins #duckseason @no_talent_outdoors @no_talent_wb @whiz18 @copperheadsoutdoors


Because I haven't posted any pics of me and my girls. I love these two more than anything in the world.


Done with this one hope you enjoy it @calebhump17 and @nhumphries516. Thanks for the help @no_talent_outdoors @williambond_ @whiz18 @jonathoncryer. Cant wait till it comes back in for stage 2. #bowfishing #bowfishinglife at Union Hill


Nothing like them grassys still my favorite thing to shoot. @copperheadsoutdoors @williambond_ @no_talent_outdoors @whiz18 #bowfishinglife #bowfishing #megamouthbowfishing #innerloc


Party time! at Niagara Falls USA


Gotta get the yard mowed before more rain... somebody is sleepy lol

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