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〰 food + painting + the wind in my face 〰 || geologist, artist and baker

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still daydreaming about this lil’ beaut, and how I want another excuse to make a tiered cake 🧞‍♀️ at York


i have been baking a billion batches of romany creams, and getting my toes wet in the rain. all round excited for spring but winter hasn’t been so bad ❄️ at York


i’m pretty pleased with the general effect of this cake, just needs a bit more smoothing. passion fruit curd madiera cake is pretty fly tho 🙌 at York


old town walls and new brick walls. first attempt at a tiered cake this weekend 😱 here’s hoping it doesn’t all go to pot


so many cute corners in york, including this fractured building. quick question, does anyone know of any businesses/charities/organisations that would benefit from cake donations? any help would be hella appreciated 💫 at York


I can barely wait for summer, this winter is dragging on something chronic


i love the minster on a sunday, it’s so loud but peaceful, honestly my favourite place in york (which I know is cliché) at York


can not wait for the trees to start blossoming again 🌸 at York


when you just want to go to bed, but have instead set yourself the insane task of completing sewing a pair of trousers without a pattern 🙃 at York


the perfect red door of my *future*. lots of positive vibes today, about both the present and the future, and all the plans being made 💫 at York


classic shot of york for your thursday night. thoughts on the link between science and creativity is heading to the blog sometime this weekend fingers crossed! what has your experience of these two intertwined topic been? at York


trying any sort of shoot in the snow was tricky, having never done it before. i do like the almost ‘halo’ of flakes it captures, especially in the other photos from saturday ❄️


layers upon layers of york. currently in bed living it up with a migraine and watching greys anatomy.


snowy scenes in the peaks yesterday. today consisted of more snow in york, making individual lemon meringue pies and making lists of creative pursuits. feeling not quite ready for monday, anyone else got the sunday blues?


walks through the muddiest valleys, squelching along rivers turning into crunching over moorland. today was one of the best I’ve had in weeks, mostly due to these two.


winter in a city full of lights. the subtlety of the glimmer that fills york at this time of year gets me through these last few months until spring 💫


this shop is quite honest my most favourite in york, the copper still and sunniness get me E V E R Y time. also their shea butter hand cream smells like summer and it made my day today.


ninety percent of my photography (can i even call it that) consists of mucking around until I get the desired effect. I don’t know if this is a conventional way to development, but I’m enjoying it anyhow. I brought the f no. right down for this picture, to introduce the movement (as well as my slightly shaking weak-ass arm), and to produce the depth 🤷🏻‍♀️

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