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ninety percent of my photography (can i even call it that) consists of mucking around until I get the desired effect. I don’t know if this is a conventional way to development, but I’m enjoying it anyhow. I brought the f no. right down for this picture, to introduce the movement (as well as my slightly shaking weak-ass arm), and to produce the depth 🤷🏻‍♀️


the many layers of york. I love the way the minster rises up against the skyline of the city, regardless of where you are. you can be walking in a grim industrial estate, and still the minster forced up into the sky above it all. I always love looking up in a new city, beyond just the fronts of shops, but to see the detailed carving and precision exhibited.


I’m all about the weirdly framed food photography ✌🏻 Roasted crown prince squash and chicken with berries. One of my favourite Sunday meals.


I walked into York today, as the clouds were gradually getting paler, and the empty streets were echoing with the cacophony of bells from the Minster. I was stood between two churches, both with nearly a thousand years of human history etched on their stones. and it made me calm, we humans have stood the test of time so far, and I believe we have a bit further to go.


how’s your saturday been? mine has consisted of attempting to coax some light into my kitchen, roasting chicken and listening to jethro tull 💫


currently struggling through dire sugar withdrawal, watching ghost adventures and listening to the owl hooting just outside our house... wild friday night ✌🏻in other news, there will probs be new colour pompom garlands coming to the shop soooooooon


also currently being eaten, beetroot curry with homemade flat breads = my jam || recipe by @we_are_food


💫 GUYS! 💫 so, I’ve been working away at making these wee pompom garlands, which are perfect for cheering up a sad uni room (believe me I’ve been there), so head over to my Etsy shop, link is in my bio, and go bonkers 💛


throwback to it actually being LIGHT outside, and being able to make cakes just for the hell of it 🍰


sooo, 2018 is going to be a big one we hope, for the first time in 10 years(!) there appears to be endless opportunities to choose from. who knows, maybe this time next year I’ll be in Canada mining some rare metals, or potentially (fingers crossed) getting a creative qualification 🤞🏻 and ofc it is made all the easier with the support of this fab guy over here 💛


been mucking around with small business ideas to work on as a side hustle, so be prepared for some perhaps random, hare-brained schemes 💫



oh to be back on Skye, it’s been such a gear change this last year, moving to York, getting this job with amazing people, so many twists and turns, but it’s all come out right in the end


its been a bit on quiet on the home front lately due to the craziness that is setting up a first home 🏠 here’s a nice view of a peaceful Split


throwback to Split ☀️ at Split, Croatia


✨SALE✨ I've got up to 40% off on all my original pieces, over on artfinder! Just to move some pieces for the impending move to York 🏡


good news everyone! I'm going to be moving up to York in the next few weeks to start an incredible job, I'm so so excited! anyone got any moving tips???


you can't go to york and not take a picture of yorkminster. there maybe a future up there for me, only time will tell...

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