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Morning! I have teamed up with @takumihq to show how I am protecting my mental health under lockdown. For me it’s about routine, I’m still practising yoga and going for a run (maybe not everyday but don’t tell my PT!) It’s also about keeping busy and taking care of the things you can control - watering the plants, cuddling my cat and FaceTiming my friends and family. Keep strong, we got this! #athometogether #themindfulmovement #coronavirus


Coffee time for day 16 of #30dayhomelove • what I would do for these cruffins right now 🤤😋


Confession - I haven’t read one book since being in lockdown 🙈 nor have I completed my “to do” list. Procrastination is in full swing at the min 😩 *chair and fan gifted


Haven’t left the house in 4 days even for exercise 🙈 so today I’m going on an the garden 😭 very envious of people with nature on their “doorsteps” at the moment. A walk round the block isn’t quite as scenic round my end! 😂 #30dayhomelove Day 14 - Cosy *features gifted product


Happy Saturday. Today’s #30dayhomelove challenge is “organised” so I spent ten mins faffing with the shelves and now I can chill for the rest of the day - that counts right? 💪🏻


Soft & Fluffy for day 12 of #30dayhomelove has to be my little best mate whose birthday it is tomorrow 🧡🐈 It’s also Bens birthday today - not one we ever imagined but will try to make it special regardless 🥳 *bedding part of previous collaboration


Because we haven’t seen enough banana bread shots recently 😉


House never looked so clean and tidy 🙈🙄 this is a tedious link to day 10 of #30dayhomelove - there are some under there I promise! Favourites at the min are @condenasttraveller because a girls got to dream right? And also @houseandgardenuk to keep up the interior inspiration. I also love @91magazine because it’s so beautiful. What’s your fave magazine/publication? I need more! *gifted items as part of previous collaborations include the light, candle and mirror


A natural touch for Day 8 of #30dayhomelove • not my home but the place I’m dreaming about from my dining room table this morning 🦏🇿🇦


Foodie for #30dayhomelove • would give anything to be eating these right bed! 😋 This was part of a food photography course I did last year by @catherine_frawley and I can highly recommend it 😊


On My Coffee Table for #30dayhomelove • anyone else planning their Saturday around cleaning? 🧹


Today we were supposed to be off to the Lake District for a weekend away - what a weekend it would have been in this sunshine ☀️ Last nights beautiful clapping for the NHS made me realise just how lucky we are that there is someone ready to care for us if we get sick and all we need to do is sit on the sofa and chill. The Lake District can wait till next year 🏔 #30dayhomelove *gifted product from @humdakin